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Our Digital Signal Processing Assignment help tutors help with topics like Digital Signal Processing , Sampling and quantizing processes.

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It is the process in which continuous changing waveforms are converted into discrete levels . It includes the various processes such as

Multirate techniques and wavelets : It is a multirate signal processing gives the introduction of short time fourier analysis . It includes two methods – Interpolation and decimation .
Classical Spectrum estimation method : Statistical estimation and estimators are introduced . Estimators are divided into two parts – Biased and unbiased estimators . power spectrum , power spectral analysis , random processes are defined by spectrum estimation method .
Modern spectral estimation : It includes cramer-Rao lower bound and efficient estimator . MEM equation and levison / Durbin algorithm are introduced .
Modulation : Moduation is the process of transmitting discrete signal over large or short distance at their raw forms .

Modulations are of three types :
ASK (amplitude shift key ) : amplitude changes , phase and frequency remain constant.
PSK (Phase shift key ) : phase changes , amplitude and frequency remain constant .
FSK (Frequency shift key) : Frequency changes , amplitude , phase remain constant .


Application of digital signal processing are Biomedical , communications , seismic , audio/music etc.


DSP homework help or DSP Project topics include :

  • Infinite impulse response digital filters ,Signal, System representation ,Manipulations,Analysis of linear time invariant systems ,Multirate signal processing – sampling and interpolation,Digital filter structure and design ,Discrete fourier transform and its computation using fft ,Analyses of signals using discrete fourier transform ,Spectral estimation, Sampling, z-transform, fast Fourier transforms, flowgraph, design techniques , digital filters, finite word length, applications, spectral analysis signal processing, Non-parametric, parametric power spectral density estimation,
  • Time-frequency analysis, decimation , interpolation, multirate filter design ,Discrete time signals ,Discrete time systems,algorithms,Design digital filters ,Time domains,Frequency domains,Computer aided design digital filters,Methods for processing discrete-time signals,Signal and system representations ,Z- transforms,Sampling, Analog/digital and digital/analog conversion,Design of finite impulse response, Digital Fourier analysis, Optimal fir filters , All-pass and minimum phase systems , Multi-rate systems
  • Phase computation , Fast dct computation , Uniform filterbanks: dft & dct based , Non-uniform filterbanks, Constant-q & wavelet based , Parametric signal modeling , Cepstral analysis , Multi-dimensional transforms & filters , Speech processing , Music processing , Biomedical signal processing,Image processing , Sensor array processing, Signals and systems, Fourier transform, Discrete sequences and spectral,Spectral estimation, Finite and infinite impulse-response filters, Random sequences and noise, Correlation coding
  • Lossy versus lossless compression, Quantization, Image and audio coding standards, Sampling theorem, Correlation and power spectrum spectrum estimation optimum and adaptive filters sampling reconstruction discrete time signal processing , Discrete time correlation , Matched filter receivers, Design of finite impulse response , Infinite impulse response filters, Realizations of discrete time systems , Quantization effects, Multi rate signal processing, Dsp implementations , Dsp applications,Arithmetic functional units, decimators

Help for complex topics like :

  • Interpolators, Correlators implementation of the functions , Numerical methods for signal generation , Modulation, Mixers, Digital transformers, Serial architecture, Parallel architecture, Multiplexed architecture, Systems with distributed arithmetic, Special architectures, Programmable digital signal processing circuits, Digital signal processors coprocessors, Design of digital signal processing circuits, Synthesis of digital signal processing circuits, Signal classification, Basic signal features , Correlation function, Sampling analog signals, Signal generation
  • Vector spaces of signals, Signal decomposition into orthogonal components frequency analysis, Sampling theorem, Fast fourier transform algorithms, Optimization of frequency analysis , Frequency analysis techniques, Window functions, Frequency resolution, Amplitude resolution, Interpolated dft, Periodogram , Power spectral density, Spectrogram , Short time fourier transform, System transfer function, Frequency response, Impulse response, Convolution of two signals, Digital filter structures,Analog filter design,Designing recursive iir digital filters
  • Bilinear transformation method, Least squares optimization method, Hilbert filter , Analytic signal, Differentiation filter, Filters for interpolation , Sampling rate conversion, Adaptive filters , Applications, Discrete linear convolution, Circular convolution, Fast convolution algorithms , Fft application in xdsl modems , Ofdm systems, Modulation demodulation, Cyclic prefix, Channel identification, Time channel equalizers, Frequency channel equalizers, Speech compression algorithms, Speech recognition, Speaker recognition, Audio compression., Basics of image analysis , Fundamentals of image compression, Video compression

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