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Business Analytics Assignments help, Business Analytics Homework help

Globalwebtutors provide premium Business Analytics Assignment help services for complicated problems & questions. We provide customized help with Business Analytics assignments & homework. Please send your assignment at support@globalwebtutors.com to get the instant help with Business Analytics assignments.Our online assignment help tutors are available 24/7 for students struggling with complex Business Analytics problems. Get the 24/7 help & complete solutions for Business Analytics assignments.

Business Analytics refers to the investigation and exploration of past business performance with the help of required skills, technologies and practices. Business analytics has prime focus on developing new insights as well as understanding of the business performance which is based on statistical and data methods. Business intelligence in contrast focuses on use of consistent metrics for measuring both past performance and guides business planning, although it is also based on statistical and data methods.
There is extensive use of statistical analysis in Business analytics, which includes explanatory and predictive modeling, management based on fact so as to drive decision making. Business Analytics is closely related to management science. Business intelligence is all about reporting, querying and online analytical processing (OLAP) as well as alerts.
The question types such as OLAP, querying and reporting are capable to answer different types of questions such as how many, what happened, where the problem lies and the required actions that are needed whereas the business analytics is capable to answer questions like reason for mishappening, prediction of trends, what will happen next, what to optimize etc.
There are various types of analytics such as Decision analytics, descriptive analytics, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics. The major courses to study in Business Analytics include Behavioral analytics, Cohort Analysis, Collections analytics, Cyber analytics, Enterprise Optimization, Financial services analytics, Fraud analytics, Marketing analytics, Pricing analytics, Retail sales analytics, Risk & Credit analytics, Supply Chain analytics, Talent analytics, Telecommunications etc.

Some of the homework help topics include :

  • IT: The Tools and Systems Perspective, A Framework for Business Analytics, Analytics Domain Context, Rational Decisions, Decision Needs and Decision Layers, Models: Connecting Decision Needs to Analytics, Stakeholders, Roles: Connecting Stakeholders to Analytics, Decision Framing: Defining the Decision Need, Big Y, Little Y and Decision Framing, Decision Framing for Decision Layers, The Airline Partnership Model, Aligning the Layers: Tying the Decision Frame, Decision Frames Set Business Expectations, Decision Modeling, Types of Models, Context Diagrams, Data Visualization, Mathematical Models, Big Data and Big Models, Network Models
  • Capability Models, Control Systems Modeling, Value Improvement, Optimization Systems Modeling, Workflow Modeling, Modeling Processes and Procedures, Modeling Assignment and Dispatch ,Modeling Events and Alerts, Transparency, Integrity, Validity and Security, Deliverables from Decision Modeling, The Role of the Decision Modeler, The Decision Making Method, Set Context ,Decision Process, Step : Frame, Step : Debate, Step : Decide, Decision Making Roles, Biases, Emotions, and Bounded Rationality, Managing Irrationality: Removing Bias from Analytics, Decision Execution, Align & Enable, Observe & Report, Communicate & Converse, Business Intelligence, Data Infrastructure, Business Intelligence for Analytics, Business Intelligence in the Analytics Framework, Data Sourcing
  • Transaction Processing Systems, Benchmarks and External Data Sources, Survey Tools, Analytical Output, Data Loading, Solve Data Quality IT Issues, Analytical Datasets and BI Assets, Operational Data Store, Data Warehouse, Data Mart, Data Structuring and Transformation, Business Analytics Input Databases, Business Analytics Ready Databases, Analytics Tools, Reporting, Dashboards, Data Visualization, Modeling Capabilities, Spreadsheets and Microsoft Office Integration, Data Stewardship and Meta Data Management, Collaboration, Iline Analytics Tools Deployment, Data Stewardship: Can We Use the Data?, Initial Data Provision, First-Cut Review of the Data,Sorts, Scatters and Histograms, Fitness for Use, Privacy and Surveillance, Ongoing Data Provision, Ongoing Data Sourcing, Ongoing Data Assessment, Data Scrubbing and Enrichment, Data Scrubbing, Data Enrichment, On Hierarchies, Tagging, and Categorizations

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Few topics for Business Analytics coursework help :

  • Business Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Decision Domains
  • Operations Research
  • Business & Management
  • Operations Research & Decision Theory
  • Business: The Decision-Making and Execution Perspective
  • Analytics: The Techniques Perspective

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Complex topics covered by Business Analytics Online experts :

  • Manage Data Problems, Work with IT to Solve IT Issues, Work with Business to Solve Business Issues, Manage Data Dictionary, Making Organizations Smarter, Why Bother with Analytics?,Analytics Culture Maturity,Actionable Analytics, Measure the Value of Analytics, Scaling the Decision Culture, Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics (or Analytics), Value Management: From Assessment to Realization, Make a Plan, Criticize the Plan, Execute the Plan, Re-assess at Checkpoints, Building the Analytics Capability, Analytics Ecosystem, Placing Analytics Capabilities in the Organization, Analytics Team Skills and Capacity, Analytics Scheduling and Workflow, Tracking the Value of Analytics, Analytics Maturity Model, Analytics Methods
  • Process Value Management (Experiment to Evolve), Capability Value Management, Organizational Value Management, Concept to Value Realization, Criteria for Selecting the Analytics Method, Big Data ,MapReduce techniques, SAS, Customer analytics, Computational statistics, machine learning, Supply chain analytics, Agent based modelling ,complexity, Data mining, Online analytics ,recommender systems, Social media scraping, sentiment analysis, Geo locational analysis, Spatial analysis, Business psychology, behaviour economics, Statistical Models, Hypotheses and Tests, Line Regression Model, Inference and Prediction Intervals, Dummy Variables, Spurious Correlation & Multicollinearity, Heteroskedasticity, Log vs. Linear Models, Fixed Effects, Inferential Statistics ,Multiple Linear Regression and Panel Data ,Generalized Linear Models ,Naïve Bayes and Bayes Nets, Decision Tree Learners, Data Preparation, Evaluation of Classifiers, Data Mining Cup, Ensemble Methods, Clustering and PCA, Principal Component Regression, Association Rule Mining, Foundations of Probability ,Applications Foundations of Probability ,Laws of Probability
  • Bayes Theorem, Covariance, Discrete Probability Distributions, Continuous Probability Distributions, Normal Distribution, Central Limit Theorem, Managerial Decision Analysis, Decision Tree Model, Decision Tree Analysis, General Method Decision Analysis, Simulation Modeling, Random Number Generators, Sample Data for Analysis, Computer Software for Simulation Modeling, Optimization Models ,Applications of Optimization Models Formulating Management Problems, Linear Optimization Model, Nonlinear Optimization Model, Discrete Optimization Model, Computer Software for Optimization Modeling, Model Based Decision Making, Mental Models, Learn Making Decisions, Dynamic Decision Making ,Basic Simple Math Modelss, Decision Making, Modelling Uncertainties, Systems Thinking, Systems Modelling, System Dynamics, Simulation Models, Prescriptive Models ,Inventory Models, Modelling for Decision Making in Business Analytics

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