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ColdFusion is a development technology for creating the applications of the web. ColdFusion enables you to execute the programming function. It first builds the content for the database and then combines the application program to create the website. ColdFusion Studio is a product which helps in creating a website.

ColdFusion is also derived as page markup language which is also called as ColdFusion Markup Language. ColdFusion Markup Language compromises Extensible Markup Language and Hypertext Markup Language. We can approach the database through Open Database Connectivity, Microsoft's OLE DB or drivers. Here is listed some of the features of ColdFusion:

  • Reporting and graphing
  • Scheduling of the task
  • Simplification of database access
  • Transformation from HTML to PDF
  • client, session, Server and request scopes
  • querying, transformation and validation
  • XML Parsing

Most widely used ColdFusion products are:

  • Adobe ColdFusion 11 Standard
  • Adobe ColdFusion Builder
  • Adobe ColdFusion Enterprises

ColdFusion is an application server which does not require any type of coding in the traditional programming languages. The feature of ColdFusion is that it can combines with the process of web applications such as MS Exchange access, database access and PDF. ColdFusion involves two elements:

  • ColdFusion templates
  • ColdFusion server

There are some distributed applications in the ColdFusion which handle the Microsoft's distributed Component Object Model and Common Object Request Broker Architecture that can be co-operated with ColdFusion. ColdFusion technology involves various tools listed as:

  • ColdFusion Administrator: This element is used to construct and also handle the application server of the ColdFusion. It also engage server monitor that gives you the status of ColdFusion server.
  • CFML extensions: It can stretch the CFML by building the user defined functions C++ or by combining the COM.
  • CFML functions and CFScript: It has its own functions that operate various types of character like data management, system functions and string manipulation. It also introduces Scripting language such as CFscript.
  • Verity Search Server: It gives the efficiency for data documents and text for the ColdFusion site.
  • ColdFusion scripting environment: It give the useful model for the internet applications. ColdFusion Markup Language is the important of ColdFusion scripting environment.
  • CFML: Alike HTML it is tag based programming language that involves functions and tags. By using CFML, we can increase the skills of HTML files for building the web applications which is efficient to handle. The various types of CFML tags are:
  • Cfmail
  • Cfset
  • Cfquery
  • Cfoutput
  • cfchart

Cold fusion pages are displayed in plain text files. For processing the page, a user has performs two activities:

  • Saving ColdFusion Pages: user saves the page where the ColdFusion is installed. If the page creates on the local server, then it will be saved locally. If a user used the J2EE configuration then the ColdFusion Pages saved under the ColdFusion web application root.
  • Testing ColdFusion Pages: for ensuring that the written code is correct or not, user can view the ColdFusion page in a browser by going to the suitable URL.

ColdFusion MX is a web application server which supports the traditional programming languages such as XML, C, C++, Java. It permits user to create dynamic applications and sites in short duration. It comprises of three components which are as follows:

  • ColdFusion Markup
  • ColdFusion Administrator
  • ColdFusion application server

The base for the ColdFusion is java for creating the applications and also adopts the Apache Tomcat J2EE container. In ColdFusion, .cfm file is used for pages and .cfc file is used for objects. The memory used by ColdFusion is lower than java. Here are some of ColdFusion editors given beloew:

  • CFBrackets adds: In this, we can renew our browser of the computer since it’s is relative to the realtime. So we do not need to update it manually.
  • CFEclipse: It provides various appearances like bracket matching, method, auto complete and code insight. It is the popular editors among all.
  • ColdFusionPad: It includes functions and tags that is equivalent to normal text editor.

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  • ColdFusion Database Integration
  • Rapid Development with ColdFusion and CFML
  • ColdFusion and WDDX
  • ColdFusion development environment
  • ColdFusion Administrator application
  • WSDL
  • CFC security

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ColdFusion is a rapid scripting environment server and it is used for creating dynamic Internet Applications. ColdFusion Markup Language is an easy-to-learn tag-based scripting language, with connectivity to enterprise data & powerful built-in search and charting capabilities. ColdFusion enables programmers to easily build & deploy dynamic websites, commerce sites, content publishing systems, self-service applications and many more. ColdFusion pages are plain text files that are used for creating the web applications. ColdFusion applications can be created by writing all the code manually or by using wizards to generate the majority of the code. ColdFusion consists of the following core elements:

  • ColdFusion scripting environment
  • Cold Fusion Markup Language
  • ColdFusion Administrator
  • Verity Search Server

ColdFusion is implemented on Java technology platform & uses a J2EE application server for many of its base services which include database connectivity, naming & directory services and other runtime services. ColdFusion may be configured to use an embedded J2EE server or it may be deployed as a J2EE application on an independent J2EE application server. ColdFusion Enterprise includes a fully featured version of JRun J2EE application server and can be deployed on third-party J2EE servers like IBM WebSphere & BEA WebLogic. By implementing the ColdFusion scripting environment on J2EE platform, ColdFusion has advantage of the power of J2EE platform and also provide an easy-to-use scripting environment & built-in services. ColdFusion tags have the same format as the HTML tags. ColdFusion components encapsulate multiple, related, functions. The component of ColdFusion is essentially a set of related user-defined functions & variables with the additional functionality that provide and control the access to the component contents. ColdFusion provides a wide variety of built-in tags & create custom tags.

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  • ColdFusion Builder to define a default page template,Defining a data source with ColdFusion Administrator, Creating data access ColdFusion Components in ColdFusion Builder, ColdFusion ORM , Object Relational Mapping,
  • dynamically developed URLs to datasets, ,data entry forms , defining client-side validation rules, JavaScript callback functions to present AJAX-style user interface components, JavaScript callback functions to manipulate AJAX-style user interface components

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