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Arena is a discrete event simulation and automation software which uses SIMAN processor and simulation language .The selection of arena modules are done from template panel . Examples - Basic process , Advanced process and Advanced transfer. The block of arena in arena modeling are parameterized. At the time of installing , Default parameters are set . Parameters can be added by following two ways : At the time of arrival and during the durations of process blocks. There are three types of arena modeling on a panel - Create modules , Flowchart modules and Data modules .

  • Create modules : The stream of the arrival of arena entity such as job , people , messages etc is created by create modules .
  • Flowchart modules : In order to obtain the logic of model , flowchart modules is placed in the model window .and flowchart is made by connecting them .Example of the flowchart module are Create , process , Decide , Separate etc .
  • Data modules : User does not place it in model window .Modules are edited in spreadsheet interface . Example of Data modules are Resource , queue ,Variable , Schedule etc.

Arena is a commanding simulation and modeling software tool which allows the user to create a simulation model and simulate the created model. After simulation this software creates a several reports as results.  For the model construction in arena, its requires the modeling shapes called modules, from the process panel.  The basic process panel modules are used in constructing as building blocks for a simulation model.

Two types of module are found in the process panel of arena .first is flowchart modules,   describe logic of the model normally used flow chart modules are: process, create, dispose, decide, assign, record, batch and separate and the second is data modules, provide a features for editing the modules in the spreadsheet interface.  Normally used data modules are: queue, Resources, schedules, set and variables. By using single modeling paradigm easily construct a model in arena.

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Arena Simulation is an integrated graphical simulation environment which is used for the simulation of discrete-event systems. It enables users to run experiments on the models. For modeling the dynamic processes, arena used a methodology, which is named as flowcharting methodology. Arena is a powerful tool which allows users to build simulation model. There are some features of the Arena simulation are as follows:


  • It helps users to import Vision Flowcharts.
  • Arena Simulation is used to convert any Visio shape into Arena module
  • It includes VB Macro reader which produces VB programs of all event driven actions.
  • For building custom user interfaces, it uses a standard VBA editor.
  • It provides compatibility with ODBC data.


Arena makes the resources of simulation language easier by combining these resources with an integrated graphic environment. API of Arena enables users to take all the benefits from the enterprise company systems. It helps users to create real systems such as testing of management criteria, comparing design choices and many more. It involves two types of modules in a panel which are given below:


  • Flowchart modules: firstly, user builds this module in the model window. After creating, user connects these modules with the logical view of a model. Mostly used flowchart modules are Batch, Decide, Assign, Record, Create, Process and Dispose.
  • Data modules: this allows users to edit the modules in spreadsheet interface. Mostly used data modules are Schedule, Variable, Queue, Set and Resource.


Arena simulation acts as a powerful tool which plays as an important role in performing business process analysis such as shipments, processing of buying orders, etc. In business field, at the time of attaining real performance improvements, Arena simulation also supports the resource scheduling and optimal allocation such as service levels, speeds, etc. Arena simulation performs the various processes in the business field:


  • It performs the as-is business process analysis and comparative to-be scenarios analysis.
  • It also performs the what-if scenario analysis.
  • It is used to perform the bottlenecks revelation.


Arena is depends on the SIMAN which is a powerful language for enhancing the modeling of a material handling component. Arena simulation environment is build by the Arena model. Arena simulation environment includes:


  • It comprises of modeling object templates and transactions which move around the templates. Modeling object templates are termed as module and transactions are known as entities.
  • Visio font end
  • SIMAN block-oriented language constructs.


SIMAN comprises of two object’s classes which are as follows:


  • For representing the operating, it involves blocks such as SIEZE blocks
  • It involves the various elements for represent the facilities like Queues and Resources


Moreover, with the help of Arena model, Arena runtime feature enables analysts to perform the what-if- simulation analysis.  An analyst can modify the feature of any objects in a model while a model enters into the runtime model, involving animation pictures, object positions, etc. But an analyst cannot delete any objects in the model. Few main components that involved in the Arena simulation are as follows:


  • VB scripting: for building the custom user and data interfaces, Arena uses an editor which is named as VBA editor.
  • Discrete Event Simulation tools: Arena is known as the leading Discrete Event Simulation package. The process which is described by the users modeled in the Arena which involves finance, billing, logistics, etc.
  • SIMAN engine: SIMAN is a simulation language which acts as an engine in Arena. SIMAN engine makes Arena model run faster.
  • Real Time modeling: this modeling enables the models to run in real time applications. This modeling is mainly used for system training.
  • VB Automation: functions of Arena can be automated with VB programming. Creation and execution of the Arena can be automated through the VB programming.


Beside from the above components, Arena includes some add-on components also:


  • Internet publishing
  • Fully reporting system
  • Hierarchical process modeling
  • Activity based costing
  • Intuitive MS Office compatible GUI
  • Export 3D animation and simulation


Arena automation library comes with a wide range of animation objects. Users can also create their own animation objects. Arena is easy to use and powerful simulation modeling software which can be used for the business purpose. Some benefits of Arena simulation are given below:


  • Used for detect and repair issues
  • Improved monetary forecasting
  • Minimize shipment times.
  • Plays an important role for handling stock levels, interactions systems
  • Minimize traffic jams
  • Identification of s/w and h/w requirements.


Arena simulation is the software that helps users to enhance the business performance. It minimizes the risk in business through the testing of process. It also determines the impact of variability on the performance of system. Arena simulation also establishes few business software application editions which are as follows:


  • Expert edition: this is used to satisfy the requirements of simulation issue.
  • Basic Edition: this is used to fix the simulation issues in markets and systems.
  • OptQuest: this is used to optimize the performance within area.


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