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Branch of science which deals with the transformation of matter and composition of substances is termed as chemistry. Matter is a substance that takes space. Chemistry deals with the individual atoms, chemical reactions, composition of matter and intermolecular forces. There are some available branches of chemistry :

  • Organic chemistry – Organic chemistry is the chemistry that contains the carbon element. It is also known as chemistry of life.
  • Inorganic chemistry - Inorganic chemistry is the chemistry that deals with the study of metals and gases. Inorganic chemistry does not contain carbon.
  • Physical chemistry – It is the combination of physics and chemistry. It shows how the energy interacts with matter.
  • Biochemistry – Biochemistry is the branch of chemistry that occurs in the organisms.
  • Analytical chemistry – Branch of chemistry that is used to measure the chemical and physical composition of substances is termed as analytical chemistry. Analytical chemistry is the composition of matter.

Chemistry is also concerned with the protection of environment. It also provides new sources of energy in environment. Various types of chemistry that deals with the environment protection are as follows:

  • Food chemistry – food chemistry deals with the proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. These three are the main biological component of food.
  • Environmental chemistry – Environmental chemistry tells about the interaction between chemical and natural environment .
  • Geochemistry – It deals with the composition of earth.
  • Agricultural chemistry – It deals with the study of crops protection, livestock production, production and use of livestock and crops.

The branch of science is chemistry. It contains the study of matter and their changes. Matter is the mixture of pure components. Chemical reaction is the change of one substance into another. Analytical chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and physical chemistry are the different field of chemistry. Analytical chemistry is the study of analysis of substances. Biochemistry is the study of living organisms and their systems. Biochemistry and biology applications are also known as biotechnology. Study of structure and properties of inorganic compounds is known as inorganic chemistry. Study of organic compound is also known as organic chemistry. The organic compound contains carbons and their compounds. Study about the physical property and behavior of the matter is known as physical chemistry. Chemistry is mainly classified into two. They are dynamic chemistry and energetic chemistry. The rearrangement of atom after chemical change is known as dynamic chemistry. Thermodynamic chemical change of atom is also known as energetic chemistry. Two chemical compounds create a single compound. Then this chemical reaction is called as compound reactions. The atom and molecule association is also known as chemical bonding. The homogenous compounds contain same functional groups. The organic molecules contain carbon hydrogen chains. A chemical change of molecules over time is known as the chemical kinetics. Equilibrium in acid base solution is also known as acid base equilibrium. Chemical bonding is related to valence bond theory and molecular orbital theory. Atomic orbital overlap of the atom forms sigma bond. Sigma bond is used in valence bond theory.

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Chemistry is one of the three basic sciences that deal with how matters around us are composed of.  Study of these compositions can be an interesting Chemistry. Matters can be broadly divided into two categories namely organic and inorganic. As a student you will have to perform different experiments, study theories, complete projects and assignments. At the time of study you will find that equations of chemistry either organic or inorganic are not an easy task. In that case an expert guidance for Chemistry Assignment help would prove beneficial for the overall grade. You will be confused and stressed with assignments and ultimately found it a tough and boring Chemistry. To complete assignment on time you must take help from  our experienced online chemistry tutors.

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  • Methods of purification and analysis,Covalent bonding,Metallic bonding,Kinetic particle theory,Atomic structure,Structure
  • Alkanes,Alkenes,Alcohols,Carboxylic acids,Macromolecules,Atomic and molecular masses. Mole concept and molar mass

Generally topics like Identification of ions and gases are considered very complex & an expert help is required in order to solve the assignments based on topics like name appropriate apparatus for the measurement of time, temperature, mass and volume, including & so on.

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  • Chemistry & acids usage, bases & salts,acids and bases,Sulfuric acid,metals,periodic table ,Properties of metals,Reactivity series,Extraction of metals,Iron,Aluminium,atmosphere & environment,Air,Water,Organic chemistry,Percentage composition and empirical,Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure,States of Matter: Gases and Liquids,Thermodynamics,Concepts of system, types of systems, surroundings, work, heat, energy, extensive and intensive,properties, state functions,Redox Reactions,Carbon - catenation,Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles and Techniques
  • Aliphatic Hydrocarbons:Alkanes,Alkenes,Aromatic hydrocarbons,Environmental Chemistry,Solid State,Electrochemistry,Chemical Kinetics,Adsorption,d and f Block Elements,Carboxylic Acids,Biomolecules,Chemicals in medicines,Chemicals in food,Cleansing agents,Thermochemistry , Engineering Chemisty ,Corrosion and its Control
  • Fuels and Combustion,UV‐VIS & IR spectrophotometry, NMR & MS,spectroscopy, SEM, X‐RD, TGA/DTA and GC,First law of thermodynamics:‐ Second law of thermodynamics,The Gibbs Dalton law,General relationships, illustrative examples, volumetric and Gravimetric analysis, Mixture of gas and vapour, Psychometric terms, Thermodynamic Wet Bulb temperature,

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