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Project management  is the tool  and administration procedures needed to attempt a task successfully. These procedures oversee inputs to and produce yields from particular exercises.The movement from information to yield is the core of venture administration and obliges incorporation and iteration. Isolating a task into stages makes it conceivable to lead it in the best conceivable course. Through this association into stages, the aggregate work heap of an undertaking is separated into smaller parts, subsequently making the monitoring easy. Project management contains five stages : Initiation stage, Planning, Production, and Project monitoring and controlling systems and Closing the Project. One by one it is finishes the task during the execution. After the starting stages basically project management provides basic planning for actualization of project and also provides the resources that are motivates to execution of project. Sub process groups includes Time Management, Cost Management, HR Management, Quality Management, Project Risk Management, Procurement Management, Integration Management. these knowledge areas are described by their inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs. 


Project Management: 

Project management defines ways to manage a project by planning, organizing and implementing it within a specific time to produce a defined outcome. It is the application of methods, processes, skills, knowledge and experience to achieve the project objectives. A project can be defined as a piece of work which should be completed within a specific time by meeting the requirements of its clients. Project management comes with a number of methodologies which are described below:

  • Critical Chain Project Management: it mainly focuses on the use of resources without considering timelines.
  • Agile: this methodology is used for speed and flexibility which produces short delivery cycles.
  • Waterfall: it is defined as a sequential management style.
  • Critical Path Method: it involves step by step procedures and PM techniques.
  • Pthis methodology is mostly adopted by U.K. government and private industries to manage the projects.

Project management is concerned with deliverables and a finite timespan since a project’s success fulfills the criteria of agreed timescale and budget. Project management has five important phases given as:

  • Project Definition
  • Project Planning
  • Project Execution
  • Performance monitoring and Control
  • Project Closure

Project management has a wide range of applications in the area of integration, cost, quality, human resources, procurement, scope, time, risk management, communications and stakeholder management.

Online Project Management experts help with :

We help with topics like Project Charter, critical path analysis, Gantt charts, critical chain scheduling, WBS, network diagrams, Cost estimates & earned value management, developing information systems in an organisational setting, project management context and processes; scope, time, cost and quality management ,risk management, project teams and resource management, project procurement and the communication and documentation used through a project's lifecycle.

Project Management homework help topics include :

  • Project Organization Structures,Project Quality Control, Project Planning,Project Control,Project Cost Analysis, Network Diagram, Gantt chart, Priority Matrix,Risk Management
  • Scheduling,Crashing Of Activities,Resource Management and Optimization, Project Management Professional, Persuasive Presentations for Project Managers, Risk and Change Management
  • Project Communication Management, Project Analysis for Managers, Advanced Techniques in Project Management, Team Management ,Project Environment, Contracts
  • Procurement, Negotiation for Project Managers, Legal Services, Managing Projects , MS Project, Quality Techniques for Projects, Extreme Project Management
  • Agile Project Management, Managing Projects for Speed, Enterprise Project Management Project Management for Healthcare, Project Management for Information Systems
  • Project Management in the Financial Services Industry, Project Management for Mobile Apps, Project Management Summer Intensive, Project Management Principles for Construction Professionals
  • Managing Virtual Teams, Ethics in Project Management, Project management, Planning:, Developing personal production skills, Identifying and sequencing key stages of producing products
  • Developing time and cost plans, Developing materials lists, Developing production processes, tools and equipment, potential workshop hazards and risk,time management
  • Monitoring time and cost plans, Evaluating processes , product stages, MIS 340, project initiation, execution, risk assessment, estimating, contracts, planning, human factors, standard methods
  • project integration, project scope management, project time, cost management, quality management, human resources, communications, procurement management
  • Project Management Growth, Organizational Structures, Management Functions, Variables for Success, Network Scheduling Techniques, Project Graphics, Pricing, Estimating
  • Cost Control, Trade-Off Analysis ,  Curves, Contract Management,Quality Management, Integration Management, schedule management processes, Earned Value, budget estimate
  • tracking templates, Quality Management, HR Management, conflict management, communication processes, communication model, methods, project meetings, risk identification
  • Stakeholder Management, Stages of Project Management, startup of the project, project planning , control of the project, initiation , monitoring , closure of the project, Project structure
  • competence , responsibilities, structure of the project management team , project supervision , change commission, project support, team managers, project committee , project manager
  • project manager role, stakeholders, intra project communication, Business Case :outputs, results and benefits of the project ,benefit revision , revision benefits plan
  • externalities, feasibility of projects , project life cycle and the business case, Process management :set of processes of the project management , project initiation , project chart
  • business case proposal, the direction of the project , project plan ,business case

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Online Project Management Assignment experts :

  • Project quality management tools , quality control strategy ,project controls, quality planning, quality control , quality assurance , Quality Audit Trail , register of quality
  • quality assessment techniques, quality principles, cost estimation, budget setting, cost control, plan levels, content of plans , steps of planning , product-oriented planning
  • product decay,Gantt diagram, risk management strategy , identification , assessment and management of risk , management risk register, division of risk, strategy communication management
  • configuration management strategy,Change management, identification ,evaluation of changes, Project tailoring, projects adaptation ,individual needs of organizations
  • scope Management, Leading the Team, Time Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, Program Management, Agile Project Management, Certification in Project Management
  • Leadership Attributes of Effective Project Managers, IT project management , Project integration management , Project scope management, Project time management , Project cost management
  • Project quality management,Project human resources management ,Organizing , Staffing ,Office and Team Management Functions
  • Management Stress, Conflicts, Variables, Planning, Network Scheduling Techniques, Project Graphics, Pricing and Estimating, Cost Control,Trade-Off Analysis in a Project Environment
  • Risk Management, Learning Curves, Contract Management, Quality Management,Project management; project strategy and investment; cost and time estimation; project planning
  • scheduling and control.,Risk management , social and public acceptability of renewable energy projects ,renewable energy projects,Case studies of public and stakeholder engagement (technical issues, consultation, public response etc)

Topics help for Project Management 

  • Group work exercise on foreseeing and planning for public engagement issues,Role play exercise on Planning Inquiry,Project management techniques and issues,conceptual
  • analytical, and systems approaches,project plans and reports,Evaluating projects for funding,establishing planning,budgeting and initiation process,extensive analysis of scheduling techniques
  • resource allocation during scheduling,monitoring project progress,project control cycle,avoiding scope creep,auditing projects ,completion of the project,Engineering tasks,evaluating projects for funding
  • establishing planning,budgeting,initiation process,resource allocation,project control cycle,scope creep,Design projects for the master of mechanical ,aerospace engineering,master of materials engineering
  • master of manufacturing engineering degrees,Project,Project selection,Project planning,Scope management,Scheduling,Resource management,Risk management
  • Stakeholder management,Leadership and team-working,Monitoring and control,Roadmap for Software Product Line,Computer Science,Software engineering,Software Project Management
  • Organizational Structures,Software Applications,Software Process,Growth of Project Management as a Profession,Principles of Project Management
  • Planning,Executing,Controlling,Closing,Project Analysis,Estimating project size and complexity,Tools and techniques,Scheduling,Resource Management,Assessing Competencies and Skills
  • Resource allocation,Project Monitoring,Metrics collection and analysis,Milestones,Status reporting,Risk Management,Risk identification,quantification ,prioritization
  • Risk avoidance,mitigation,contingency planning,Configuration Management,Basic configuration concept,Configuration management process,Configuration Control and Configuration Audits
  • Software Product Line,Software product line and Variation Points,Feature-oriented Programming,Generative Programming,Quality Planning and Assessment,ISO Audits & quality reviews
  • Testing process and Product Certification,Monitoring compliance,project management process,Prioritize project goals,WBS,Project schedule,Critical path,Resource plan
  • RAM,Budget,Communication plan,Forecast model,processes and procedures of project management,applications of project management,project management techniques
  • project management tools,limitations of implementing project management theories

Project Management covers:

  • Economic and financial management of projects
  • Organizational structures for project management
  • Project Phases
  • Analysis of project management
  • Quality management applied to projects
  • Management of the people involved in project

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