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Get custom writing services for International trade Assignment help & International trade Homework help. Our International trade Online tutors are available for instant help for International trade assignments & problems.International trade Homework help & International trade tutors offer 24*7 services . Send your International trade assignments at support@globalwebtutors.com or else upload it on the website. Instant Connect to us on live chat for International trade assignment help & International trade Homework help.

A study of international trade theories and their policy implications. Classical and neo-classical trade models, the gains from trade, the terms of trade and the distribution of income, world trade patterns, international factor movements, tariffs, and the impact of commercial policy on developing and developed countries are analyzed.

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Topics for International Trade Assignment  help :

  • Rigorous treatment of theories of international trade , international factor movements, Examination of the impact of trade, labor migration on domestic, world welfare , distribution of income, Theoretical analysis of government policies, trade, factor movements, including quotas, tariffs, free trade areas , immigration restrictions, Discussion of contemporary issues , controversies concerning globalization, multinational firms, labor migration, The positive theory of international trade,The instruments of trade policy,Tariffs and retaliation,Monopolistic Competition and International Trade, Intra-Industry Trade under Cournot Oligopoly,Strategic Trade Policy,The political economy of trade policy,International economic integration, the gains and costs of trading internationally,static and dynamic welfare effects of protection,the political economy of international trade policy,optimum policies in the presence of market power,uncertainty,market imperfections,trade policy instruments,strategies for trade liberalisation 
  • Regional trade agreements, international transactions,physical movement of goods (trade flows) ,factors of production (migration, foreign direct investment),the gains from trade (including the impact of trade on income distribution),the pattern of trade, Old trade,”New” trade theory: increasing returns ,Trade Policy ,Pareto gains from trade,Political Economy of Trade Policy ,The GATT/WTO,Preferential Liberalization: Custom Unions and FTAs,The gravity equation ,New new trade: heterogeneous firms,Economies of scope and trade,Product quality and trade,Economic Geography,Outsourcing and FDI, Immigration,Labor and Trade,Environment and Trade, Important issues in international trade, History and present state of world trade flows,Russian trade balance,History of the development of trade theory, The Ricardian model of trade,Empirical evidence and policy results,Factor Price Equalization and Trade,Hecksher-Ohlin model of trade,Stolper-Samuelson effects, Rybczynski effects,The “Specific Factors” model of trade,Redistribution aspect of trade policy,International experience,Standard Trade Models and Country Welfare,Welfare comparisons across countries,Welfare comparisons within countries,An Empirical Evaluation of Trade Patterns
  • Problems with the Hecksher - Ohlin model,Empirical evidence of trade theory,Market Imperfections and Trade,Imperfect Competition and trade, Externalities and protectionism,Empirical evaluation of importance,International Factor Movements,International Labor Mobility,International Capital Flows ,Multinational Firms and Direct Foreign Investment,Tariffs and Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade,Economics of Tariffs,Economics of Quotas,Protection and Imperfect Competition,Government Intervention in Trade,Welfare arguments,Income Distribution,Optimum Tariff,Strategic Trade Policies,Technology and Externalities, Imperfect Competition and Protection, Development through Trade Policies,Import Substitution and Infant Industry argument,Export-oriented development strategies,The East Asian Miracle?,Political Economy of Trade ,Pros and Cons of government intervention,Strategic trade policy,Median voter theorem,Theory of collective action,Politicians for sale,World Trade Organization, Preferential Trading Arrangements, Custom Unions and Economic Integration,Free trade agreements, customs unions,Trade creation vs trade diversion,Trade policy in developing countries: import substitutions, export promotion

Complex topics covered by International Trade Assignment Online experts :

  • International negotiations: GATT, WTO, Doha round.,Distinction between International Trade and International Macroeconomics,National Income accounting and the Balance of Payments,main macroeconomic identity,National income accounting for open economy, BoP and transaction accounting,Asset Approach to Exchange Rate Determination,Demand for foreign currency assets,Equilibrium in the foreign exchange market,Interest rates, expectations, and uncovered exchange rate parity,Money, Interest Rates, and Exchange Rates,Aggregate money demand,Equilibrium interest rate,Money and exchange rate in the short run. Dornbusch overshooting model,Money, price level and exchange rate in the long run,Price Levels and the Exchange Rate in the Long Run
  • Empirical evidence on PPP and the law of one price. Problems with PPP approach,Models of long-run exchange rates determination,Real exchange rate and real interest parity,Output and the Exchange Rate in the Short Run,Output market equilibrium in the short run ,Asset market equilibrium in the short run,Short-Run Equilibrium for an open economy,Temporary vs. permanent changes in monetary and fiscal policies,Macroeconomic policies and the current account,Mundell-Fleming model ,Fixed exchange rate regime,Central bank intervention in the foreign exchange market,Stabilization policies and exchange rate regimes comparison
  • Three models of currency (balance of payments) crises,The international monetary system,The Gold Standard and the Bretton Woods agreements,Policy coordination with floating exchange rates,Optimum currency area theory. Single currency and economic integration,International capital markets and emerging markets,efficiency of international capital markets: theory and evidence,Problems of international banking,Problems of international finance for developing countries

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