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Gantt Chart Assignment help

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A gantt chart is most useful ways of representing tasks( activities) showed against time. List of activities are displayed on left of chart and along with time scale on top. The length and position of bar reflects the duration, start date and end date of task and each task is represented by bar.

Gantt chart allows user to have a view on the start and end date of project, time for which each activity is scheduled, end and begin date of each activity, how much activities overlap with other activities and where, what the various activities are. Gantt charts are maked in laboratory by hand;  whenever a project get changed then it have to amend or redraw the gantt chart. It conserves continual change, usefulness being a feature of many projects. Gantt charts become easy to create, update and printed with use of computers and project management software.


It is a type of bar chart. Gantt chart is the most useful method in project management. To keep a track of scheduling a project, a chart cab be drawn for this which is known as gantt-chart. In this chart two factors viz. timeframe and task are written along the two sides of it in 2-d geometry. Horizontal bars represents the task across the given time and the dependencies are suggested by the arrows.


Gantt chart can be easily drawn with the help PERT chart. Gantt charts are more useful when it is required to keep track of things while managing the projects. A Gantt chart is used to monitor progress and to plan tasks in the project. It shows who is responsible for which tasks.


It mainly deals with tasks, estimated times and dependencies for a software development project. It requires following tasks to be analyzed while preparing gantt charts:


Establishment of project
Customer requirements
To produce software specification documents
Writing test plans
Writing code
Developing testing
System testing
Writing Customer documentation 

In project scheduling, gantt charts are used. Gantt charts show additional information about different phases and tasks of project. Related tools which are used in gantt chart are PERT charts, Critical Path Method. Advantages of gantt chart are it is helpful in managing dependencies between tasks, gives a clear view of project status.

A Gantt outline is an even bar chart developed as a creation control instrument. As often as possible utilized as a part of venture administration, a Gantt diagram gives a graphical outline of a timetable that serves to arrange, organize, and track particular undertakings in a task. 

A Gantt graph, generally utilized as a part of undertaking administration, is a standout amongst the most prevalent and valuable methods for demonstrating exercises (assignments or occasions) showed against time. On the left of the outline is a rundown of the exercises and along the top is a suitable time scale. Every movement is spoken to by a bar; the position and length of the bar mirrors the begin date, span and end date of the action. 

A Gantt graph is a key instrument for any venture director. It helps you make a calendar for your venture and track the status of every assignment. There are several devices for making Gantt outlines, some much more mind boggling than others. 

Today, Gantt diagrams are most generally utilized for following venture plans. For this it is helpful to have the capacity to demonstrate extra data about the different undertakings or periods of the venture, for instance how the assignments identify with one another, how far every errand has advanced, what assets are being utilized for every errand etc. 


To outline, a Gantt graph reveals to you what must be done (the exercises) and when (the schedule).


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