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Healthcare Statistics

Healthcare Statistics is concerned with the use of statistics in the field of healthcare which involves the estimates and empirical data related to the health, like health service coverage, health systems, risk factors, etc. It plays an important role in measuring the various health indicators for a society.

It can be affected by an organization bias and these biases are responsible for affecting the collection device. These biases determine the collection of the data. Health statistics majorly population based. Statistics can determine the health care coverage and also can compare the occurrence of diseases by using geographic regions.

Healthcare statistics involves various concepts in this, such as descriptive statistics, Biomedical Research, hospital statistics, Health Data Management, knowledge-based research techniques, research protocol monitoring, database and principles of Healthcare statistics. This field of statistics involves the various important Software which are as follows:

  • GraphPad Prism: GraphPad enables the scientists to analyze the data and prism integrates the various concepts into one package. These concepts are scientific graphing, understandable statistics, comprehensive curve fitting and data organization.
  • STATA: it is the user friendly statistical software that is widely used by the users in the medical research.
  • R software: R is the advanced statistical software and can be used for the computations and graphics.

Structure of health data mainly deals with the regulatory standards, guidelines, precise collection of data, utilization, data sets and maintenance of the health data. It can be explained by different-different perspectives. In an intermediate level, it shows the procedure of the work of an organization in computerized form. At the highest level, exchange and communication of the health data take place and this can be done by the all of the individuals that involved in the expansion health data information systems.

Vital statistics is defined as the analysis of the information that is collected by the essential event records. These statistics are mainly applied on the deaths, fetal deaths, marriages, live births and divorces. It generally refers to the government records, and in this data can be gathered through the civil registration and an administrative system where government keeps the records of events that occur between the populations.

Data files are the key component of the Vital statistics which are compiled from the data that is reported on the death, birth, fatal death and many other certificates. These data files can be utilized with or without exposing the descriptions of the personal identifiers.

Protocol Review and Monitoring System is mainly provides the clinical and translational research about the cancer. It also used to approve and prioritizes the clinical research. It monitors the all of the protocols of the cancer for the scientific progress.

Structural equation model refers to a modern technique that is widely used to examine the structural relationships among the latent constructs and measured variables. It is the merger of the multiple regression and factor analysis. Researcher used this method to measure the numerous and interrelated dependence in a single variable. The two variables which are used in this analysis are exogenous variables and endogenous variables, where exogenous variables are similar to the independent variable and the other one is identical to the dependent variables. There are two types of Structural equation model:

  • Measurement model: this model show the theory of the measured variables that how they come cooperatively to resembles the theory.
  • Structural Model: this show the theory of the relationship of the one constructs to another.

SPSS provides the various statistical functional to analyze the data in faster and simpler way. Nowadays, it is widely used in the many areas, such as banks, telecom films, hospitals, statistical offices and many others. SPSS advanced statistics provides the various main procedures:

  • Generalized Linear Mixed Model
  • Generalized Estimating Equations
  • General Linear Model
  • Generalized Linear Model

Hospital Episode Statistics(HES) refers to a data warehouse which consists the all important details, such as outpatient appointments, admissions details, etc. the data that involved in the files is collected during a patient’s come to hospital. It can be used for the secondary use also such as non clinical purposes. It can store the large amount of data and contains all the records of the hospital systems.  Some of its advantages are as follows:

  • Provide local service planning
  • Inform about the choice of the patient
  • Evaluate and monitor the policy that are made by the government
  • Disclose the health trends over the time

MANOVA is used in the specific situations where we want to compare the multivariate sample means and it comes with the dependent variables. It stands for Multivariate analysis of Variance which determines the relationship between the dependent variables. There are two types of MANOVA which are one way MANOVA and two-way MANOVA.  One way MANOVA is used to differentiate the continuous response variables by a single factor and two-way MANOVA compared the variable by two factors.

Moreover, Health care Statistics field involves the various advanced concepts which are as follows:

  • Analysis of numerical results
  • Comparison two means and proportions
  • Confidence intervals
  • Linear regression and correlation
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Analysis of variance

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Health Statistics and General Math Topics :
  • Patient Census Data, Percentage of Occupancy, Statistics to Date, Length Of Stay, Death and Mortality Rates, Hospital Autopsies and Autopsy Rates, Morbidity and other Miscellaneous Rates, Statistics Computed in HIM Department.
  • Descriptive Statistics in Healthcare, Presentation of Data, Inferential Statistics in Healthcare, Basic Research Principles, statistical methods for nutrition, Frequency distributions, measures of central tendency and variability, Graphical displays of data and exploratory data analysis, Populations, samples, random assignment, and generalizability 
  • Research findings, Central limit theorem and confidence intervals, Confidence Intervals for the difference between means and percentages, Non parametric statistics, Students t-test for independent and related samples, Oneway analysis of variance and post hoc tests of statistical significance, correlation, simple linear regression, Chi-squared tests, multiple regression analysis

 Health Statistics and General Math Complex Topics :

  • Use and importance of statistics,Handling and describing data, learning to use spss,Analysis of numerical results,Confidence intervals,Comparison of two means,Hypothesis testing,Analysis of variance,Linear regression and correlation,Analysing binary outcomes,Comparing two proportions,Descriptive statistics
  • Measures of central tendency,Measures of dispersion,Distribution,Probability ,Simple event,Compound event,Rules of multiplication,Iprobability distribution ,Discrete random variable,Continuous random variable,Inference about the mean ,Inference about the proportion ,Analysis of variance ,One-way anova,Two-way anova,Correlation
  • Interpreting results of statistical tests, Selecting appropriate statistical tests , survey of methods used in nutrition and public health, Binary logistic regression analysis, Statistical Terminology and Health Care Data, Health Care Overview and Patient, Data Collection, Mathematical Review, Census, percent of occupancy, length of stay/discharge days, hospital motility rates, obstetric related rate, autopsy rates, miscellaneous rates, vital statistics data/rates, frequency distribution, measures of central tendency and variable, data presentation

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