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Electric circuit is the circuit which gives the relation between current , voltage and resistance . Problems of the electric circuit are solved by applying ohm’s law . component of electric circuit are electric current , voltage , resistance , cell
Electric current : It is rate of flow of electric charge across the area of the conductor . It is measured in amperes .
Voltage : It is also known as electromotive force and potential difference . It is measured in volts .Voltage source has two polarity – positive and negative .
Resistance : It provides opposition to flowing current . It is measured in ohms .
Cell : cell is used to store chemical energy . combination of two or more cells is known as battery . cell is used to flow the current across the circuit . Electric current flows from negative terminal to positive terminal.
Two types of electric circuit – series circuits and parallel circuits .
Series circuit : In this circuit , components are connected end to end . Series circuit forms very simple loop .
Parallel circuit : In this circuit , components are connected by side to side . Flowing current has choice of routes .
Application of electric circuit – Radio transmitter , low cost hearing aid , magnetic levitation , electronic stethoscope etc.

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Some of the Electric circuits homework help topics include:

  • Concepts of inductively coupled circuits, Three phase circuits, Frequency dependent circuits,Active  filters ,Passive filters, Laplace methods of circuits,, Transfer functions , Linear circuits, Two port network,Fundamental quantities, Circuit elements and topologies, Kirchoff’s laws, Resistor combinations, Voltage and current division node voltage
  • Mesh-current, Circuit analysis methods , linearity, Superposition, Digital logic and microcontrollers supplement, Thevenin’s and norton’s theorems, Interface circuits, Maximum power transfer,,Dependent sources and operational amplifiers, Operational amplifier circuits and analysis, Basic waveforms
  • Linear circuit analysis and operational amplifiers, Sinusoids and composite waveforms, 1 reactive elements: capacitors and inductors, First-order circuits (rc/rl), Second order circuits (rlc), Second order circuit step response, Sinusoidal steady-state, Phasors, Impedance,,Phasor circuit analysis, Phasors and ac power

Complex topics covered by Electric circuits Assignment  online experts :

  • Fundamentals of filters and frequency response, First-order filters, Active filter circuits, Active low-pass filter design and evaluation, Active high-pass, Bandpass, And bandstop filter design, Mutual inductance and transformers,,Design of analog circuits, Analysis of analog circuits based on lumped circuit elements
  • Use of operational amplifiers, Sinusoidal response, Transient response, Construction of analog circuits, Data acquisition, Circuit elements , Voltage node analysis, Transients in rl circuits, Rc circuits, Sinusoidal response in rl circuits, Sinusoidal response in rc circuits, Diodes,,Diode applications, Operational amplifiers
  • Golden rules, Op amp circuits, Ideal op amp behavior, Simple transistor model , Transistor applications, Circuit variables, Analysis of resistive circuits, Network theorems , Kirchhoff law, Ohm law, Norton equivalent,,Thevenin equivalent, Ammeters, Voltmeters, Ohmmeters, Analysis methods , Nodal analysis, Mesh analysis, Linearity, Superposition, Dependent sources , Opamps, Energy storage elements, First order circuits

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