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Some of the homework help topics include:

  • Sculpting cash flows: Capital structure for risk management
  • Risk allocation: The role of residual risk


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Help for complex topics like:

  • Measuring credit risk statistically
  • Leasing: Adjusting structure for changing risk
  • Value Valuation techniques and the cost of capital,Valuing development impact: ,Social and private value

Valuation for regulation: Market risk Valuation for privatization, Risk,Hedging long-term risks ,Valuation for financing: Leverage risk , Credit derivatives: Pricing credit risk, Swaps: Static hedging of long-term currency risk, Credit enhancement: Financing municipal infrastructure, Rolling futures: Dynamic hedging of long-term commodity risk, value and risk, Projects, players and processes: Ingredients of a PPP, domestic infrastructure P3 models: The Public Sector Comparator: Ensuring value for money The discount rate: Valuing risk transfer, Infrastructure funds: Governance


  • Explain the theories of financial intermediation
  • Explain the concepts and practices relating to the risk management process and techniques applied within major financial intermediaries
  • Explain the developments in financial risk management and regulation, credit risk models, securitisation, derivative instruments capital adequacy.
  • Evaluate key theories relating to the role of banks as financial intermediaries
  • Evaluate the risks which banks face and explain how these risks are managed, with particular focus on techniques of asset and liability management, and credit risk measurement and management
  • Discuss the importance of capital in bank management and the role of securitisation, and explain the importance of capital adequacy within banking regulation
  • Describe and analyse the various means of analysing bank performance
  • Explain the principles and techniques involved in the use of derivative instruments for hedging credit, interest rate and exchange rate risk.

Risk Management:
Derivatives pricing and hedging, linkages between the state preference model and arbitrage pricing, Hedge ratios, Managing credit risk with derivatives, debt obligations, Managing interest rate risk with swaps, Managing foreign exchange risk with the forward hedge, money market hedge, and currency swaps.

Risks in banking:
Investigation of the principal risks in banking, credit risk, liquidity risk, interest rate risk, market risk, sovereign risk, solvency risk, operational risk, The risk management process, Risk measurement, Value at Risk techniques, Credit risk, Default risk, exposure risk, recovery risk, Internal and external credit ratings, rating systems, Principles of credit risk management

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Get help for Financial Risk Management Reports, Case studies

Financial risk management
  • Risk management
  • The nature
  • Types of risk
  • Approaches to risk management
Causes of
  • Exchange rate
  • Differences
  • Interest rate fluctuations
Describe and discuss different types of foreign currency risk
  • Translation risk
  • Transaction risk
  • Economic risk
Describe and discuss different types of interest rate risk
  • Gap exposure
  • Basis risk
  • Causes of exchange rate differences and interest rate fluctuations
Describe the causes of exchange rate fluctuations
  • Balance of payments
  • Purchasing power parity theory
  • Interest rate parity theory
  • Four-way equivalence


  • Financial Planning
  • Taxation Law
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Risk Management Models
  • Fundamentals of Forwards and Futures; Hedging with Futures
  • Pricing Futures
  • Currency Swaps; Fundamentals of Options
  • Trading Strategies involving Options
  • Binomial Option Pricing Models
  • Wiener Processes & Ito’s Lemma
  • Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model
  • Options on indices, currencies and futures
  • The Greek Letters

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