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  • IBM Informix Dynamic Server, System Architecture, Informix Components, Configuring the Operating System, Configuring Windows Memory, Modifying UNIX Kernel Parameters, Allocating Disk Space, Creating Chunk Files on UNIX, Raw or Unbuffered Disk Access, Setting Permissions, Ownership, and Group, Device Names, Variables on UNIX, Setting Environment Variables on Windows
  • Connectivity, The sqlhosts File on UNIX, Network-Configuration Files, Network-Security Files, The sqlhosts Registry on Windows, Configuring Connectivity Using ISA, Configuring Client-Server connectivity, Client/Server Architecture, Network Protocol, Network Programming Interface, Connections That the Database Server Supports, Local Connections, Shared-Memory Connections
  • Connectivity Files, Network-Configuration Files, TCP/IP Connectivity Files, Multiple TCP/IP Ports, Configuring a Database Server, Preparing space for data storage, Monitoring Database Server, SMI, Sysmaster database, Sysmaster tables and Views, Onstat sysntax, Onstat Options, Oncheck syntax, ISA, Managing Shared Memory, Server Operating Modes, Normal Server Processes
  • Database Server Shared-Memory Parameters, Parameters for Virtual Shared, Shared-Memory Parameters, Server Modes, UNIX Level Shared Memory, Virtual Processors and Threads, Sharing Processing, Saving Memory and Resources, Processing in Parallel, Binding Virtual Processors to CPUs, Disk Architecture, Physical Disk Space, Logical Disk Space, Logical Log Files, Physical Log Files
  • Managing and Monitoring Disk Space, Creating a Dbspace with onspaces, Creating a Blobspace with onspaces, Dropping Spaces with onspaces, Adding a chunk to dbspace, Dropping a chunk from dbspace, Renaming Dbspace, Managing Spaces with ISA, Physical and Logical Logging, Log Initialization, Changing the Physical Log, Adding a Logical Log, Dropping a Logical Log, Switching Logical Log
  • Changing Database Logging Modes, Monitoring Logs, Long Transactions, Dynamic Allocation of Locks, Recovery System, Manual and Continuous Logical-Log Backups, Logical-Log Backups, Warm, Cold, and Mixed Restores, Physical and Logical Restores, ON-Bar and ontape, Recovery Strategy, Data Loss , Scheduling Backups, backup System for a Production Database Server
  • Hardware and Memory Resources, Backup and Restore methods, Physical Backup Methods, Logical Backup Methods, Monitoring User Activity, Session Information, Deadlocks, Monitoring Locks, Parallel Data Query, Read-Ahead, SQL Cache, ONCONFIG Parameters, Chunk Permissions and Ownership, Shared Memory Allocation, Long Transactions, Freeing Logs, Consistency Check errors, Database replication

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