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We at Globalwebtutors provide Android Programming Assignment help & Android Programming Homework help. Our Android Programming Online tutors are available for instant help for Android Programming assignments & problems.

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Android is an open source operating System that interacts with other programming languages such as Java, .Net, PHP & Python and can run on the various devices such as tablets, notebooks, cell phones and e-readers etc. Android offers a development kit i.e. Android SDK for developing applications in market such as Tools, Communications, Productivity, Video and media, Audio and music, Entertainment, Social Media etc. to perform some actions like event handling, styles and themes, drag and drop, animations, sensors and testing etc.

Android facilitates some libraries such as android.text, android.os, android.text, android.widget, android.webkit, android.opengl, android.content, android.app. Android supports major concepts i.e. UI components, interactive Maps, Animation Widgets, Tapjacking, Testing with AssertJ assertions, GDB, Renderscript, Android Google Map, RxJava in Android, Android Networking and Android resource selectors. It facilitates various connectivity technologies such as CDMA, GSM, IDEN, LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc and also media formats which involve AMR, AAC, MPEG-4, GIF, PNG, BMP, AMR-WB, MIDI and WAV etc.


Major concepts that involved in the Android are UI components, interactive Maps, Animation Widgets, Tapjacking .

We help with SDK ,Android Emulator,Eclipse ,Activity life cycle, Notifications,Toast ,Parameters on Intents ,,Menus ,Localization , Options menu ,Context menu ,Dialogs ,Lists ,Location and Maps , Google maps ,GPS ,Files access ,SQLite database ,Animation ,Network Communication ,Web Services ,HTTP Client , XML and JSON ,Publishing Your App

It includes android sensor, web services, device connectivity and android animation. Android sensor covers motion sensor, position sensor and environmental sensor. Android web services interact with other programming language such as Java, .Net, PHP and Python. Android animation is used to rotate, slide and flip images and text. It contains some actions to perform as event handling, styles and themes, drag and drop, animations, sensors and testing etc. android programming components creates activity, service, content providers, broadcast receivers and also android in a nutshell.

We know JSON is a data exchange format and known as the best alternative for XML but to parse a JSON file for information extraction , JSON parser is needed. To manipulate the JSON data, android provides four classes to the user. These classes are JSONArray, JSONObject, JSON okenizer and JSONStringer.


Android 7.1 Nougat 

  • Testing with AssertJ assertions
  • GDB
  • Renderscript
  • Android Google Map
  • RxJava in Android
  • Android Networking
  • Android resource selectors

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We help with Android API levels, Android Assignment, tools, testing, etc. No matter what your topics are, our Android experts are capable to write on any Android related topic. 

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Android programming experts help with : 

  • UI design ,Form widgets ,Text Fields ,Layouts
  • Maps via intent and MapActivity ,GPS,Location based Services
  • Android Service ,Android Service API ,Data Storage ,SQLite API ,Spinner & ListView ,XML & JSON ,XML Parsing SAX ,XML Parsing DOM ,JSON Parsing ,
  • ContentResolver ,custom content provider ,Notification API ,Multimedia ,TextToSpeech API ,Telephony API ,Send SMS & Send Email ,Location API ,Android Animation
  • Rotate Animation ,Fade Animation ,Zoom Animation ,Device Connectivity & Bluetooth ,Sensor Class ,Android Graphics & API
    2D Graphics ,Android P2P Communication ,Instant Messaging ,GTalk Service ,Transmitting Data Messages
  • Android Web Services ,Soap Vs Restful web service ,Android Google Map class ,Android Google Map ,Project Development

We help with dalvik Virtual Machine & .apk file extension ,Basic Building blocks – Activities,Services,Broadcast Receivers & Content providers ,UI Components- Views & notifications , Explicit Intents ,Implicit intents ,UI design ,Time and Date ,Images and media ,Composite ,AlertDialogs & Toast ,Popup .

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Help for complex topics like:

  • Application Structure ,AndroidManifest.xml ,uses-permission & uses-sdk ,Activity/services/receiver declarations
  • Resources & R.java ,Assets ,strings.xml ,Layouts & Drawable Resources ,Activities and Activity lifecycle
  • Editing emulator settings ,Emulator shortcuts ,Logcat usage ,Introduction to DDMS ,File explorer

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Android Assignment help topics include:

  • Accessing Phone services(Call,SMS,MMS) ,Network connectivity services ,Sensors ,Using Wifi & Bluetooth ,Action bar tabs and custom views on Action bars , fragments.
  • Android mobile programming ,Emulator-Android Virtual Device ,Launching emulator (switching between activities) ,develop an app for demonstrating the communication between Intents , ,RelativeLayout ,TableLayout, FrameLayout, LinearLayout
  • Nested layouts ,[dip,dp,sip,sp] versus px ,Preferences ,SharedPreferences ,Preferences from xml ,Menu ,Option menu ,Context menu ,Sub menu ,menu from xml ,menu via code ,Intents
  • Tabs and TabActivity ,Styles & Themes ,styles.xml ,colors.xml- colors and drawables ,Drawable resources for shapes,gradients
  • Shapes drawables ,State drawables ,Transition drawables ,Patch drawables ,style attribute in layout file ,Applying themes via code and manifest file ,SQLite Programming ,SQLite Programming ,SQLiteOpenHelper ,SQLiteDatabse .
  • Cursor ,Content providers ,Defining and using content providers ,Sharing database among two different applications using content ,providers ,Reading and updating Contacts
  • Reading bookmarks ,Develop an App to demonstrate database usage. CRUD operations must be implemented. Final details should be viewed in GridView as well as in ListView.
  • Linkify ,Web URLs,Email address,text,map address,phone numbers ,MatchFilter & TransformFilter ,Adapters and Widgtes ,Adapters :-ArrayAdapters ,BaseAdapters Efficient Adapter ,ListView and ListActivity ,Custom listview
  • GridView using adapters ,Gallery using adapters ,Notifications ,Broadcast Receivers ,Services and notifications ,Toast ,Alarms ,Custom components ,Custom Toast Custom dialogs ,Custom Tabs ,Custom animated popup panels
  • Threads ,Worker thread Handlers & Runnable ,AsynTask ,Live Folders ,sdcards  ,XML Parsing ,JSON Parsing .
  • Android Studio,Android.jar,Android Emulator,Java,Manifest file,Declaring Layout,Android Emulator,Activities & lifecycle,Services,Content Providers,Broadcast Receivers
  • UI components,Action Bar and Navigation,Event Handling,Selection components,Lists and Adapters,Menus and Dialogs,Simple graphics & animations,RecyclerView,Data Binding using Layouts,Custom Controls
  • Audio / video formats,Initiating media playback,Intent Objects,Intent Filters,Intent matching,Telephony,Camera,GPS / Location Services,Sensors,Internet Connectivity - Data / WiFi,Bluetooth,Testing & Debugging Android Apps
  • Open Source components via Gradle,Custom Content Providers,Broadcast Receivers,System Broadcasts,Networking & Web Services,JSON
  • RxJava in Android,Android Networking,Android Live Wallpaper,Android resource selectors,Bluetooth GPS,Android Data Persistence using SQLite Database,Android Market troubleshooting,GPX ,Drag event class ,Drag listeners ,Helper methods and classes

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