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Non-parametric Chi Square test

Non- parametric Chi Square test is demography approach , which is commonly used to compare expected data and observed data.Some times Chi square test is based upon Mendel's law where you test for expected data and observed data.This difference is called deviation.
The formula for calculating chi square is :
In simple words we can say that chi square distribution is a mathematical/theoritical distribution which is used in statistical work term 'chi square' in Greek letter.

Observation of Chi square test:
In this test Chi square test of each entry is :
“The observed minus the expected, squared, divided
by the expected of data.”

How to measure goodness of Chi square test : This  chi square test goodness is based on by hypothesizing of distribution of variable which behaves in a particular manner.
We can also calculate chi square test for two independent variables.
The variables which are stored in a table is called contingency tables.
Testing of chi square test variable is very general and easy same as goodness of fit test.

Testing of chi square tests of independence is very flexible and  it is used can be with cross classification . researcher can  must be careful when he/she performing the chi square tests .





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