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Biometry is defined as the application of the statistics and mathematics which is used to derive the logical conclusions by analyzing the biological data. Biometry is derived from the fusion of the mathematics, statistics and biology. It is used to analyze the characteristics of the human body and to solve the problems of the natural science which including agriculture, health science, biological and environment.

Biometry majorly deals with the various topics viz. calculus, biometric models, matrix algebra, statistical methods, applied mathematics, probability, etc. Few Fundamental concepts of biometry system are data analysis, data organization, drawing conclusions and data collection.

In an organization, biometric technique is used on the basis of the number of decision factors. These factors mainly include:

  • Risk analysis
  • Legal feasibility
  • Technosocio feasibility
  • Economic feasibility

Bioimaging software and Facial recognition software are two major software used in the biometry filed.

Biometry analyzes the large datasets by using the computer technology. Biometry is applied in various fields, it extensively used in the epidemiological studies such as ecology predictions, analysis of clinical trials, etc. We can perform the biometrics in many ways, there are many types exists to perform the biometrics such as Face recognition, ear, iris recognition, finger print recognition, finger geometry recognition, DNA matching, and many more. There are two types of biometric identifiers which are given below:

  • Behavioral characteristics
  • Physiological characteristic

Biometric verification is becoming popular these days because authentication by biometric verification is easy as there is no need to remember the passwords or any security tokens. Biometric verification relies on the biological characteristics of a human being as its verification is based on the fingerprint sensors. It widely used in the public security system, consumer applications and corporate security systems. Biometric devices comprises of:

  • Scanning device: scanned the information
  • Software: it is used to translate the scanned data into digital forms
  • A database: load the biometric data for comparison

Biometric systems are used for compare the signature of the database and to evaluate the signature of a human body. It used in the various areas viz. banking, access control, law enforcement, administrative systems, etc. it is the combination of the software and complex hardware that based upon the biometric features. These features are time variant and individual because it is derived from the faces, retinas, iris, voices and fingerprints.

Biostatistics is defined as the sub discipline of the statistics which is mainly used to interpret the scientific data into various fields such as public health, biology and health science. Biostatics is used in controlling the medical unreliability. Applications of Biostatistics involved in the various fields such as science, pharmacology, medicine, health planning and many more. There are two branches of Biostatics exits which are listed below:

  • Descriptive Biostatistics
  • Inferential Biostatistics

While, Computational biology covers a wide range of biology which includes biochemistry, cell biology, genomics, biophysics and evolution. It involves mathematical modeling, analytical methods and mathematical simulation. It is a discipline that used to analyze the large collection of biological data by applying and developing computational methods. The large collected biological data involves cell populations, protein samples and genetic sequences.

Multi-biometrics utilizes the benefits of the biometric technology and control over the limitation of the single technology. It is an authentication technology that encompasses with the multi factor identification technology and multi algorithmic technology. It mitigates FAR and FRR error rates and enhances the reliability quality and security features.

Hidden Markov Models is defined as a formal foundation that is used for building the probabilistic models of labeling problems. It provides a toolkit which majorly draws the intuitive picture for creating the complex models. It includes a variety of programs such as multiple sequence alignment, genefinding, profile searches, etc. There is state path in which a user can go to the next stage but it depends on the user current state, this path is known as the hidden Markov chain.

Phylogenetic Tree is that which is used to display the evolutionary relationship between the biological aspects and their entities. This tree is mainly concerned with the field of phylogenetics. A researcher can reconstruct the Tree of life by collecting the large molecular data sets and Phylogenetic Tree inference is the major component of the evolutionary and systematic fields. Major challenges that involves in phylogenetic analysis are Long Branch attraction, compositional heterogeneity and evolving sites in DNA sequences.

Furthermore, beside the above explained concepts, there are several more concepts that take place in the Biometry. These concepts are mathematical modeling, statistical methods, statistical theory, computing, biometric methods, and many more. Some of the progressive topics that involved in the Biometry field are Human Behavior Analysis, Single DNA sequence analysis, Cancelable Biometrics, Discrete-Time Models, and many more.

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  • Statistical analysis, sampling, experimentation in the agricultural sciences, data collection, descriptive statistics, statistical inference, regression, one-factor ANOVA, probability, Introduction to Statistics, terminology, types of studies, study design, sampling issues, data or variable types, Descriptive Statistics for Categorical Variables, Descriptive Statistics for Numeric Variables, Probability
  • Baye's Rule and Medical Screening Tests, Inference for a Single Population Proportion, Methods for Analyzing Two or More Categorical Variables, Continuous Random Variables and the Normal Distribution, Sampling Distribution for the Sample Mean
  • Inference for a Single Population Mean, Comparing Two Population Means, Consequences of the Log Transformation, Comparing Several Population Means, Randomized Complete Block Designs, Two-way ANOVA, Nonparametric Tests, Correlation & Regression, fundamental concepts of biometry , measures of location and variation, probability, tests of significance, regression, correlation , analysis of variance.

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  • Difficult biometry scenarios,Issues for biometrist's,Biometric traits,Design and performance evaluation,Biometric research,Three biometrics,Fingerprint,Face and iris ,Brandon mayfield,Boston marathon bombing identification,India aadhaar project,Patents,The eye and iris,Iris image acquisition,Enhancement,Processing,Feature extraction,Iris texture analysis,Code matching and evaluation,Aging effect,Image
  • Aquisition,Modalities,Processing,Pca,Lda,3d,Infrared,Data fusion,Fingerprint recognition,Image acquisition,Processing,Minutiae,Matching and evaluation,Emerging biometric modalities and technologies survey:,Hand & vein,Ear, periocular &voice,Gait,Keystroke,Video &multi-modal,Soft biometrics,Privacy and cancelable biometrics

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