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Memory, Input/Output and Storage Systems, System Software, Alternative Architectures, Embedded Systems, Performance Measurement and Analysis, Network Organization and Architecture, Selected Storage Systems and Interfaces, Concepts of assembly language, the machine representation of instructions and, data of a modern digital computer, machine addressing,, stack operations,, subroutines,, and programmed and interrupt driven I/O, Intro to Assembly Language, 80x86 family; program layout, Data Definitions;, basic instructions, Unsigned arithmetic; logic and bit operations

Modules; separate assembly; argument passing, Libraries; Combining assembly and C code, string instructions;, Arrays, Macros;, Structures, MS-Windows programming, Foating point instructions, 16-bit MS-DOS, BIOS Disk Accessing, BIOS keyboard/video/graphics, Interrupts; TSR Programs, accessing I/O ports; 8253 Timer; “Music”

Some of the homework help topics include :
  • Compilation Sequence / C Runtime Environment, The Computer / Data Representations, Number Systems / Binary Arithmetic, SPARC Architecture & Assembly Language / Subroutine Call Mechanics, Bitwise Operations / Truth Tables / Logic Gates, The Stack & Local Variables, Data Structures, Subroutine Details / Recursion, Floating Point, External Data and Text / Linkage Editor, Encoding/Decoding SPARC Machine Instructions 
  • Memory and I/O Hierarchies / System Call Interface / Buffering, Traps & Exceptions / Memory Management / Virtual Memory, CPU Components in more detail , Combinational and Sequential Logic Circuits -, RISC vs. CISC / Other Architectures / Multicore ,CPU, Primary memory, Secondary memory, Input/Output Devices, ISA Level Overview, ISA Level Instructions, Introduction to ARM-7 Assembly Code, Functions in Assembly, Pseudo-instructions , Directives, Negative Numbers, Arrays, Pointers, MIPS, MIPS functions
  • MIPS instructions, Floating Point, Performance, Memory hierarchy, Fully Associative caches, Direct mapped caches, Set associative caches, Cache performance, Multilevel caches, Performance programming, Technology trends, Flynn Taxonomy, Data level parallelism, Amdahl's law, Thread level parallelism, Transistors, Synchronouus digital systems, Boolean algebra, Functional units, Finite state machines, MIPS CPU datapath, Control Introduction, MIPS CPU control, Pipelining introduction, Pipelining Hazards, Multiple instruction issue, Virtual memory, Warehouse-scale computers, Map reductions, Dependability, I/O: disks, polling, Exceptions and interrupts

Help for complex topics like :

  • Number representation,concept of numbering systems,Octal, Hexadecimal,Decimal, and Binary numbering systems,2's complement representation of negative binarynumbers,Boolean functions: OR, AND, NOR, NAND,XOR,Logical Operators: AND OR NAND NOR NOT XOR,Overview of the Assembly & Link Process,Elementary Instruction Format,Opcodes & Addresses,programming in Assembly Language,Examples of BIOS ROM Int I/O,Basic Assembly Language Instructions MOV, ADD, SUB, INC, DEC,Unconditional Jump;
  • Conditional Jumps,Procedures,Stacks,PUSH POP,General Registers,Segment Registers,Architecture of the 8086 Microprocessor,Hardware Concepts; AND, OR, NOR, NAND Gates,Flip-Flops: RS, JK, Toggle,Registers repeated,basic computer organization,Micro Operations,The Mouse,VGA Graphics,Indirect addressing,arrays,floating point instructions,Example of non-memory mapped I/O,Machine I/O,Machine INTERRUPTS,Machine cycles and instructions,MOV, JMP, JNS Instruction implementation,Machine Organization & Assembly ,Instruction Set Architectures,Basic Assembly,Bit Operations,Sub Programs ,Arrays,Structs ,Floating Point ,Floating Point,Assembly & HLL ,RISC,ARM Assembly
  • Microcomputer Systems,Representation of Numbers and Characters,Organization of the IBM Personal Computers,Introduction to IBM PC Assembly Language,The Processor Status and the FLAGS Register,Flow Control Instructions,Logic, Shift, and Rotate Instructions,Basic Concepts,Processor Architecture,Assembly Language Fundamentals,Data Transfers, Addressing and Arithmetic,Procedures,Conditional Processing,Integer Arithmetic,Strings and Arrays,Assembly Language & Programming,Computer Arithmetic,Single Cycle Implementation,Pipeline Implementation,Memory Hierarchy,Storage and I/O,Trends in computer organization

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