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In order to achieve the company’s financial objectives like maximization of shareholder value, a process of obtaining, and managing funds is employed called finance. Finance is the sole criteria on which any organization can stand upon. Therefore, any business idea is incomplete without proper allocation of finance to the resources.

Finance includes the analysis and study of monetary management of funds associated with any organization.

The primary goals of managerial finance include:

  • Stockholder wealth maximization
  • Profit maximization
  • Managerial reward maximization
  • Behavioral goals
  • Social responsibility

Modern managerial finance theory assumes that the primary goal of the firm is to maximize the wealth of its stockholders. Their main goal is to maximize the price of the firm’s common stock. Profit maximization is considered to be a short-term goal. As a firm might or might not maximize its short-term profits at the expense of its long-term productivity. Stockholder wealth maximization is considered to be a long-term goal. The purpose of preference for Wealth maximization is generally given because of the following aspects:-

  • Wealth for the long term
  • Risk or uncertainty
  • The timing of returns
  • The stockholders’ return.

Financial manager’s responsibilities include understanding and using the proper amount of funds to employ in the firm. The proper allocation of funds efficiently to specific assets while raising funds on as favorable terms as possible is also managed by the financial manger. In order to manage the working capital, a treasurer is appointed who handles external financing matters. He is also responsible for managing corporate assets and liabilities and managing the investment portfolio. The controller on the other hand is concerned with internal matters only.

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