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C Programming: 

In order to communicate instructions to computer, it requires a computational language inscribed in the form of coding and decoding which is known as programming language.

C is one of the much known programming language and popular one which is a flexible and general purpose language that imposes some constraints on the programmer and provides fast program execution. C language is a wide area of study which requires a lot of research. Some of the fundamentals involved in the C programming are C Data types, C Input/Output functions, identifiers, keywords  & C operators. It is a high level language that allows a programmer to write programs on a specific system.

C is a case sensitive programming language and also support the system programming. Program in C language is executed and compiled with fast speed as compared to other languages. C language is easier to maintain, read and write. It used for developing the system applications that configure the vital portion of operating systems such as LINUX, UNIX and Windows. The main features of C language are listed below:

  • C is reliable, flexible, interactive, portable, efficient , extendable and effective language.
  • It includes bit manipulators, multiple logical and mathematical operators
  • C language involves a set of control primitives i.e. for, while, as if, do while, switch
  • In a single statement, multiple assignments can be assigned.

Another major aspect of C language is that it uses modularity feature. We can store the code section in C library and can re use in future programs. Modularity also helps with C’s execution speed and portability. The functions are stored in the library of C and so they can be called on when needed. For example, it does not have the I/O capabilities and I/O function which tend to the slow execution of program. Because of these reasons, they are stored in a separate C language library and used when they needed.

Structure of a simple program in C includes:

  • Particular section for Documentation
  • Link section
  • Specific Definition section
  • Particular section for Global declaration
  • Declaration of Function prototype section
  • Main function
  • Specific section for user defined function definition

A program in C language must be accurate, efficient, reliable and flexible. Main characteristics of a C program are as follows:

  • Problem definition: Problem definition is the first step in programming which defines the problem.
  • Problem Design: in this phase, designing of program is done.
  • Program Coding: in this phase, coding of program take place.
  • Program Compilation: program compilation phase involves the compilation of program and also checked the syntax errors.
  • Testing and debugging: this phase involves the testing of program and also fixed the program errors. Errors can be of any time such as syntax errors, semantic errors and runtime errors.

Another feature of C language is that it is a structured oriented language in which large programs are divided into small programs. This makes testing and debugging of the program easier and data can be moved freely from one function to another.

Major concepts involved in the C programming language are named as C pointers, string functions, C structure, pointers and arrays, C unions, variable scope, function types, recursion in C, memory management, C structure and Exception handling. C language is one of the most imperative and powerful language which is used in many areas of application.

Applications of C language are given below:

  • It is used for creating computer applications
  • It used in the development of UNIX Kernel
  • C language is using for writing Embedded Systems
  • It is used to implement the Operations of operating system
  • For various application and hardware products, C language is used in developing test code, verification software, simulators, etc.
  • It is also used for creating compiles of various languages which can take the input from different language and convert it into the lower level language.
  • Database Systems, Word processors, Spreadsheets, Network drivers, Interpreters are the main application areas of C language.
  • Development of Operating system, Assemblers and Compilers, Graphics Packages are the another main applications.

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  • Constants, Variables and Data types in C ,Operators and Expressions .

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Help for complex topics like:

  • Managing Input and Output operation ,Decision making and Branching ,Decision making and looping ,Arrays ,Character Arrays and Strings
  • User defined function in C ,Introduction to Dynamic Memory Allocation and Linked List
  • Allocation block of memory (Malloc) ,Allocation Multiple Blocks of Memory : Calloc ,Releasing the used space: free ,Altering the size of block : Realloc , Linked list, Advantages of Linked list

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  • Writing, compiling, and debugging C programs. Hello world.
  • Variables and datatypes, operators.
  • Control flow. Functions and modular programming. Variable scope. Static and global variables.
  • More control flow. Input and output.
  • Pointers and memory addressing. Arrays and pointer arithmetic. Strings. Searching and sorting algorithms.
  • User-defined datatypes, structs, unions, bitfields. Memory allocation. Linked lists, binary trees.
  • Pointers to pointers, pointer and string arrays, multidimensional arrays. Stacks and queues.
  • Void and function pointers. Hash tables.
  • External libraries. B-trees, priority queues.
  • C standard library: stdio.h, ctype.h, stdlib.h, assert.h, stdarg.h, time.h
  • Dynamic memory allocation, malloc and valgrind, garbage collection.
  • Multithreading and concurrency.
  • Multithreaded programming. Sockets and asynchronous I/O.
  • Linux inter process communication.

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