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Inventory Management Assignment Writing help, Inventory Management Homework help

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Topics for Inventory Management

  • Measures in logistics, ABCD analysis, forecasting, operations management, naïve models, averaging methods, simple moving average, weighted moving average, double moving average, Simple regression, Multiple regression.
  • simple exponential smoothing, double exponential smoothing, Forecasting, Holt’s method, seasonal variation, Winter’s model, optimizing the parameters, Inventory costs, Inventory control modeling, Stochastic demand, Safety stocks.
  • Single products with time-variable demand, Wagner-Whitin method, Silver-Meal heuristics, Time supply, Part-period balancing, Heuristics, dynamic programming, Multiechelon, Deterministic demand, Probabilistic demand, Arborescent system, Supply chain contracts.

business world and business management
establishment of a business
business environment
general management
elements of planning
the business venture organisation
leading people in the organisation
the management process control
Corporate social responsibility
Match supply with demand
focus on demand



Effectiveness and efficiency in logistics
Stochastic inventory control
News vendor Problem
lot sizing
Yield Management
Multi echelon inventory control
supply chain
multi period production planning


Inventory and Stores Management
Materials Handling
Mercantile Law
Purchasing & Business Management
End User Computing
Inventory and Stores
Physical Distribution Management
Production Planning and Control


Production Planning
Demand Forecasting

 Matching supply with demand 

inventory management tools
Storage management
Storage facilities and equipment
Innovative stores operations
Codification and identification of stock
storage facility

Measures in logistics
ABCD analysis
Activity based costing
Du Pont -model
Modelling in logistics
time series models
Holt’s method
seasonal variation
Stochastic demand
Safety stocks
Single products with time-variable
demand, dynamic programming
Wagner-Whitin method
Silver-Meal heuristics
Time supply
Lot- forlot
Least unit cost
Part-period balancing
Yield Management Yield Management
supply chain
Bullwhip effect
Deterministic demand
Probabilistic demand
Arborescent system
Supply chain contracts
Distribution requirements planning
Multi period production planning


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