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In the race of development the industries doing their best to increase their efficiency.  It demand a high level of automation and flexibility at the plant level to address the changes in demand, volume and product type with low tolerance of downtime and managing globally distributed manufacturing operations from one source. Industrial automation systems reduce dependency on manpower and allow increased flexibility and control over geographically distributed manufacturing operations by providing greater visibility and centralized control.

Automation Systems may include Control Systems but the reverse is not true. Control Systems may be parts of Automation Systems. Industrial Automation also involves significant amount of hardware technologies, related to Instrumentation and Sensing, Actuation    and   Drives, Electronics    for Signal Conditioning, Communication and Display, Embedded as well as Stand-alone Computing Systems etc.  Most of industrial information systems have to be real-time. By that we mean that   the computation not only has to be correct, but also must be produced in time. Many   industrial   information   systems   are   considered mission-critical because of that, elaborate mechanisms are often deployed to ensure that   any unforeseen   circumstances   can   also   be   handled in   a   predictable manner.   Fault-tolerance to emergencies due to hardware and software faults must often be built.

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Topics for Engineering Industrial Automation and Control Assignment :

  • Automation, Basic principles and strategies of automation, Overview of manufacturing operations, Basic elements of an automated system, Overview of industrial control systems, Hardware components; sensors, actuators, ADC, DAC, Automation and Process Control, Logic control systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, Microcontrollers, Robotics and Automated Manufacturing Systems, Industrial robotics, NC technology, Flexible manufacturing systems
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Computer-Based Control for Industrial Automation, Concepts of digital control., Digital circuits., Logic Controller architecture,, programming using digital logic concepts, and interfacing., I/O devices sensors and actuators., Applications to work cells and production lines., applications of industrial automation systems, equipment integration,, motors,, controllers, and sensors., set-up, maintenance,and testing of the automated system, developments in Industrial Automation, Advanced Programmable Logic Controller functions
  • Construction of Workcells, Integration of Computer Control into workcells, Development of Flexible Manufacturing Cells(FMC), Safety and Design features of FMCs, Workcell justification, Automation technologies, manufacturing , processing industry, robotics, PLCs, industrial process visualisation, data collection , supervisory control, robot sensors, computer vision systems, automated assembly systems, condition monitoring

Complex topics covered by Industrial Automation and Control Assignment :

  • Process Instrumentation, Analytical Instrumentation, Continuous Control, Control Valves, Analog Communications, Discrete I/O Devices , General Manufacturing Measurements, Motor & Drive Control, Motion Control, Process Modeling , Advanced Process Contro, Batch Control, Alarm Management & Reliability, Process Safety
  • Safety Instrumented Systems, Electrical Installations , Electrical Safety, Digital Communications, Industrial Networks, MES Integration , Network Security, Operator Interface , Data Management, Software & Custom Software, Operator Training , System Testing, Startup, Troubleshooting, Automation Benefits
  • Project Justification, Management and Interpersonal Skills, Industrial On-Off control , classical mechanical relays , PLCs, Sensor and actuator characteristics , modelling , Plant modelling , linear and nonlinear plant characteristics, plant linearisation, PID controller design., Fuzzy set theory , Fuzzy controllers , AI methods
  • Nonlinear industrial control problems , interconnected tanks, inverted pendulum. , Robot position, velocity kinematic analysis theory , wrist mechanisms, Denavit-Hartenberg theory, role of homogeneous transformation

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