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JavaBeans are java based software components that can be manipulated visually. JavaBeans are visually manipulated in builder tools. The platform which permit developer to work with JavaBeans is known as builder tools. With the help of builder tools, developer can interact with the other JavaBeans. It provides object oriented programming interface for java language that allows user to write modular code. JavaBeans are simple to develop and provides support for builder tools visually. JavaBeans comes with the various properties :read,write,read only,write only.

These properties are accessed by two methods : getPropertName() and setPropertyName() Read only property can be accessed through the getPropertyName() and write only can be accessed through setProperyName() method. JavaBeans are accessed by the getter and setter methods. It can be run on any platform. JavaBeans comes with the various advantages which are given below:

  • Platform independent
  • Easy to configure
  • Create and receive events
  • Properties and events of Java beans can be controlled

JavaBeans involves three phase of development : construction phase, execution phase, build phase. it also provides support for customization and introspection. Java components are known as beans. JavaBeans architecture is based on component model. Services of JavaBeans components are as follows:Layout,Builder support,Persistence,Event handling

An object oriented programming interface is Java Beans. Java Beans is a Serializable java class. A reusable software component is Java Beans. It contains getter methods and setter methods. These methods are used for data access and display operations. The basic features of Java Beans are java activation frame work and extensible runtime containment and service protocol. Java activation frame work is an API for command registering. This frame work is used for data typing operations. Java Bean is a portable software component. Java Beans can create a builder tool for analyzing operations. It can perform communication and connection operation. Java Bean is simple and easy to understand. Java Bean operations are performed by using bean development kit.

The Java Bean properties include color, label, font and size of font. Java Beans main technology is persistence. Java Bean contains simple property, Boolean property, indexed property, multicast event, unicast event and methods. Java reflection API is used for builder programming operations. It is a java special function. Java Bean includes all the features of java. Java Bean software component is controlled by using builder tool. Java Beans can create java events and receive java events.

Java Bean methods and events are controlled by using application developer. Java Bean is a public interface. Java Beans components contains construction phase, build phase and execution phase. It supports automatic analysis of Java Beans component. Java Beans features are introspection, customization, events, properties and persistence. Beans development kit provides graphical user interface applications. Beans development kit contains tool box and bean box.

Based on the platform of java, java beans are those classes that are used to encapsulate several objects into a single object which is known as bean. Java beans are serializable, constructor is of zero argument and it gives access to properties using two methods and they are getter and setter. Bean is a software model which can be reused.Bean is used to perform a simple function. The bean is visible to an end user. The example of this is a button on a GUI.

The tools allowed the developer to work with beans in a convenient way. By using a tool known as Introspection, a tool is used to expose the features of Java Bean for manipulation.

Java Bean elements

Properties which are same as instance variables .The property of bean is an attribute which can affect its behavior and appearance. The examples of bean properties consist of color, font size and label.


Each and every property is having accessor (get) and mutator (set) method.  The public methods are identified by the mechanism of introspection.Services of Java Bean Components.It will enable to develop multiple beans in one application.


It will give access to multiple java beans which needs to be arranged in a developed atmosphere.

Interface publishing

It will give access to multiple java beans to communicate with each other.

Event handling

It deals with event handling and event firing which is associated with a bean.


It enables to save the bean last state.

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