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GTK Assignment help

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GTK is a GIMP ToolKit to construct the graphical user interface application that enables the programmers to build the buttons and menus GUI. The software that can be developed using GTK is open, free software or even commercial non-free software. GTK includes the following characteristics:

  • GTK is a dynamic system
  • GTK has type checking, interface and signal/callback feature
  • It defines the GTK+'s graphical interface
  • GTK has a group of GtkWidget subclasses

GTK is defined on the highest level GDK (GIMP DRAWING KIT) to access the underlying windowing functions. It is used to establish wide range of projects Network Object Model Environment (GNOME). It is a free software interface and follows the concept of classes. Now-a-days GTK is also termed as GTK+. GTK holds the LGPL license and it is develop using C language. Three main concepts that involved in the GtkWidget are Gtk TreeView widget, Gtk TextView widget and Custom GTK+ Widget. Seven steps for GTK programming are given as:

  • Create GTK.
  • Initialize the widgets.
  • Point the widgets.
  • Implement event callback functions and listening for widgets.
  • Show the widgets.
  • Begin the event handling loop.
  • Close the application.

 Lablgtk is the OCaml interface for Gtk. Gtk and lablgtk are applicable for UNIX and Windows operating system. Lablgtk uses the characteristics of OCaml system.GTK is a complimentary language which involves Glib that includes less basic calls and also add-on tasks such as acquire linked list. The replacement behavior is used to enhance the skills of portability of GTK. GTK performs some necessary operations:

  • Downcasts: We can downcast the GTK programming such as widget within toggle button since it is a dynamic language. Downcasting is used to place the widgets into containers. So that widgets can be retrieve out of them easily.
  • Graph widget: This is a clear graph by which we can compose our own widget. We need a blank area for implementation of drawing commands like to draw rectangle and straight line etc.
  • Gtk objects: GtK objects are the objects which are developed in C programming language with using macros and clever hacks to represent the object oriented feature.

Signal is the fundamental concept that involved in the Gtk programming. Every widget has signals and you can connect with signal emission. This reason enables you to run your code and stop signal. Signals are emit by an object whenever an event occur.

When you click or press a key then the events fires. The particular block of code of the corresponding event procedure is executed, and then the program behaves in a certain way. This is called event-driven programming.  Event driven programming concept is used to influence the GTK. When an event happens, a subroutine is required for occurrence of the event by the library. The various events occur are:

  • Idle events: Idle event happen when the toolkit is not working with other event.
  • Perl scalar changes: When the value of Perl scalar is varying, this event occurs.
  • Timeout events: If a code is executed for after an interval of time.
  • I/O events: When a socket is going to be read or written, this I/O event is happened.

Moreover, GtkSharp is a GUI toolkit which incorporates the GNOME libraries and gtk+ toolkit. It uses the framework of .net and MONO for developing graphical Gnome application. It allow user to run application on any compliant runtime framework.

Gtkdialog program is used for the GUI development for shell scripts. It is GTK+ library based small programs. It enables user to add simple buttons and dialog files. GtkDialog as GtkBuildable interface reveals the vbox and action_area as internal children.

Furthermore, GTK+ 3.0 is the latest version of GTK+ programming. It has been developed to handle various types of languages such as Perl and Python. GNOME 3 is the current version of GNOME which is designed to provide the best computing experience whereas GNOME program is a GTK+ based GUI application which used the GNOME libraries.

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