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Why do some people choose to work and others do not? Why are some people paid higher wages than others? What are the economic benefits of education for the individual and for society? How do government policies, such as subsidized child care, the Earned Income Tax Credit and the income tax influence whether people work and the number of hours they choose to work? These are some of the 
questions examined in labor economics,labor supply and human capital decisions of individuals and households.

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ECON 320. Labor Economics

  • Economic analysis of contemporary domestic 
  • international labor market issues 
  • labor supply 
  • demand
  • unemployment
  • employment 
  • U S 
  • elsewhere
  • investments 
  • returns
  • education
  • training
  • health
  • immigration
  • migration
  • income inequality
  • labor productivity
  • out-sourcing
  • global competitiveness
  • work incentives
  • compensation including benefits
  • labor policies 
  • minimum wages
  • over-time pay
  • discrimination
  • unions
  • immigration
  • Examples drawn 
  • U S
  • developed countries
  • reference
  • developing countries 
  • relevant

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