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Lexical Analysis

Lexical Analysis is defined as a scanning which reads the characters that are written in the form of sentences, from left to right and converts them into a sequence of tokens by removing any white space or comment in the source code.

The sequence of characters that are treated as the unit of grammar in programming languages are called tokens which represents lexemes in various patterns like keywords, operators, identifiers, literals and special symbols etc. along with its original value.

Lexical Analysis is the first phase of compiler which can be implemented with deterministic Automata, keeps track of line numbers and also displays error messages associates with line number from various parts of a complier.

Lexical Analysis is the first phase in compilation which is associated with syntax analysis process. Lexical Analysis process is done with the help of lexical analyzer. This tool takes input form the source and produce the required output. Lex is used to write programs which includes control flow in the input stream directed by regular expressions. It is suitable for editor-script type transformations and for a parsing routine. For each string in the lex program, corresponding program fragment is executed. A lex source is given below:

{user subroutines}

Lexical analyzer takes input in the form of source code and converts it into a series of tokens. Whenever it finds a token invalid, it produce an error. After this is done, the produced tokens are passed to syntax analyzer for further processing. It mainly works with tokens, patterns, lexemes and different types of automata. It simplifies the job for syntax analyzer. It also deals with simple non-recursive constructs of the language.

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