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We at Global web tutors provide expert help for Convex optimization assignment or Convex optimization homework. Our Convex optimization online tutors are expert in providing homework help to students at all levels. Please post your assignment at support@globalwebtutors.com to get the instant Convex optimization homework help. Convex optimization online tutors are available 24/7 to provide assignment help as well as Convex optimization homework help.

It is the study of minimizing the convex functions over convex sets . Following statements of convex optimization problem :
If there is a local minimum then it is considered as global minimum.
Set of all minima is convex .

If the function has minimum then this minimum should be unique.
The usual form in which convex optimization problems are described is termed as its standard form .
It is divided into three parts : convex function , inequality constraints and equality constraints .
Convex function : f(x) : R^n -> R where x is the variable .
Inequality constraints : gi(x) <= 0, where gi is convex.
Equality constraints : It can be described in the form of equation : hi(x) =ai^Tx+bi where ai = column vector and bi = real
number .

Convex optimization problems can be solved by following methods : Bundle method , interior point method , ellipsoid method ,
cutting plane method , subgradient method etc.
Example of convex optimized problem : least squares , linear programming , geometric programming , second order cone
programming , entropy maximization etc.

Basics of convex analysis: Convex setsfunctionsand optimization problems. Optimization theory: Least-squareslinearquadraticgeometric and semidefinite programming. Convex modeling. Duality theory. Optimality and KKT conditions. Applications in signal processingstatisticsmachine learningcontrol communicationsand design of engineering systems

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Topics for Convex optimization  assignment help include :

  • Convex optimization,Convex sets, functions,Basics of convex analysis,Convex optimization problems,Linear and quadratic programming,Second-order cone,Semidefinite programming,Geometric programming,Lagrange duality
  • Optimality conditions,Applications of convex optimization,Unconstrained minimization methods,Interior-point and cutting-plane algorithms,Introduction to nonlinear programming,Convex optimization problems emerging in electrical engineering
  • Efficiently solving convex optimization problems , Use of interior point algorithms software, linear algebra,Convex optimization problems,Duality,Disciplined convex programming,Applications to optimal filtering,Estimation control 

Help for complex topics like :

  • Resources allocations,Sensor network,Distributed systems,Optimization problems,Least-squares
  • Linear quadratic optimization,Geometric programmingsemidefinite programming,Vector optimization
  • Duality theory,Convex relaxations,Fitting, and statistical estimation,Geometic problems,Control and trajectory planning

Convex sets, functions, and optimization problems.
Convex analysis and theory of convex programming: optimality conditions, duality theory, theorems of alternative, and applications.
Least-squares, linear and quadratic programs, semidefinite programming, and geometric programming.
Numerical algorithms for smooth and equality constrained problems;
Interior-point methods for inequality constrained problems.
Applications to signal processing, communications, control, analog and digital circuit design, computational geometry, statistics, machine learning, and mechanical engineering.

Mathematical optimization; least-squares and linear programming; convex optimization; course goals and topics; nonlinear optimization.

Convex sets
Convex sets and cones; some common and important examples; operations that preserve convexity.

Convex functions
Convex functions; common examples; operations that preserve convexity; quasiconvex and log-convex functions.

Convex optimization problems
Convex optimization problems; linear and quadratic programs; second-order cone and semidefinite programs; quasiconvex optimization problems; vector and multicriterion optimization.

Lagrange dual function and problem; examples and applications.

Approximation and fitting
Norm approximation; regularization; robust optimization. (PDF)

Statistical estimation
Maximum likelihood and MAP estimation; detector design; experiment design.

Geometric problems
Projection; extremal volume ellipsoids; centering; classification; placement and location problems.

Filter design and equalization

FIR filters; general and symmetric lowpass filter design; Chebyshev equalization; magnitude design via spectral factorization.

Miscellaneous applications
Multi-period processor speed scheduling; minimum time optimal control; grasp force optimization; optimal broadcast transmitter power allocation; phased-array antenna beamforming; optimal receiver location.

l1 methods for convex-cardinality problems
Convex-cardinality problems and examples; l1 heuristic; interpretation as relaxation.

l1 methods for convex-cardinality problems (cont.)
Total variation reconstruction; iterated re-weighted l1; rank minimization and dual spectral norm heuristic.

Stochastic programming
Stochastic programming; "certainty equivalent" problem; violation/shortfall constraints and penalties; Monte Carlo sampling methods; validation.

Chance constrained optimization
Chance constraints and percentile optimization; chance constraints for log-concave distributions; convex approximation of chance constraints.

Numerical linear algebra background
Basic linear algebra operations; factor-solve methods; sparse matrix methods.

Unconstrained minimization
Gradient and steepest descent methods; Newton method; self-concordance complexity analysis.

Equality constrained minimization
Elimination method; Newton method; infeasible Newton method.

Interior-point methods
Barrier method; sequential unconstrained minimization; self-concordance complexity analysis.

Disciplined convex programming and CVX
Convex optimization solvers; modeling systems; disciplined convex programming; CVX.

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