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Biochemistry is associated with both life science and chemical science as it is the chemistry of biological processes. It is the science which explores chemical processes in living organisms. Biochemistry is a combination of chemistry and biology field. Biochemists use their chemical knowledge and techniques to understand and solve biological problems. Biochemistry deals with following listed components at molecular level:Proteins ,Organelles Lipids,Genetics ,Medicine ,Enzyme,Amino Acids,Transporters

It describes the internal working of cells. Biochemistry is an important part of health research. It uses methods of chemistry, physics, immunology to understand the structure and behavior of complex molecules. It defines how molecules interact with each other to form cells, tissues and whole organisms. Biochemists are the most concerned people who apply their knowledge to produce something innovative. Biochemists have skills viz. Analytical, Numerical, Communication, Problem solving, Observational, Written, Research and Planning to work with healthcare professionals, engineers and many more professionals in order to provide innovative information to the technology revolution.

The role of biochemistry is to regulate the chemical processes. The chemical processes include transforming simple substances from food into more complex compounds for the use of body. The amino acid increases cell growth and tissue repair. The important types of proteins is enzymes. It performs chemical reaction in the body to proceed at a faster rate. Biochemistry is used in health care, crop production, environmental applications,food industry,medical industry and agriculture.  

Some of the Homework help topics include:

  • Aqueous Chemistry,Genes to Proteins,Protein Structure & Function,Enzyme kinetics and Inhibition,Carbohydrates,Lipids and membranes,DNA Replication & Repair,Protein Synthesis,DNA Manipulation tools and techniques,Metabolism & Bioenergetics ,Glucose Metabolism,Citric Acid Cycle,Protein evolution, Hemoglobin,Enzyme Catalysis,Enzyme Regulation,Biochemistry of DNA replication,Transcription & translation,Bioinformatics,Enzymes properties,Biochemistry of Genetic Diseases,Amino Acids,Peptide Bonds

  • Oxidative Phosphorylation,Photosynthesis,Biochemistry and Molecular Biology for Foods and Nutrition,Biochemistry Laboratory,Biological Macromolecules,Biochemical Regulation,Biochemical Research,Human Biochemistry,Clinical Biochemistry,Molecular Biology of DNA and RNA,Synthetic Biology and Chemical Genetics in Medicine,Proteins Molecular Biology,Proteomics and Protein Biotechnology,Molecular Genetics of Human Cancer

  • Lipids,Membranes,Membrane Transport,Signal Transduction,Carbohydrates,Glycolysis,Calvin Cycle & Pentose Phosphate pathway,Electron Transport,Lipid Catabolism,Lipid Synthesis,Nucleotide metabolism cellular processes,Nucleic acids,Biological compounds Properties,Chemical processes,Living systems,Protein Folding,Protein Research Methods,Ligand Binding:Myoglobin & Hemoglobin, Allostery:Hemoglobin,Molecular Biology,Contemporary Technologies in Biochemistry,Applied Biochemistry

Biochemistry curriculum can be obtained from any university website. Our Biochemistry Tutors can help in any complex topic including Fundamentals of metabolism, design and regulation of the major catabolic and biosynthetic metabolic pathways , Bioenergetics.

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Help for complex topics like :
  • Peptides,Chemical Synthesis of Peptides,Techniques of Molecular Biology, Enzymology, Catalytic Strategy,Regulation Strategy, Nucleotide,DNA melting & stability, RNA structure, Chemical synthesis of DNA/RNA
  • Ribozyme,RNA interference,Non-coding RNA,Biochemistry,Thermodynamics,Water, Acids and Bases,Buffers Amino Acids and Peptide Bonds,Proteins Hemoglobin Antibodies, Protein-Protein Interactions Enzyme catalysis and kinetics Enzyme Mechanisms,Transcription regulation in Procaryotes,Procaryotes, Eukaryote transcription & regulation, RNA processing.
  • Lipids ,Transport Across Membranes, Model Proto cell, Signal Transduction, Biosynthesis of Catecholamines,Regulation of Glycolysis Drug Discovery, PS, Quorum Sensing,Membrane Transport, Fatty Acid Methyl Ester
  • Extraction and Gas Chromatography, Signal Transduction , FAME Data Analysis, Carbohydrates,Glycogen Metabolism, Calvin Cycle & Pentose Phosphate pathway, Citric Acid Cycle, Electron Transport, Lipid Catabolism.
  • Lipid Synthesis,Integration of Metabolism, Molecular mechanisms of infectious disease,Intoxication and anesthesia,Mechanisms of genetic disorders, Biochemical issues to stem cells,Gene therapy, Xenobiotic metabolism
  • Protein purification ,Nuclear receptor biochemistry, Gene transcriptional manipulation, Endocrine physiology, Molecular mechanisms of protein transport/targeting ,Protein structure determination and analysis, RNA interference,Nutrition, Data analysis, Mass spectrometry, spectroscopy,Protein Biochemistry, Enzymes and Metabolic Systems, Biochemical Pharmacology, Biophysics, Biochemistry,Agricultural biochemistry.
  • Protein DNA interactions,Glycogen metabolism,Gene transcription,Lipid and nitrogen metabolism,Signal transduction, Oxidative degradation of atropine drug,
  • Inter and Intra-molecular Interactions, Polar Nature of Water, Acid Base Chemistry,Buffers,Central Dogma,Amino Acids Structure and function,Protein Structure Hierarchy
  • Protein Folding, Amyloidosis, Homology, Myoglobin and Hemoglobin Structure, Function, Pathology, Heme Synthesis, Degradation, Clinical Importance Of Bilirubin,Nomenclature.
  • Kinetics, Carbonic Anhydrase, Enzyme Regulation,Vitamins, Coenzymes, Cofactors,Carbohydrate Structure and Nomenclature,Glucose as a Fuel Source,Sources,Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex
  • TCA Cycle, Enzymes and Regulation,Electron Transport Chain,ATP Synthesis,Mitochondrial poisons

Complex Topics covered by Biochemistry 

  • Glycogen Metabolism ,Pentose Phosphate Pathway,Fatty Acid Catabolism,Fatty Acid Oxidation,Steroid Synthesis,Cholesterol Transport,TAG and Phospholipid Synthesis,protein Metabolism,Urea Cycle,Amino Acid Metabolism
  • Nucleic Acid Metabolism ,Nucleotide Structure, Function and Synthesis ,Nucleic Acid Metabolism ,DNA Structure,Mutation and Repair,Transcriptional Regulation 
  • Molecules of biological significance,reaction thermodynamics and kinetics,metabolism,cellular localization of biochemical function,proteins,nucleic acids,transcription,translation.
  • Allostery revisited, blood clotting and complement cascade, Hemoglobin and some respiratory physiology, Sequencing, Purification, Structure Determination ,molecular interactions, energy, acids and bases.
  • Chemistry of Life,geometry of covalent bonds,key functional groups,characteristics and importance of noncovalent interactions,properties of water,pH and buffering,carbohydrate ,nucleic acid structure,Protein structure,amino acids,primary,secondary,tertiary and quarternary structure
  • Biological membranes,structure of lipids,fluid mosaic model,phospholipid bilayer, membrane fluidity ,role of cholesterol, proteins in membranes,use of detergents, solubilize cell membranes ,membrane proteins,Enzymes
  • thermodynamics of catalysis,types and mechanisms of enzymes,substrate binding,active site,rate of reaction, effect of temperature, pH,concentration,Michaelis-Menten,Lineweaver-Burk,
  • enzyme inhibition/regulation,reversible,non-reversible,allosteric molecules,Biochemical and biophysical methods,Protein folding,Levinthal paradox,diseases in protein folding,Protein purification,detection methods
  • chromatography,electrophoresis,mass spectrometry,use of antibodies,Metabolism and bioenergetics,high energy carriers,ATP,acetyl CoA,co-factors NAD+,NADP+, catabolism and anabolism,energy changes,citric acid cycle,glycogen breakdown,
  • gluconeogenesis,fatty acid metabolism
  • Electron transport and oxidative phosphorylation, mitochondrion, chemiosmotic theory,proton motive force ,production of ATP,ATP synthase, chloroplast, light capturing pigments, light reactions, photosystems,electron transport,dark reactions,carbon fixation,synthesis of sucrose and starch.

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