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Machine language is the low level programming languages that can be directly understand by the machine or computer without any translation. This machine language is only understood by the computer but not by the user. It is also known as binary language that can be comprised with two characters 0 and 1 of the computer and it is very difficult to be read and understood by the users. Programmers use only high level language such as c, java to write the programs that can be converted into the machine language which is low level language by the help of assembler, compiler and interpreter. In machine language there can be use numeric codes for operations that can be by particular computer can be executed directly. Machine language is very difficult to read and write and its code is vary from computer to computer. Machine code which can be written in the computer and also computed by the computer and it is in the digital form this is 0 and 1. It is a collection of binary digits or bits that computers can read and interprets through machine language. This language is only understood by the machine and not by the users.

Arithmetic logic unit(ALU)
programming language(PL)
assembly language
operating systems
instruction set architecture (ISA)
data structures
Machine Organization
VGA Graphics



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