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statistical methods used by economists to test hypotheses and to study and quantify economic relationships,statistical theory and practical application through analysis of economic data sets using statistical software, two-variable and multiple regression, interval estimation and hypothesis testing, discrete and continuous structural change, parameter restrictions, model construction, heteroscedasticity, autocorrelation, and multicollinerarity.

Econometrics is the study of mathematics, statistical methods and computer science to economic data to evaluate the economic phenomena. It uses the statistical theory to analyses the econometric models.

Econometric can be broadly divided into two categories: theoretical and applied components.

  • Theoretical econometricians are the econometrics which explore the meaning of statistical tests and procedures for analyses the unknown in the model. They are used for developing the new statistical procedures. This type of econometric depends upon mathematics, theoretical statistics, and numerical methods.
  • Applied econometricians are the econometrics which uses the approach measured by theorists to translate qualitative economic statements to quantitative ones.

Econometrics evaluates the set of estimators that have statistical functions. It is also a branch of economics that provide empirical content to economic relations. Their quantitative dissections of genuine investment depend upon the hypothesis and perception. It can be defined as the confront theory with real-world data. Econometrics has many features such as:

  • High-performance econometrics
  • Data acquisition tools
  • Cross-sectional econometric methods
  • Panel data econometrics
  • Time series analysis
  • Time series data tools

We can say Econometrics is a field which comprises of various subjects like computer science, mathematics, statistical, economics so it is important to be aware about its importance. There are mainly four objectives of econometrics which are as follows:

  • The main objective of econometrics is to convert qualitative statements to quantitative statements.
  • It helps in formulation of econometrics models and also specification in empirically testable form.
  • It also helps in various estimation procedures that uses the numerical values of unknown parameters.
  • The other objective of econometrics is used in forecasting and policy formulation which is the important part of policy decision.

Econometric models provide the behavior of econometric model represents the set of equations, these equations have two parts: observed variables and disturbances. It remarks the observed values of variables related to the errors. It describes the details about probability distribution of disturbances. There are various types of data which is used in estimation models:

  • Time series data: It provides the information related to numerical values from time to time.
  • Cross section data: The cross section data are the data which gives the knowledge on the variables concerning consumers or produces.
  • Panel Data: It gives the information from repeated survey of a single sample in various periods of time.
  • Dummy variable data: It is defined as the variables which are qualitative in nature and then the data can be recorded in indicator function form. It only returns the presence/absence of a characteristic.

Econometrics includes various types of tools which are useful in various business application tools such as specification of econometric models, testing of models etc. Some of the important tools used in Econometrics: linear multiple regression model and hypothesis testing

  • Linear multiple regression models: This is important tool of econometric which gives the proper way to evaluate change in one economic variable, the explanatory variable, the dependent variable. The main reason for using this tool is that regression is used to explore the marginal affect of a particular explanatory variable.
  • Hypothesis testing: The Hypothesis testing is the fourth stage tool of econometrics, a legal action through which the analyst generate distinct statement related to specific value of an economic parameter and a analytical test resolve in case the parameter is dependable with the hypothesis.

The study of Econometrics helps to evaluate the models of econometric and also statistical theory to analyses it. It is the combination of Economics; Mathematics and Statistics which also involves the development of Econometrics. There are three stages of development of Econometrics are:

  • The First step in econometric is to provide hypothesis which is used to evaluate the data. In this stage: analysis, applied econometricians depend upon economic plan. The relationship between domestic prices and foreign prices should be specific.
  • The second step is that it is taking the aspect theory of the economist. It introduces the relationship between the dependent variable and the explanatory variables.
  • The third step is to concern a particular statistical procedure and an econometric software package to measure the unidentified the parameter of the model.
  • This is the most important part of econometric that is administering the smell test.

Moreover, The quantitative phenomenon of operation investment in this is dependent upon hypothesis and perception associated with fitting routines fundamentals of econometrics that are given as:

  • The character of the parameter estimates is dependent upon validity of the economic model.
  • It provides the poor parameter estimates only if relevant explanatory variable is excluded.
  • It uses the parameters which have only a slim chance of being equal to the actual parameter values that generated the data if econometrician identifies.

Different areas in which econometrics is used are listed below:

  • Economics
  • Finance
  • labor economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Economic policy

A wide range of products is listed as follows:

  • SAS/ETS Software: There are various enterprises which can impact on your system such as customer demographics, Economic and market conditions, pricing and marketing. Time series analysis and time series forecasting are the facility which explains those above activities. 


  • It helps in analyzing the affect or promotions: They analyze the capability of events because the customer can provide the efficient marketing dollars. There are yardstick like advanced time series analyses, time series forecasting which helps in promotional lift.
  • Modeling of price elasticities and customer choice: Model customer choices based on their aspect used to increase the strategy by predicting customer decisions.
  • Measuring marketing investment activities: It is depend upon marketing or media mix activities that measure the affect of store distribution, pricing, advertising, and merchandising.
  • Conclude economic outcomes and risk factors: This factor is important when you have to dummy many correlated risk factors that are not normally distributed.
  • Helps in making staffing decisions: Designate the staff resources properly for servicing the forecast demand.


  • EXPO/ECONOMETRICS: This is important module to Expo that provides the customers to evaluate, design, models, econometric tests. There are also point and click that is Traders and Quantitative Analysts to access the techniques for forecasting, model test, econometric test. Thus the users of EXPO Econometric have incorporated with major market data sources and data distribution platforms.


  • Transformation of data: Seasonal adjustment, Logit, Periodicity conversion, differencing.
  • Analysis of Statistical: Q-statistics, Correlation, Autocorrelation and Partial autocorrelation Analysis, Variance/Covariance Matrix.
  • Econometric Tests: Engle-Granger co integration, Normality, superfluous variables, Multicollinearity, Chow, Dickey-Fuller unit root, Ramsey.
  • Modeling of forecasting and estimation: Instrumental variables, RIDGE, ARIMA, GARCH, Rolling/moving regression.
  • Generation of Random Number: Chi-squared, Normal, Exponential, Poisson distribution, F, Student-t etc.


  • Math works/Econometrics Toolbox: The objective of this product is used for economic data modeling. It gives the procedures for estimating using the Kalman filter, for economic systems modeling using state-space models. It also involves multivariate VARMAX models, GARCH variants, co integration analysis.


  • It gives the method for estimating using the Kalman filter and for economic system modeling using state-space models.
  • There are also various ways of diagnostic function which involves stationarity tests, hypothesis, and unit root.

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Few topics for Econometrics coursework help:

ECON 672. Econometrics II

  • Identification
  • estimation
  • evaluation of systems of simultaneous equations
  • qualitative choice 
  • limited dependent variable models
  • time series methods 
  • applications
  • alternative variance specifications 

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Complex topics covered by Econometrics Online experts : 

ECON611 Econometrics I

  • Brief review of matrix algebra
  • General regression analysis
  • Classical linear regression models
  • Large sample theory for linear regression models
  • Linear regressions with time series processes
  • Additional topics in regression analysis
  •  Instrumental variable estimation
  • Generalized method of moments estimation
  • Model selection 
  • averaging

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