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Our Behavioral Economics Assignment help tutors help with topics like Managerial Statistics, Regression ,Decision-Making ,Decision-Making Under Risk ,Decision Models, Leadership Development,  Decision-Making ,Influence and Persuasion ,Negotiation ,Managerial Economics, Strategic ,interaction among firms and Nash equilibrium ,Managing Marketing ,Programs , Conjoint analysis ,Pricing ,Sales Promotion

Why do some observations of consumer behavior contradict the predictions of economic theory? By combining psychological and economic models of behavior, behavioral economists develop alternatives to 
standard economic theory to explain observed behavioral anomalies whether addictions can be considered rational, why people hold losing stocks longer than theory predicts, why most dieters are unsuccessful and why people don't save enough money for retirement, expected utility theory, bounded rationality, prospect theory, hyperbolic discounting and rational addiction.

Some of the homework help topics include :

  • Behavioral public finance ,Fiscal psychology and sociology ,Price mechanism, Rule of law, health, happiness ,Behavioral public choice,Behavioral law and economics. Nudge, Libertarian paternalism v. paternalistic state. , Critics of nudging, , behavioral law and economics, and libertarian paternalism. , Equality, social fairness, Behavioral tax system, Coase theorem, endowment bias. , Regulation of property rights. , Company (corporate) and financial law, Regulation of financial markets. Financial education
  • Contracts, status quo bias. Torts. , Criminal law, Regulation of addictions., Social Preferences, Hyperbolic Discounting, Naiveté and Self-Control, Happiness and Adaptation, The role of nudging and framing and the impact on consumer behaviour, Behavioural Welfare Analysis, Altruism and Cooperation, Herd Behaviour, An Introduction to “Neuroeconomics, Time value of money, Behavioral Economics and the Standard Economic Models, Evaluating Economic Theories, emergence of bounded rationality, Simon’s Bounded Rationality, Experimental Economics, Domains of interest, Neuroeconomics
  • Ecological Bounded Rationality, Fast and Frugal Heuristics, Decision-making and Anomalies, Rationality Issue, Standard Economic Model, Choice between equally valued alternatives, Choosing to accept vs. choosing to reject, Seeking & Adding option, Biases in Judgment, Architecture of Cognition, Expected Utility Theory, Common Consequence Effect & Common Ratio/Certainty Effect, Disappointment Theory, Decision-Weighting Theories, Rank-dependent Utility, Regret & Prospect Theory, Prospect Theory, Time preferences, Risk Preferences, Social Preferences

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Behavioral Economics assignment questions

Help for complex topics like :

  • Overconfidence
  • persuasion & social learning
  • Effect of reference dependent preferences
  • Loss aversion
  • Present bias and social preferences in markets
  • Relationship between choice utility and subjective well-being
  • Economics of Happiness

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