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It is the study of electric and magnetic charge at rest or in motion . Electromagnetic field is of two types - scalar field and vector field .scalar field gives only magnitude whereas vector field gives both magnitude and direction .Electromagnetic is divided into three branches - Electrostatics , Magnetostatics and electrodynamics .
Electrostatics : charges are at rest . There is no time variation .
Magnetostatics : Charges are at steady motion .
Electro dynamic : Charges are in time varying motion . In this wave is used to propogate and carry energy and information .
Fundamental laws of electromagnetism is considered as maxwell’s equation and It consists three equations –
Electro static : It consists only electric field .
Magneto – static : It consists only magnetic field .
Electromagnetic waves : It consists both electric and magnetic field .
Electromagnetic field quantities are electric field density , electric flux density , magnetic field density and magnetic flux density . Electromagnetic field also consists three universal constants –Velocity of electromagnetic wave , permittivity of free space and permeability of free space.
Application – magnetic card reader , security system , entertainment system , alarming system etc.

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Topics for Engineering Electromagnetics Assignment : 

  • Integral form of Maxwell's equations, Differential form of Maxwell's equations, Electroquasistatic and magnetoquasistatic fields and boundary conditions, The scalar electric potential and the Coulomb superposition integral, Method of images, Magnetoquasistatics, Polarization and conduction, Magnetization, Magnetic diffusion phenomena, Solutions to Laplace's equation in Cartesian coordinates, Solutions to Laplace's equation in polar and spherical coordinates, Electroquasistatic forces, Magnetoquasistatic forces, Fields and moving media, Force densities, stress tensors, and forces, Elastic waves on a thin rod, Transient waves on transmission lines, Waves and instabilities in elastic media, Waves and instabilities in the presence of motion, Basics for Fields and Waves, Fundamentals of Electric and Magnetic Field
  • Maxwell’s Equations in Integral Form, Maxwell’s Equations in Differential Form, Plane Wave Propagation and Wave Equation, Poynting Vector, Material Properties and Wave Equation in Materials, Uniform Plane Waves and Boundary Conditions, Reflection and Transmission of Plane Waves at Normal Incidence, Reflection and Transmission of Plane Waves, at Oblique Incidence, Polarization,, Snell’s Law and Electric Potential
  • Static and Quasi-Static Field, Distributed Circuit Concept and Transmission, Line, Transmission Line Analysis, Smith Chart, Impedance Matching Circuits, Transmission Lines with Load, Bounce, Diagram and Initial Conditions, Hertzian Dipole, Radiation Resistance, Directivity and Friis, Transmission Formula, Scalar and vector fields field operators., Maxwell's equations., Electrostatics., Magnetostatics., Time-varying fields, electrodynamics, and quesistatics, Transmission lines., Uniform plane waves, Waveguides, Antennas

Complex topics covered by Engineering Electromagnetics Assignment : 

  • Electrostatics
  • Electric currents
  • Dielectrics
  • Capacitance
  • Electrostatic potential
  • Magnetostatics
  • Maxwell's equations
  • Boundary conditions
  • Wave propagation
  • Reflection
  • Transmission
  • Waveguides
  • Transmission lines
  • Cavity resonators
  • Scattering theory
  • Moment methods
  • Geometircal theory diffraction
  • Green's functions

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