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Lua Assignment Help , Lua Homework help

We at Globalwebtutors provide Lua Assignment help & Lua Homework help. Our Lua Online tutors are available for instant help for Lua assignments & problems.

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Lua is an extensible extension programming language. Lua is a powerful and light-weight programming language designed for extending applications.Its a language engine that can embed in our application.It is a stand-alone language. Arrays in Lua are called 'tables'.Lua has a very powerful feature, called "tag methods", that allow us to extend the syntax.

Topics Help for LUA :

  • LUA programming language
  • Associative arrays
  • Reflexive facilities
  • Support for object oriented programming through lua
  • Fallbacks in lua
  • Using fallbacks
  • Inheritance via fallbacks
  • use of Lua in real applications
  • Configurable report generator for lithology profiles
  • Storing structured graphical metafiles
  • High level, generic graphical data entry
  • Generic attribute configuration for finite element meshes

Few topics :

  • Numbers and the math library.
  • Conditionals and loops
  • Strings and the string library
  • Tables and the table library
  • Functions
  • Pattern matching
  • Modules
  • Object orientation
  • Input / output
  • Trapping and handling errors
  • Standard library functions
  • Threading and coroutines
  • Network lua
  • Programming standards in lua

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