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We at Global web tutors provide expert help for Biophotonics assignments , Biophotonics case studies or Biophotonics homework. Our Biophotonics online tutors are expert in providing homework help to students at all levels. Please post your assignment at support@globalwebtutors.com to get the instant Biophotonics homework help. Biophotonics online tutors are available 24/7 to provide assignment help as well as help with essays & report writing on Biophotonics.

Biophotonics refers to the development of optical techniques which use radiant energy to identify the inner workings of tissues and cells in living organisms. it is a combination of biology and photonics. Biophotonics is used in biology field for understanding the function of proteins, DNA and other molecules, molecular mechanics. Application areas of photonics are life science, agriculture, medicine and environmental science. To track drug delivery and cell dynamics,it includes injecting fluorescent markers into the biological system. It applies photonics in all of these application areas. Biophotonics generate photons to image, and detect biological materials. Biophotonics used LED, lamps, lasers light sources. Electron is cordially related to the photons. An electron is a subatomic particle which carrying negative charge.
Laser plays an important role in biophotonics. It provides powerful photons to manipulate bio samples. It comes with its properties like widest wavelength coverage, highest focusability, wavelength selection which makes them the universal light tool for wide spectrum of applications. There are different types of lasers which are gas lasers, fiber lasers, diode lasers, solid state lasers, ultrachrome lasers, ultrafast lasers. Beam light is the main light source that is used in biophotonics.

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Topics for Biophotonics Assignment help :

  • Propagation of light in turbid tissues,Absorption and scattering,Laser surgery and optical rotation,Basic physics and chemistry of interaction of photons with matter,Photonic radiation pressure,Advanced optoelectronic detection systems, devices, methods,Time-resolved fluorescent,Chemiluminescent methods,Fluorescent energy transfer techniques,Quantum dots,Near-field optical techniques,Mechanisms of light sensitive biological systems,Chloroplasts for photosynthetic energy conversion,Basis of vision processes,Basic physics and chemistry for the interaction of photons with matter
  • Both biological and synthetic materials,Use of photonic radiation pressure for manipulation of objects and materials,Advanced optoelectronic detection systems, devices and methods,Time resolved fluorescent and chemiluminescent methods,Fluorescent energy transfer techniques,Quantum dots, and near-field optical techniques,Mechanisms of the light sensitive biological systems,Chloroplasts for photosynthetic energy conversion and the basis of vision processes,Light,Imaging,Manipulation ,Optical spectroscopic ,Microscopic modalities ,Optical tweezers,
  • Laser scissors,Low-level light therapy,Biology ,Medicine/clinics,Fundamentals of biology ,The facts of life ,Biology by the numbers,Light-matter interactions in molecules, cells and tissues :,Nature of light,Refraction,Reflection,Interference,Diffraction,Intensity,Phase,Polarization,Scattering,Raman,Fluorescence,Optical properties of bio-materials,Central dogma ,Dna sequencing,Dna replication,Repair,Illumina and pacbio sequencing,Virus detection ,Identification using pcr,Dna to rna transcription,Count rna numbers in cells/tissues ,Qpcr and rna-fish,Central dogma proteins

Complex topics covered by Biophotonics Online experts :

  • Enzyme,Antibody,Gene expression level,Flow cytometry,Dissect folding dynamics of proteins,Single molecule fret,Drug screening,Spr sensor,Bioimaging ,Non-fluorescence-based microscopy,Bright-field,Phase contrast,Dark-field,Dic microscopy,Raman imaging,Fluorescence-based microscopy ,Fluorophores,Epi,Confocal,Tirf microscopy,Super-resolution fluorescence imaging,Brain initiative,Interrogate brain with light,Optogenetics,Tissue imaging with multi-photon microscopy ,Light-sheet microscopy,Diagnosing diseases with light ,Endoscopy,Optical coherence tomography
  • Ophthalmology,Photoacoustic tomography ,Early cancer detection,Treatment of diseases with light ,Killing cancer cells with light ,Photodynamic therapy,Tissue engineering with light,Necessity of biophotonics,Public health,Eco preservation,Maritime,Industrial,Domestic,Medical,Biotechnology,Aquatic environments ,Micro-organisms,Bacteria,Virus ,Protozoa ,Algae,Phylogeny,Structure and function ,Fundamental biomolecules,Nucleic acids,Amino acids,Dna/rna replication,Transcription,Translation,Antibodies,Antigens,Enzymes,Fatty acids,Carbohydrates ,Physiology ,Immune system,Nervous system,Flow cytometry ,Principle and applications,Cell enumeration,Discrimination,Fluorescent in-situ,Hybridisation,Dna probes,Cell sorting advantages and disadvantages,Pcr techniques,Hybridisation
  • Dna amplification,Molecular probes,Real time pcr,Microscopy,Bright field microscopy,Phase contrast microscopy,Dark field microscopy,Differential interference contrast microscopy,Fluorescence microscopy,Confocal microscopy,Atomic force microscopy,Electron microscopy,Optical coherence tomography,Principles,Time-domain oct,Fourier domain oct,Swept-source oct,Optical properties of tissues,System aspects,Labeled sensor,Sensor requirements,Elisa tests,Gold nanoparticle labels,Quantum dot labels,Bead-based assays,Padlock probes,Label-free sensors,Surface plasmon sensors,Evanescent wave sensors,Mach-zehnder interferometers,Resonant cavities,Lab-on-a-chip,Principles,Dna microarrays,Microfluidics

Tissue optics
Optical trapping
STED microscopy
Fluorescence life-time imaging
Molecular imaging
optical methods
Optical coherence
coherence domain
optical methods
Photo-acoustic imaging
Photodynamic therapy

light-tissue interaction
biomedical engineering
photonics devices
Flash lamps
Optical measurement

optical principles
biomedical research
clinical medicine
optical imaging
spectroscopy systems
clinical diagnosis
light interaction
advanced optical therapeutic instruments
optical reporter development
optical sciences
Optical microscopy
FRETTissue Optics
Fiber optics
Confocal microscopy
Optical coherence tomography
Near-field imaging systems
Non-linear microscopies
BioluminescenceDiffuse optical tomography
Laser doppler perfusion
Flow cytometers
laser surgery
Photodynamic therapy Optical biosensors

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