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Statistics Dissertation

Statistics Dissertation provides the facility of computing the estimations and opinions in statistical research and analysis to students for attaining the university degree at graduate or PHD level. Statistics Dissertation helps to ensure the proper direction and guidance from graduate, highly skilled professionals to complete the assignments on time. Statistics Dissertation is crucial for a successful working of the mandatory task to complete a dissertation and thesis on statistics research.

Statistics is a branch of mathematics that deals with the collection, presentation, organization and interpretation of numerical facts and data. It is the science of developing human knowledge through the use of empirical data. Statistics is concerned with summarization and interpretation of variables. There are two types of statistics given as:

  • Pictorial statistics: taking and presenting the numerical data in the form of pictures or graphs is termed as pictorial statistics.
  • Numerical statistics: it includes meaningful numbers.

Statistics has its two major branches namely descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Both cannot exist without one another.

  • Descriptive statistics: descriptive statistics deals with the outlining, gathering and presenting of data and information. This is not an easy task, the analyst should know about the right method of collecting data and about planning tests.
  • Inferential statistics: inferential statistics analyze the sample data and draw the conclusion about the whole population from the sample data. It includes making the right conclusion that has been performed utilizing descriptive statistics.

To develop statistical approaches for prediction and estimation, it uses numerous tools from mathematics, probability and computing. It acts as a mathematical technique to analyze data. Statistics is a discipline that mostly concerns with:

  • Data collection and designing experiments
  • Predicting the future and estimating the present
  • Drawing conclusion from data

Statistics is involved in the application of quantitative principles to the analysis and collection of numerical data. The four main components of statistics are as follows:

  • Developing questions: firstly, specify some problems or questions that we can be labeled by collecting data.
  • Gathering data: state some successful ways to collect data that are useful in answering the questions.
  • Summarizing and organizing: next step is to organize and summarize the organizing data to grasp about its features.
  • Making Conclusions: At last, we make conclusions by using the data.

Statistical analysis is a major concept in statistics. It involves the process of collection and analysis of data. In the manner of business intelligence, statistical analysis involves scrutinizing and collecting of data in a set of items from which sample can be drawn. Representative selection drawn from a total population is known as a sample. Main objective of statistical analysis is to determine the trends. For example, in a retail business, they use statistical analysis to find patterns in unstructured or structured customer data. This data can be used to increase the sales. Statistical analysis includes four main steps:

  • Summarize the nature of data to be analyzed.
  • Examine the relation of data with underlying population
  • Create a model to show the relation between data and underlying population.
  • Disprove or prove the model validity.

An expert in the collection and analysis of statistics is known as statisticians. Statisticians are the one who collect and analyze the data, process the data and interpret the results. Statisticians are the main contributors to scientific methodologies. They design the data collection schemes by using their knowledge and also identify the misuse of data.

Moreover, Statistics methods are used in biological, social, medicine and many other areas. They helps us to identify the whether the data is reliable or not and use data to solve problems in various fields. They also applied their statistical and mathematical knowledge to solve the economic, medical, social, ecological and political problems. In order to analyze a perfect data, statisticians must follow the following steps:

  • Collect data
  • Organize the data
  • Analyze the data

Nowadays, statistics has become an important tool that used in many areas. Statistics is used by civil servants, governments, social researchers, etc. Application areas of statistics are medicine, science, finance, sport, economics, agriculture, business, weather forecasting, stats facts and so more. Moreover, Statistics are used to express the phenomena observations and the behavior of phenomena is predicted by the probability. Statistics and probability are related with each other but not the same. Probability theory develops models for random phenomena.

Strategies in statistics involves the PPDAC cycle:
Main objective of PPDAC cycle is to gather the information for a purpose by using planned processes. PPDAC involves the all necessary steps for developing a statistics. Steps of PPDAC cycle are as follows:

  • Problem: firstly, define the problem properly. People share their unclear ideas about what the problem are, what they need to understand. Problem step is about trying to change these unclear feelings into the precise information goals or into the specific question. Problem step means to define the problem.
  • Plan: this step is about to know what people wants and then deciding the plan according to their needs. It also includes the management of data.
  • Data: this step is about gathering the data, then measure it and whipping it into perfect shape.
  • Analysis: this step involves the data exploration, hypothesis generation, planned and unplanned analyses.
  • Conclusions: conclusion step is about abstracting and communicating what has been learned.

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Some of the Statistics thesis statement & research Topics include:

  • Order statistics, probability plots ,Estimation: observed and expected information
  • Hypothesis testing: simple and composite hypotheses, size, power and p-values, Neyman-Pearson lemma, 
  • Regression: correlation, least squares and maximum likelihood estimation,

Confidence intervals: exact intervals, approximate intervals using large sample theory, relationship to hypothesis testing are considered very complex & an expert help is required in order to solve the assignments as well as report writing .

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  • Differential Equations , Graph Theory , Simulation 
  • Exploratory data analysis ,Data collection and presentation,Organisation of data analysis,Correlation,Sample correlation coefficient: numerical properties and interpretation,Estimation of population correlation and test for zero correlation,Rank correlation,Linear regression,Simple linear regression
  • Transformations,Goodness of fit tests , single distribution,family of distributions,Analysis of residuals ,Chi-square test for discrete distributions,Tests for bivariate data
  • Wilcoxon rank sum test,Binomial test,Monte Carlo methods, standard errors of estimators,integrals by simple Monte Carlo, distributions of estimators

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