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Get custom writing services for High Voltage Engineering Assignment help & High Voltage Engineering Homework help. Our High Voltage Engineering Online tutors are available for instant help for High Voltage Engineering assignments & problems.

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Online High Voltage Engineering Assignment help experts help with topics like Non-destructive testing of apparatus;, insulation resistance, tan A, partial discharge measurements;, life testing, accelerated life testing; Weibull statistics, System overvoltages.

High voltage engineering is High Voltage Engineering of electrical engineering which give a vast idea about Electric Stress Estimation and Control where the potential at a point plays an important role in obtaining any information regarding the electrostatic field at that point, the breakdown mechanism of gases, Liquid and Solid Materialswith which ever increasing demand of electrical energy, the power system is growing both in size and complexities. The generating capacities of power plants and transmission voltage are on the increase because of their inherent advantages. Generation of High D.C. and A.C. Voltages There are various applications of high d.c. voltages in industries, research medical sciences etc and generation of impulse voltages and currentstransient measurements have much in common with measurements of steady state quantities but the short-lived nature of the transients which we are trying to record introduces special problems. Measurement of High Voltages andCurrents.The production of electrical energy in big plants under the most economic condition makes it necessary that more and more energy be transported over longer and longer distances.The high voltage engineering also gives a brief idea about high voltage testing of electrical equipment, non destructive insulation test techniques and transients in power systems and insulation coordination.

Some of the homework help topics include :

  • Withstand levels,S curves, insulation coordination, Occurrence and characteristics;power frequency and harmonics,, switching and lightning overvoltages;, transient calculations, Bewley lattice diagrams  , wave tables; attenuation and distortion of surges; overvoltage protection devices, rod and expulsion gaps; surge diverters, Circuit breakers, Aims, types , general principles of operation, HV testing, HV production for test objects, impulse generators
  • Series resonant a.c. test sets; d.c., test sets; measurement of high voltages, absolute measurement methods;series impedance and meter methods;Impedance dividers, ratio and angular errors, breakers, disconnectors, fuse, capacitors reactor, substations, gas insulated systems, Power system ageing, Generation of high voltage, AC, DC, impulse generating equipment., High voltage measuring systems, Quasi-electrostatic field calculation 
  • Simulation models, Standard high voltage , measurement methods , analysis of results., Electrical breakdown fundamentals, electrical breakdown in solids, liquids, and gases., Non-destructive tests , corona testing , partial discharge, Insulation coordination

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Help for complex topics like :

  • Breakdown mechanisms in solids,liquids, gases and vacuum,Testing, Fundamentals of electric field, boundary conditions, meaning of Gauss- law, analytical calculations of field distribution in plane-parallel, coaxial, spherical geometries , field control., Electric breakdown of gases, gas kinetics, collision ionisation, electron avalanche, Townsend's breakdown mechanism, Paschen's law, time lag, voltage time characteristics , ambient conditions
  • Overvoltage, lightning stroke mechanism , Rolling sphere theory, back-flashovers, annual probability , wave impedances, travelling waves, protection of power lines, atmospheric overvoltages, switching, temporary overvoltages, Dimensioning stresses, electrical, thermal, mechanical stresses., transformer, resonance, rectifier circuits, impulse generators, voltage measurements , current measurements , Insulation co-ordination
  • Reduction of over-voltage, travelling wave, reflections, surge arresters , protective range for arresters, test methods , breakdown probabilities , deterministic, statistic and semi statistic insulation co-ordination., overhead lines, cables, cable accessories , power transformers, bushings, instrument transformers 

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