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Get custom writing services for Financial Accounting Assignment help & Financial Accounting Homework help. Our Financial Accounting Online tutors are available for instant help for Financial Accounting assignments & problems.

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Financial accounting is a system that accumulates, processes and reports information about an entity's performance (i.e. profit or loss), its financial position and changes in financial position.

We have the Financial accounting tutors who can help you to complete any financial accounting assignment or project. Our experts are available 24/7 online for all kinds of accounting based homework problems & complicated financial accounting softwares & the support and help of the students. Our experienced Financial Accounting experts have the sound understanding about the various concepts of Accounting. 

Financial accounting is the area of accounting that provides useful information to the external users . Qualities of financial accounting – relevance , reliability ,comparable , understandable ,materiality etc . Three components of financial statements - statement of cash flow , profit and loss statement and statement of financial position .
Statement of cash flow : In this , input and output are available in concrete cash within a stated period . General template of statement of cash flow : cash inflow - cash outflow + opening balance = closing balance .
Profit and loss statement : Following equation determines the profit and loss :
Sales (revenue) – Cost of Sales – total expenses + total income – tax paid = profit/loss
If balance is negative , then it is a loss whereas if the balance is positive then it is a profit .
Statement of financial position : It depends on assets and liabilities . Difference between current assets and current liabilities is known as working capital .
Benefits : Track cash management , develop budgets , reviews of financial statement etc .

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  • Ledger Accounts, Books Of Prime Entry, And Journals ,Double-entry And Accounting Systems,Sales And Purchases,Cash,Inventory,Tangible Non-current Assets,Depreciation,Intangible Non-current Assets And Amortisation,Accruals And Prepayments,Receivables And Payables,Provisions And Contingencies Capital Structure And Finance Costs ,Trial Balance,Correction Of Errors,Control Accounts And Reconciliations,Bank Reconciliations,Suspense Accounts ,Statements Of Financial Position,Statements Of Profit Or Loss ,Comprehensive Income,Disclosure Notes,Events After The Reporting Period,Incomplete Records ,Subsidiaries,Associates ,Ratios,Analysis Of Financial Statements,Business Decisions And Financial Accounting,Balance Sheet,Income Statement,Financial Statements, And Financial Results,Financial Reporting And Analysis,Internal Control, Cash, And Merchandise Sales
  • Inventories And Cost Of Goods Sold,Bad Debt Expenses, And Interest Revenue,Long-lived Tangible And Intangible Assets,Liabilities,Stockholders’ Equity,Statement Of Cash Flows,Adjusting The Accounts,Completing The Accounting Cycle Accounting For Merchandising Operationsfraud, Internal Control, And Cash,Accounting For Receivables,Plant Assets & Natural Resources,Corporations:organization,Stock Transactions,Dividends ,Retained Earnings,Financial Statements And Business Decisions,Operating Decisions ,Quality Of Earningsinterpreting Sales Revenue,Reporting And Interpreting Pp&e,Interpreting Owners' Equity

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  • Vocabulary, Methods And Processes By Which All Business Transactions Are Communicated,Accounting Cycle,Basic Business Transactions,Internal Controls ,Preparation And Understanding Of Financial Statements ,Balance Sheets,Statements Of Income ,Cash Flows, Haystack Bookstore Case,Land Securities Case,Chemalite  Case ,Assets: Inventory,Starbucks Lease Case,Forecasting financial statements,Starbucks Forecasting Case ,Earnings Quality

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  • The purpose of financial accounting, users and uses of financial statements, different types of business organisations
  • Accounting concepts, the accounting equation, principles of double-entry bookkeeping, the conceptual framework
  • The regulatory framework, regulatory bodies, accounting standards, legal requirements
  • Double-entry bookkeeping, recording transactions, depreciation, bad and doubtful debts, control accounts, suspense accounts, valuation of stocks and stock accounts, extended trial balance
  • Financial statements: balance sheet and profit and loss account for sole traders, partnerships, limited companies
  • The role of computers in accounting: advantages of computer systems, main factors to be considered in the design, operation and management of computer systems, limitations of computer systems
  • The different accounting roles in business: financial accountant, management accountant, external and internal auditor, tax accountant and forensic ccountant

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