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Eviews9 offers academic researchers, corporations, government agencies, and students access to powerful statistical, forecasting, and modelling tools through an innovative, easy-to-use object-oriented interface


Eviews which is known as Econometric views is defined as a statistical tool which mainly used for analyzing and evaluating the economic data. It provides the solutions for the decision making and forecasting problems. It run on the windows platform and the most effective feature of Eviews is that its applications are involved in the time series.

It deals with the several topics, such as Correlation, Cross Sectional Data, Financial analysis, Heteroskedasticity and Autocorrelation, Statistical forecasting, Volatility forecasting, Time Series Data, Frequency Conversion Between Time Series Files, Variance decomposition, Panel Data Frequency Conversion, etc.

Eviews use a windows GUI and mainly used to perform the various functions, such as data management, data simulation, estimation, statistical analysis, etc. It can be used for the econometric and statistical analysis. It permits user to develop the statistical relation with the data, so user can use this relation for a specific purpose i.e. to predict the future value of the data. When a statistical software provide a traditional task then Eviews combines this task with the spreadsheet and relational database technology.

Eviews majorly involves two software which are given below:

  • SPSS: this software package is widely used in the field of social science. It used in the various fields, such as education, marketing, healthcare, data miners and many others.
  • STATA: it is the statistical software that majorly used in the various fields, such as economics, political science, biomedicine, sociology and many more.

For the data storage, Eviews mainly depend on the immigrant file format. It supports a lot of formats for input and output which includes, Excel formats, STATA, RATS, TSP, databank format, etc. ODBC databases can also be accessed by the EViews.

Gretl is used to opens the file formats of EView. Gretl is defined as a statistical package which is mainly designed for the econometrics field. It has a GUI which is created by using the GTK+ widget toolkit. With its GUI, it can be used with R, Python, Octave, Julia, etc. Gretl comes with its scripting language which is named as Hansl which is used to automate the repetitive tasks.

MIDAS regression is defined as a technique which enables data sampled at the diverse frequencies. When dependent variable is sampled at a lower frequency then this situation is point out by the MIDAS methodology. MIDAS stands for Mixed Data Sampling whose main objective is to integrate the higher frequency data into lower frequency.

Statistical Forecasting is mainly concerned with predicting the future by using the past events. For using Statistical forecasting, use must configure its profile and its parameters. Statistical Forecasting also take place in the SAP IBP for performing the various forecasting, such as quantity forecasting, scenario forecasting, price and revenue forecasting and Long term forecasting. It can be used in the business field. In business, it is mainly used for generating the forecast for the various scenarios. Various methods that involved in Statistical Forecasting are as follows:

  • Single Exponential Smoothing
  • Moving average
  • Double Exponential Smoothing
  • Triple Exponential Smoothing

ARDL(Autoregressive Distributed LAG) is defined as a regression which involves the lag of dependent and explanatory variables. EViews provides the various tools to identify the properties of ARDL. ARDL model can be used in the econometric field. A user can estimate an ARDL by using a least squares estimator but estimating an ARDL with EViews provides various features, such as calculation of the post estimation diagnostics and selection of model.

Quantile regression is mainly concerned with the evaluation of the linear relationship with the regressors and a dependent variable and that dependent variable must be the quantile. LAD (Least absolute deviations) estimator is the special concept that involved in the Quantile regression. One advantage of the Quantile regression is that its Estimates are robust. Qunatile regression is used in the areas of ecology, growth charts, etc.

ARMA which stands for autoregressive-moving-average provide the explanation about the stochastic process concerning with two polynomials. From the two polynomials, one for the autoregression and other one for the moving average. Let us assume a ARMA (p,q) model. In this, p represents the sequence of the autoregression part and q represents the sequence of the average part. A user can estimates the ARMA model by chasing the Box-Jenkins approach.

Moreover, GARCH stands for Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heterockedasticity. It majorly involves the three steps, first is to evaluate the bets autoregressive model, second is to compute that model and last one is testing. It is more effective in the asset returns and inflation. It estimates the volatility in the predictions. Main objective of GARCH is to mitigate the errors and to improve the efficiency in forecasting. GARCH acts as an imperative tool in the financial applications. It is widely used for performing the analysis of the time series data. In financial sectors, it used in the various areas, such as hedging, dealing, investing and dealing.

Furthermore, some of the major concepts that involve in the EViews are Data analysis and evaluation, Entering Data from a Spreadsheet, Response function analysis, Simple Time Series Regressions, Serial Correlation, Multiple Regression Model, AR, Trends and Seasonality, Non-linear models, and many more. Beside these concepts, EViews involves the various advanced concepts also:

  • Switching Regression
  • Regression Analysis
  • Vector Error Correction Models (VECM)
  • Threshold Regression
  • VAR and causality
  • Panel and Pooled Data


EViews is a software package which provide tools for data analysis, regression, and forecasting. EViews has an object-oriented design.  Each type of object has specific ‘views’ and procedures that are used in Eviews. We help with below mentioned topics.
  • Forecasting & macroeconomic modelling using eviews
  • Eviews for time series forecasting
  • Estimation and forecasting using a single time series
  • Stationarity and forecasting
  • Dealing with non-stationary time series
  • Estimation and diagnostic testing
  • Cointegration
  • Testing for cointegration
  • Vector autoregressions
  • Estimating var models and using the johansen test
  • Setting up a model and generating forecasts and simulations
  • Constructing a model

Online EViews Assignment help experts help with topics like Entering Data from a Spreadsheet , Importing Data Files directly into EViews, Multiple Regression Model , Data Transformations , Time series data

Some of the homework help topics include:

  • Data Analysis and Evaluation
  • Regression
  • Forecasting

Generally topics like Cross sectional data, ARMA , In-sample/out-of-sample forecasting techniques, Model selection , Forecast evaluation, VAR and causality, Response function analysis , Variance decomposition , Unit roots , Cointegration, State space models, GARCH are considered very complex & an expert help is required in order to solve the assignments based on topics like volatility forecasting, Non-linear models, EViews Add-ins, How to import a Diebold Dataset into EViews, Working with data series , Forecasting with EViewsCreating Specialized Graphs

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Help for complex topics like:

  • Simulation
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  • Simple Regression

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