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Financial and Managerial Accounting Assignment help

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Financial and Managerial Accounting 

Management of income , expenses and other financial activities of a business are done by accounting system . Accounting system is divided into two parts : Financial accounting system and managerial accounting system .

  • Managerial accounting system : It provides information for organization’s operations like decision making , planning and controlling etc . This accounting system is used by internal user . It is based on future emphasis .Segments of the organization such as Product lines, sales territories, divisions, departments, etc. are mostly highlighted by this system .It does not required any prescribed format .It is not necessary to create this type of managerial accounting system .No GAAP boumdation is required.
  • Financial accounting system : Financial track of the company is managed time to time .This accounting is used by external user .It is based on historical perspectives .Whole organization is highlighted by this system.Prescribed format is necessary in this system .It is necessary for external reports .Financial accounting system is bounded by GAAP.

Managerial Accounting is the process of analyzing, interpreting and classifying financial information that helps managers to take right decisions at right time. Accounting is the art of recording and analyzing financial information and keeping them safe and secure but the managerial accounting is the process that helps managers to take right financial decisions. Managerial accounting or Management accounting is anxious by the requirements and use of accounting information to decision makers in any organizations. Managerial accounting gives them the basis to make informed business decisions that will allow managers to take right decisions at right time.

The purpose of managerial accounting is to give functional information to the managers in any organization to take right decisions at right time whenever required. Managers can do this via organization, collecting and reporting information that is required in demand by their users. A large quantity of managerial accounting involves assembly information regarding costs meant for scheduling and control decisions. All the managers have to follow planning, controlling and decision making. In planning managers have to do planning of budgeting through managerial context. All this kind of planning has to be done in this manner that a company’s targets are corresponded to all workforces.

Our Financial and Managerial Accounting Assignment help tutors help with topics like roles management accounting systems have in organizations; management accounting system changes; Theoretical and research based knowledge , management accounting , primary contemporary management accounting techniques.

Topics for Managerial Accounting homework help :

  • Structure of Profit and Loss Account,Nature of Profit and Loss Account;Expenditure and Expenses;Income;Accrual Basis of Accounting;Structure of Profit and Loss Account;Extraordinary Items; Prior-Period Items; Accounting Standards on Net Profit or Loss for the period, prior period items and changes in Accounting Policies
  • Cash Flow Statements,Preparation of Cash Flow Statement;Presentation of Cash Flow Statement: Operating Activities;Investing Activities; Financing Activities;

Foreign Currency Cash Flows; and Analysis;Accounting Standard on Cash Flow Statement , Inventory Valuation,Definition;General Principles;Inventory Costs;Use of Standard Cost Method and Retail Method; Cost Formulas;Net Realizable Value (NRV); 

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Help for complex topics like:

  • Accounting Standards; Valuation of Inventories,Revenue Recognition¨Introduction;General Principles;Measurement of Earnings Management;Management Information System:Capital Budgeting,
  • Capital Budgeting – Additional Aspects:Revenue,Business Data & Networks,Audit Sampling,Statistical Hypotheses and Test of Significance
  • Tabulation and Analysis of Data,Business Statistics,Receivable Management:Long Term Sources of Finance,Cost and Management Accounting

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  • Optimization with the Excel Solver, Financial accounting, Accounting cycle, Transactions, Financial statements:income statement, Balance sheet, Statement of cash flows, Statement of shareholder’s equity
  • Components of a company’s annual report, Texas instruments ba ii, Financial calculator, Business transactions in journal form, Post journal entries to ledger accounts, Prepare and record adjusting and closing entries, Trial balance
  • work sheet and financial statements, Account for receivables, payables, notes and interest
  • Account for inventories, Compute depreciation, Disposition of plant assets, U.s. Gaap, Managerial accounting, Building blocks of managerial accounting, Job costing, Activity-based costing, Lean production
  • Process costing, Cost behavior, Cost-volume-profit analysis, Short-term business decisions, Master budget & responsibility accounting, Flexible budgets & standard costs, Performance evaluation & balanced scorecard, Capital investment decisions
  • Managerial accounting, Managerial decision making processes, Accounting information, Job order and process costing, Company’s financial statements, Financial calculator, Cost-volume-profit analysis, Management decisions, Capital budgeting, Master budgets
  • Flexible budgets, Standard costing, Activity-based costing and analysis, Statement of cash flows, Time value of money concepts,   advance financial accounting, Value based management accounting, Managerial Economics
  •  Good Governance and Value Based Administration, Business Data Networks, Direct & Indirect Taxes : Planning & Management, Advanced financial accounting, ICT For Managers, Business Laws, Corporate Communication
  • Auditing, Cost and Management Accounting, Corporate Law, Financial Reporting Standards, Accounting for Managers, Government Rules and Regulations, Financial Management, Accounting for Government and not for profit organizations
  • Financial Market and Institutions, Management of Organizations and people, Business Mathematics, Public Financial Administration, Research Methodology, Business Statistics, Management Technique, IT for Finance, Value based management accounting
  •  Management Accounting,Relevant Costs for Decision Making,Investment Decisions,Aspects of Investment Decision Making,Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis,Full (Total) Costing,Budgets and Budgetary Control,Control Through Variances
  • Divisional Performance Measurement and Control,Modern Business Environment,Costing Techniques,Learning Curves,Responsibility Centres,Performance Measures and Budgetary Control
  • Alternative measures of performance,Pricing Decision,Transfer Pricing,Investment appraisal techniques,Aspects of investment appraisal,Treatment of uncertainty,Risk in decision making,Risk Management

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