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C# Programming Assignment Help , C# Programming Homework Help

We provide C# Programming Assignment help & C# Programming Homework help. Our C# Programming Online tutors are available for instant help for C# Programming assignments & problems.

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C# Programming: 

C # is an object oriented programming language which works on the .NET framework and designed for the development of networking and web applications. It is a general purpose programming language designed for CLI (Common language Infrastructure) which includes runtime environment and executable code that allows the use of HLL in different system architecture and platforms.

C# inherits the features from other programming languages like JAVA and Delphi. C# is widely used programming language because of its simple C-based syntax. Some main characteristics of C sharp programming language are as follows:

  • Object Oriented, Modern and Structured programming language.
  • Cross platform interoperability
  • Automatic memory management
  • Scalable, Updateable and versioning control
  • Supports polymorphism and exception handling

Programming with C# is easy as it comes with extensive class libraries and supports error handling.  Code execution process of a C Sharp program involves the two main stages:

  • Compiler time process: To develop an application with C#, when we compile the application, then C Sharp compiler converts source code into Microsoft Intermediate Language Code (MSIL) and generates the required Metadata. MSIL is also known as the Common Intermediate Language or Intermediate language.
  • Runtime process: It includes a Just in Time compiler for converting MSIL code into machine code. During the run time process of a program, firstly JIT compiler of CLR uses the Metadata and then converts MSIL code into native code. After that, it is executed by Operating System.

String, array, lists, Collections, Console, generics, Attributes, RegExp and Queues are some of the major concepts that involved in the C sharp.

C# 7.0 is the latest version of C Sharp language whose aim is to bring a focus on code simplification and data consumption. Main features of the version C# 7.0 are listed below:

  • Support Tuple types and Record types
  • Provide support for Pattern matching and local functions
  • Excellent support for Immutable types
  • Non-nullable references types

C# is used to write applications for embedded and hosted systems and its implementation provides support to the applications of software development such as strong type checking, array bounds checking and many more. Various Applications areas that involves in the C Sharp are as follows:

  • Windows Applications: it comes with the familiar GUI of windows with controls such as list boxes, buttons for provide input. In RAD application environment, we create the GUI by the use of Windows Forms.
  • NET Web Applications: these web applications run in a browser and for handling input and output operations, these applications use System.Web classes and namespace.
  • Console Applications: for input and output, it uses the standard command-line input. For handling input and output operations, console applications use a class which is names as System.IO
  • NET Web Service Applications: these web services can be accesses by using HTTP, XML and URLs and can be displayed in a smart device or in a Web browser. For handling input and output operations, ASP.NET Web Service Applications use System.Web.Services and System.Web namespaces and classes.

For enabling advanced programming techniques, C# provides some major features of few languages. These features are listed below:

  • Indexers: it enables a user to access a struct or class like an array.
  • Attributes: C# allows a user to adding the declarative information about the types in program by using an attribute.
  • Delegates: this enables a user to encapsulate a method in the delegate objects.

Unsafe code in C# is also known as the unmanaged code which refers to a code block. This code used a pointer variable. For using the pointer in C#, a user employs the unsafe code in C#.

Moreover, A thread is mainly concerned with the execution path of a program and C# provides the execution of code with the help of multithreading. Threads enables user to develop the applications in C# and each thread determines the individual flow of control.

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  • Decision Making, Loops ,Encapsulation, Methods, Nullables, Arrays, Strings, Structure, Enums, Classes, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Operator Overloading, Interfaces, Namespaces, Preprocessor Directives, Regular Expressions, Exception Handling, File I/O, Attributes, Reflection, Properties, Indexers, Delegates, Events, Collections, Generics, Anonymous Methods, Unsafe Codes, Multithreading, C# Program, Arrays, Classes and Structs, Delegates, Enumeration Types, Events, Exceptions and Exception Handling, File System and the Registry
  • Generics, Indexers, Interfaces, Interoperability, LINQ Query Expressions, Main() and Command-Line Arguments, Namespaces, Nullable Types, Programming Concepts (C#), Statements, Expressions, and Operators, Strings, Types, Unsafe Code and Pointers, XML Documentation Comments, C# Syntax,C# Language Fundamentals,OOP in C#,.NET Framework concepts

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  • XMLDataDocument ,XML TextReader / XML TextWriter ,XPath ,Multithreading ,Debugging SQL-Server Stored Procedures ,Delegates & Events ,Delegate Declaration, AutoPostBack ,Server Controls ,HTML controls , CSS , Customize a Site ,Server-side Styles ,Event Handling in WebForms , WebForm, ASP.NET State Management ,Need for state management ,Static members in Webform ,Global Class in App_Code folder ,ViewState ,HiddenFieldQueryString ,HttpContext 
  • HttpCookie and Cookie Dictionary ,HttpSessionState ,HttpApplicationState ,Databound Controls ,Rendering Table o/p using SqlDataAdapter and SqlCommandReader ,SqlDataSource ,GridView ,DetailsView ,FormsView ,DataList ,Repeater ,ListView ,Virtual Directory & Web Application ,VS.NET Application with Location as IIS ,File System to IIS Fragment Caching ,Substitution Caching ,Data Caching ,Expiration Policy & Output Cache ,Authentication & Authorization

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  • Fundamentals of Computer Programming with C#,Operators and  Expressions,Operators,Type Conversion and Casting,Console Input and Output,Console,Standard Input Output,Printing to the Console,Console Input,Console Input and Output.
  • Conditional Statements,Comparison Operators and Boolean Expressions,Conditional Statements "if" and "if-else",Conditional Statement "switch-case",Loops,Loop,While Loops,Do-While Loops,For Loops,Foreach Loops,Nested Loops
  • Array,Declaration and Allocation of Memory for Arrays,Access to the Elements of an Array,Reading an Array from the Console,Printing an Array to Console,Iteration through Elements of an Array, Multidimensional Arrays,Arrays of Arrays,Methods,Subroutines in Programming.
  • Recursion,Direct and Indirect Recursion,Bottom of Recursion,Creating Recursive Methods,Recursive Calculation of Factorial,Recursion or Iteration,Simulation of N Nested Loop,Using Recursion, Creating and Using Objects,
  • Fundamentals of Computer Programming with C#,Classes and Objects,Classes in C#,Creating and Using Objects,Namespaces,Exception,Exceptions Hierarchy,Throwing and Catching Exceptions,The try-finally Construct,IDisposable and the "using" Statement,Advantages of Using Exceptions,Best Practices when Using Exceptions,
  • Strings and Text Processing,Strings,Strings Operations,Constructing Strings: the StringBuilder Class,String Formatting,Defining Classes,Custom Classes,Usage of Class and Objects,Organizing Classes in Files and Namespaces,Modifiers and Access Levels (Visibility).
  • Declaring Classes,The Reserved Word "this",Fields,Methods,Accessing Non Static Data of the Class,Hiding Fields with Local Variables,Visibility of Fields and Methods,Constructors,Properties,Static Classes and Static Members.
  • Structures,Enumerations,Inner Classes (Nested Classes),Generics,Text Files,Streams,Reading from a Text File,Writing to a Text File,Input / Output Exception Handling,Linear Data Structures,Abstract Data Structures,List Data Structures,Trees and Graphs.
  • Object Oriented Programming Principles,Fundamental Principles of OOP,Inheritance,Abstraction,Encapsulation,Polymorphism,Cohesion and Coupling,Object-Oriented Modeling (OOM),UML Notation,Design Patterns,High-Quality Programming Code.
  • Code Formatting,High-Quality Classes,High-Quality Methods,Proper Use of Variables,Proper Use of Expressions,Use of Constants,Proper Use of Control Flow Statements,Defensive Programming,Code Documentation,Code Refactoring,Unit Testing,Additional Resources
  • .NET Framework building blocks,Visual Studio 2017,Command Line Runtime,.NET application,Language essentials,Operators,Conditional statements,C# 7 pattern matching, Loops,Tuples, Initialization,Anonymous types,Extension methods,Inheritance.
  • Additional inheritance techniques,Interfaces,Object disposal,Additional interface techniques, Declare, Implement and Invoke a Method,Declaring Our Own Method,Implementation (Creation) of Own Method,Invoking a Method,Parameters in Methods.
  • Returning a Result from a Method,Tree Data Structures,Trees,Graphs,Dictionaries, Hash-Tables and Sets,Dictionary Data Structure,Hash-Tables,The "Set" Data Structure,Data Structures and Algorithm Complexity,Identifier Naming.

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Topics like Tracking number of Sessions ,Configuration File - Web.Config ,web.config ,Managing Application Settings.Custom Errors ,URL Re-WritingPopup Control & the assignment help on these topics is really helpful if you are struggling with the complex C Sharp assignment problems.

Common Language Infrastructure(CLI) 
operator overloading
Visual Studio .NET
object-oriented programming language(OOP)
Turbo C Sharp
Multi threading


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