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Global web tutors is an Online Electronic Circuits Coursework help provider for Electronic Circuits assignments & homework . Our Electronic Circuits assignment help services & Online Electronic Circuits experts are available 24/7 at  support@globalwebtutors.com to provide solutions for Electronic Circuits assignment problems. Online Electronic Circuits experts are helping students struggling with Electronic Circuitss assignment questions across the globe.

Combination of Electronic components such as resistors , transistors , capacitors , inductors and diode etc are connected by conductive wire is termed as electronic circuit . Electronic circuit is divided into three parts : Active , passive and semiconductor devices .

Active devices : It includes voltage and current source . In a circuit , flowing of electron takes from -ve terminal to +ve terminal . The potential difference between these two terminals is termed as voltage . Current is the charge passing the cross section of wire . E.g Light current , lightning strikes etc .
Passive devices : It includes resistors , capacitor and inductor . Resistor is the device which provides opposition to the flow of electrons . unit of resistor is ohms . Capacitor is used to store electrical energy between two terminal electrical components . unit of capacitor is Farad . Inductor is the device which stores energy in the form of magnetic field . unit of inductor is Henry .
Semiconductor devices : It includes Diodes and Transistors . Diode has two electrodes - anode and cathode where anode is positively charged where as cathode is positively charged . Transistor is used to amplify and switch electronic signals .Transistor has three terminals – Base , collector and emitter .

Electronic Circuits Coursework help , Help with Electronic Circuits Assignments :

  • Modulation, DC Circuits ,Diodes,The Diode Characteristic Curve,The Zener Diode Voltage Regulator, Transistor,The Saturated Transistor, The Transistor Switch, JFET I-V Curve, AC Circuits ,Filters, Resonant Circuits, Notch Filter, Bandpass Filter, Transistor Amplifiers, The Operational Amplifier, Colpitts Oscillator, Hartley Oscillator,
  • Transformer, Power Supply Circuits, Full Wave Rectifier, Sinusoidal steady-state analysis, Phasor relationships for R, L and C elements, Circuit laws using phasors, Thevenin & Norton equivalents and source transformations, Node voltage and mesh current analysis using phasors, supernodes and supermeshes, Superposition in AC analysis, Ac steady state power, Electric power
  • Instantaneous power, Average power, Effective value of a sinusoidal waveform, Maximum power transfer and conjugate matching, The ideal transformer, Two port networks, Symmetric, reciprocal and unilateral two-ports, Input and output impedances and transfer functions of terminated two-ports, Two-port interconnections, Analysis and design of simple feedback amplifiers using two-port approach

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  • Circuit theorems (Thevenin and Norton Equivalents, Superposition), constant and sinusiodal inputs, natural and forced response of linear circuits. Introduction to circuit/network design, maximum power transfer, analog filters and circuit analysis using Matlab
  • Physics Of Semiconductor Devices,Discrete And Integrated Devices In Linear Circuits,Operational Amplifiers,Regulation & Oscillators, Semiconductors,Diodes, principles and applications,Bipolar Junction Transistors,Principles of operation
  • Biasing,Modeling,One-transistor amplifiers, MOSFETs ,SPICE,Applications of operational amplifiers ,The insides of operational amplifiers,an introduction to analog integrated circuit design,Low frequency opamp filters

Multistage transistor amplifier biasing
Gain stages and output stages
open loop linear amplifiers
integrated circuits
operational amplifier
switching circuits

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