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Economic Development Assignment help

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Our Economic Development Assignment help tutors helpwith topics like Theoretical models of economic development both from a micro and a macro perspective. Econometric models including probits, logits, instrumental variables, ordered probits, and ordered logits will be applied to micro-level data to study theoretical models dealing with migration, poverty, inequality, nutrition, development program evaluation, and decision making in the context of developing countries ,Economic development from the perspective of the "growth literature" where macro level panel data will be explored using fixed-effects and random-effects panel regression models.

Some of the homework help topics include:

  • The macro/micro divide , Causal inference , empirical methodologies
  • Place of charity and 'poverty alleviation'

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Help for complex topics like:

Randomized controlled trials , Non experimental approximation to causality , Rigor with empirical evidence ,Measurements
 Measuring some key development indicators , Measures includes poverty, inequality, HDI, Life ex-
pectancy etc. , Aims to understand the issues with the dierent measures and how they might aect policies.
 More focus on some of the concepts such as inequality.
Macro theory and the big push theory
Macro literature , Motivation for foreign aid,  Empirical evidence


 Motivation of the recent but growing shift from macro approach to micro approach to development, History dependence , Theory of multiple equilibria and poverty trap , Relative importance of history dependence and expectation, Credit and entrepreneurship, Critical look at the microcredit literature, Credit market in developing countries, Implications and approach of solutions, Health, Role of health in Development, Access to health services and R&D issues, Education, Role of Education in Development, Access to education and quality., Growth diagnostics, Foreign intervention, Growth and Development, Causality and instrumental variables, Prosperity and Poverty, Colonialism,, Inequality,, Long-Run Paths of Development", Globalization and poverty, Global Economy, Health, Health and Nutrition:, health services and medicines, Intellectual Property, Stimulate Development of Vaccines for Neglected Diseases, Pharmaceuticals and the Developing World,, Health externalities and randomized, HIV & the economics of risky behaviors, Education and Human Capital, Education, Primacy of Education,, Educational Interventions, Fertility, Fertility and Income, Population Growth and Technological, Child Labor, Policy Dilemmas for Controlling Child Labor, Land, Role of Agriculture in Development, Land Reform, Property Rights, Labor and migration, Labor markets, Migration, Credit, Credit and investment, Poverty Reduction", The microcredit promise, Savings and Insurance, nsurance Failures, Public goods, political economy, aid and corruption, Ethnic Diversity and Poverty Reduction,, Corruption and Development, system of administrative and political corruption, Monitoring Corruption

economic terminology and principles, elementary economic theory ,Basic economic numeracy ,literacy , simple data including graphs & diagrams;
Economic analysis in different situations , Sources of information ,facts and value judgements in economic issues ,

Economies of developed and developing nations , appreciation of relationships among nations

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Perspective of both developed and developing nations

ECON 385. Economic Development

Current problems of developing countries, theories of economic development, agriculture, economic development, measurement, prediction of economic performance of developing countries, alternative policies, reforms required , satisfying basic needs of Third World countries, interrelationships , industrialized countries , developing countries, foreign aid

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