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Adobe Flex Assignment help | Flex Homework help

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Adobe Flex

Adobe Flex uses the adobe technology which is a programming language that offers the capability to develop rich internet application and posseses all features of flash. It is embedded with two languages i.e MXML and Action Script, where the MXML is XML based language used for flex coding and Action script comes along with Flex. ShockWave Flash files is a file having SWF format into which the flex codes are compiled that is executed with stand-alone Adobe’s Flash Players and can also be executed in browser.

Important topics covered by Adobe flex:

  • Flex Version
  • Different RIAs
  • Eclipse and Adobe Flash Builder
  • Flash Builder – Installation and key features
  • Architecture of Flex Application
  • AIR and Web
  • MXML Application Development, MXML Syntax
  • Using ActionScript
  • Events,Connectivity options available
  • Visual Components
  • Event and Behaviors
  • Components Sizing and Positioning, Using Containers
  • Adding Components to Dashboard Application
  • Understanding DataProviders and Collections
  • Different Controllers
  • Adding Controls to Dashboard Application
  • Extending Dashboard Application
  • java Connectivity
  •  Remote Service
  • Flex – Java - DataBase
  • Visualization Components
  • Different Charts,Graphs
  • Advanced Data Grids

Adobe Flex

Adobe Flex is an accessible framework, capable and impressive technology that provides the customer for building the function for iOS, Blackberry Tablet OS or Android devices and also uses its applications for browser with the help of same tool and codebase. It is built on the adobe technology for building the internet applications. Moreover, Flex is an IDE of Adobe Flash which focuses on programming criteria of Flash. We can increase the features of the Flash through the Flash library.

Adobe Flex is an umbrella term for a group of technologies. It is initially released in March 2004 by Macromedia for supporting the development and deployment of rich Internet applications that are based on their proprietary Macromedia Flash platform. Flex is a cross-platform development framework for creating Rich Internet Applications. It is a component based tool which can be used for development of apps that run using the Flash Player/Adobe Air. The Flex framework layers a rich set of user interface components & design principles which encapsulate best practices in interaction design & usability. With Flex, Adobe has solved many problems with Web application development.

Flex provides client-side service components that enable applications to interact with any remote server by using SOAP web services, REST services, raw HTTP and custom socket-based protocols. For sophisticated integration needs, the Flex Data Services provides additional support for publish or subscribe messaging, real-time streaming data & direct integration with existing server-side Java objects as well as other enterprise back-end applications that include messaging, security & transaction management. Flex provides a highly productive development model which easily integrates with the existing processes & is based on standards and best practices that have been emerged over last ten years of Internet development. Flex includes a rich class library that contains Flex components (such as containers & controls), data binding, behaviors and other features. The Flex class library provides pre-built behaviors that enable the developers to easily add motion & sound to their application to give users context for the actions.

Flex compiler modules is an open source module which permits user to compile, test, debug and deploy an application by requesting the main application from a web browser. This module is used for the development time only.

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The coding of the flex can be completed with XML based language known as MXML. It deals with some major topics such as layout panels, custom controls, Flex- data binding & Visual effects, Event propagation and many more. Adobe Flex comprises of MXML documents with Action Script files to give output as a SWF application. Flex offers many features. Some of the top most features are:

  • Cross-platform and native experience: It is used to build the applications that can execute frequently on Tablet, Blackberry, Android or iOS devices. Whereas other platforms, you can have a good experience on every platforms.
  • Apache Flex open source community: Now-a-days, Flex is also developing at the Apache Software Foundation so that user can take the part in the project.
  • Enterprise-class programming model: We can introduce like inheritance, interface and typing to make the program to work more effectively.
  • End-to-end tooling: We can build the applications of the Adobe Flex with the help of an enterprise-class Eclipse, Adobe Flash Builder software which based on IDE.
  • Server integration: In these, we can combine the major parts PHP, spring, Ruby, .Net, Java using the basic standard likes AMF, SOAP, REST, and JMS.

The Software Development Kit is mainly used for creating the wide variety of interactive and thoughtful applications. In spite of this, it also includes:

  • Animation
  • Layout
  • Styling
  • Localization
  • Modeling
  • Interaction management
  • SDK Compiler

The purpose of the Flex is to support the users to create the applications that mark the Adobe Flash. It also consists of two distinct languages ActionScript and MXML. Since, it is a fundamental tool for developing the application which can run on the client machine so we can build the applications of the Flex with the help of the Flex architecture. Some of its major tools are given as:

  • Adobe Flex Charting: Library of the graphs and charts provide the relevant data and also for the analysis of the data. We can also add more functionality to the Flex chart types and base class.
  • Adobe Flex Builder: Flex builder is used for creating the applications of the adobe flex. It is a development environment for RIA that integrates the interactivity, richness, use of the desktop applications across many platforms.

For developing the applications of the Flex, it has introduced Flex builder that operates in Eclipse environment. The latest technology of the Adobe Flex is Flex 3 builder and it can be downloaded from Adobe’s official website for free. The latest name of the Adobe Flex is Apache which is used to make a build.xml file. A Flex application involves the four essential parts which as follows:

  • Public Resources
  • Client-Side Code
  • Server-Side Code
  • Flex Framework Libraries

Flex SDK allow user to develop the application by using their own choice of IDE. There are several downloaded types available for the Flex SDK:

  • Open Source Flex SDK: this package contains only open source code and comes under the MPL which enables user to create the Flex applications.
  • Adobe Add-ons for Open Source Flex SDK: this package involves the all items of the Adobe Flex SDK.
  • Free Adobe Flex SDK: it contains all the items that a user needs to deploy the Flex RIAs.

Flex MX AdvancedDataGrid is a control which is used for adding the features of data visualization in adobe Flex applications by developing on the DataGrid control. These data visualization capabilities provide control of data aggregation, data formatting, etc. Features of Flex MX AdvancedDataGrid are listed below:

  • Provide customizable column headers.
  • Enables user to resize and reorder the columns at run time.
  • Allow user to sort the data by clicking on a column.

RPC services used for supply the server side data to client side. These services are provided by the Flex and can be integrated with any server side technologies. It enables user to define the user actions on server side.Apache Flex 4.15.0 is the current version of Adobe Flex which is an open source framework for creating the expressive applications that is compatible with the all devices and browsers.

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  • FlexUnit Integration
  • Flex - Internationalization
  • Debug Application
  • MXML

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Adobe Flex includes complex topics:

  • Rich Internet Applications,Flex Product Line,Flex Builder Workbench,Application In Design Mode,Containers,Viewstates,Forms,Form Components And Validation,Data Providers,Array Collections And Data Binding,Handling Events And Complex Data Structures,Custom Actionscript Class,Shopping Cart Classes
  • Event Object,MXML,MXML Components,Loosely Coupled Architecture,Event Flow and Event Bubbling,Dynamic Data,XML Data,XML,XML Data with HTTPService,EX operators,Tree Control with XML Data,Web Application Server And BlazeDS,SOAP,BlazeDS Proxy Service,Hibernate And Spring Integration
  • Simple Chat Tool,LiveCycle Data Services,RTMP,LiveCycle Integration,Data Management Services,Editable Grids,Model-View-Controller,Cairngorm Framework,Front Controller

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