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An essay is a description of a work that analyzes a particular topic. Writing different kinds of essays is an art and it requires many skills. 

Choosing a suitable essay for response can be a difficult task as there are a lot of essays that need attention of several people mainly. The most common and major types of essays are given as:
Narrative Essays
Descriptive Essays
Expository Essays
Persuasive Essays
Different Kinds of Essays are broadly described in the following ways:
On the basis of evaluation of admission essay , students can apply for various University courses . The essay helps to differentiate students from one another because each student has its own thought process ability and they come with different educational backgrounds.
The list of topics to choose from, for admission essay are provided by the colleges. And on that basis, a student is judged for his different skills and abilities.
Examples of Admission essays:
Who is your role model?
Share your past experiences of life
What are your life aspirations?

The argumentative essay is an essay that enables the user to prove his/her perspective or opinion . The writer argues in proving his point of view and tries to validate his thought over the other’s . The statements might be ironical in nature or showcase sarcasm.
Example essays: Capital punishment, Government and family planning, Animal testing etc.
When the writer gives the cause of something that has happened and also the effects of the happenings, it is termed as cause and effect essay. There are three structures that may be applicable:
Multiple causes result in one effect
One cause results in multiple effects
Casual chain or domino effect
Topics examples: Social issues, Environmental degradation, Obesity,etc
In a classification, writer needs to categorize the things according to certain parameters. To write a good classification essay , three things are to be kept in mind:
Discover the categories
Divide the categories on the basis of a principle
Give examples to support each category
Examples: Classification of Cars, Classification of Countries, Physiological diseases classification,etc
To discuss the similarities and dissimilarities between two things, places or people, a comparison essay is written. Only the most significant comparisons are kept discarding the ones with less significance.
Comparison essay topics examples: Science and Art, Living beings and Non-living beings, Apple or Microsoft, Birds and Insects, etc
An essay that describes a book, writer, poet, or any other essay and then makes the judgement about success and achievements in that work. Such an evaluation essay might include positive as well as negative points in itself. How well the things are explored and discussed is the task of the critical essay writer.
Topics examples: My favorite Movie, The Educational System of UK, Democracy promotion, Technology and modernity , etc
Deductive essays are meant to evaluate the deductive reasoning abilities of the student. Deductive reasoning is an important factor that helps to draw conclusion out of a set of statements. This is considered as the most relevant method to draw valid conclusion.
Deductive Essays examples : Democracy vs Communism, Online Educational Courses, Technology in Classrooms, Immunization requirements for children, etc
An essay that defines a particular term and explains its meaning is termed as definition essay. Few terms such as humanity, love require abstract thinking and these can be defined in one’s own words. The variations of a word can be looked upon in different contexts.
Example topics: Respect, Morality, Humour, Kindness , Success ,etc
An essay that explains by the help of exposition, things that are difficult to define, criticize or argue . The exploratory essay gathers the information about a research, combining the resources in an innovatory or advanced manner.
Example topics: Civil engineering and Utility Companies, WHO Strategies, Influence of marketing on Children, etc
When the writer has something informal to tell or when one wants to convey some opinion not in a complete formal manner but just in one’s own style. This essay is more personal than informal because the writer speaks directly his words to the reader in the writing.
Examples for Informal Essay Topics: How I spent my College days, My religion, Reincarnation and so on
The writer analyzes a piece of literature by an author in a literature essay. Also known as literary essays, these are based on solid evidences and might require some professional help. The analyses of literature is done by choosing a specific element of a story or a poem.
Topics for Literature essay: The Characters of Hamlet and Haratio, Mass media and Niche Marketing Strategies, Job Satisfaction in Employees over 50, Love of Romeo and Juliet, and so on.
The personal essay is an essay that helps the universities to know a student in person and this helps them determine the suitable course for the student. The writer tells about the qualities ,area of interests, achievements and skills that are evaluated by the organizations or institutions.
Example essays : My favorite Actor, Describe your Parents, Role Model, etc
In a persuasive essay, author tries to persuade the readers with the help of certain idea and declares that it is the most legitimate statement. This should always be based on logical reasoning as well as on other techniques and certain examples can help demonstrate the view point easier.
Examples of Persuasive essays : Smoking, Balanced Diet at School, Taxation on Federal level, What makes a Good Family, Social Media, Dress code at Workplace, and so on.
This type of essay is a thesis that is a combination of many other types of essays like cause and effect essay, Argumentative or persuasive essay, Literature essay. This essay writing requires extra skills of integrating and analyzing information. While researching and writing one must not copy the ideas of the other.
Examples : History of Japanese Theatre, Biodiversity and UN Environmental Policies, Unemployement levels in High Growth Regions , Human Cloning, etc
In order to provide response to a prewritten work, an article, a piece of literature, or any such artistic work, response essays are written. The response essays can display positive, negative or mixed responses. It is important to evaluate all the relevant aspects to give the effective response.
Examples of Response Essays: Response to Documentaries, The issue with Gender- Specific Public Transport, My Favorite Band New Album , and so on.
Nowadays in academic field, competition has become tough between the students for getting higher grades. A well written assignment can help the students for getting good marks.
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