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MATLAB is a mathworks product for numerical computing. It's a programming language for data manipulation , analysis , computing ,& calculations , graph & data plotting , algorithms & UI & can be used along with C, C++ , Fortran & Java.Also used for symbolic computing.Matlab Simulink features are added to matlab to add multi-domain simulation with graphics for embedded systems.This package can be used  to Model & Design for dynamic simulation for industrial embedded systems.

Matlab is a programming language that is widely used for visualization and numerical computation. It is frequently used to analyze data, algorithm and application development. It is much faster than the programming languages such as C, C++, java. It is developed by Mathworks.It is an innovative software for computation of numerical and graphics. It is mainly used for mathematical operations such as linear programming, vector calculus, algebra and for calculation of Eigen values and Eigen vectors.

Numerical problems are solved to a great extent using matlab. One of the major limitation is that it produces approximate result than exact result. It is used in communications and signal processing. Instead of having so many capabilities it is used for testing and measuring also. In recent years matlab is used by millions of engineers and scientists too. All technical computations are done using Matlab.

There are number of advantages of using Matlab .Matlab can be used for algorithm development as it efficiently test the algorithms without recompiling them. The other advantage is that it provide It allow to include open libraries in the matlab program. Matlab can be used in image processing as it supports number of formats which others does not support. Matlab provides Graphical User Interface to implement various applications.


Matlab stands for Matrix Laboratory and the software is built up around vectors and matrices. It is basically for linear algebra and numerical integration. The Main data element is an Array that does not require dimensioning. Matlab is Case-sensitive and it is a high performance language in term of software. we can easily install and it is easy to use.It is useful for storing a sequence of commands or creating new functions. we can create models for represent and analyze.


Uses of MATLAB:
Math and computation
Algorithm development
Modeling, simulation and prototyping
Data analysis, Exploration, and visualization
Scientific and engineering graphics


Online Matlab homework help for Graphics & simulation Assignments :

  • Embedded Coder ,Parallel Computing  , SimBiology ,SystemTest ,Image Acquisition Toolbox ,matlab Image Processing  ,Instrument Control using matlab
  • Mapping tools ,Bioinformatics applications ,Communications System programming ,Computer Vision System ,
  • Matlab Control Systems ,Curve Fitting  ,Data Acquisition programming tools

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Help for complex topics like:

  • Matlab Database Toolbox ,Data feed systems
  • DSP Systems & programming  ,Econometrics 
  • Fundamentals of computer programming and basic software design
  • variables, functions, and control structures
  • writing, testing, and debugging programs in Matlab

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 Few topics :

  • Matrices, Expressions and Functions variables, structures controle, Deputy matrices, Files commandes ,Writing fonctions, Chaines, Representations graphics, Graphics avancés calculations with matrices Symbolic Computation of matrices creuses, functions, Directory and MATLAB command Matrices &vectors:


  • Matrix& linear algebra ,Vectors & matrices ,Matrix operations & functions ,Algorithms &structures ,MATLAB scripts &functions
    Simple sequential algorithms ,Control structures ,file handling , graphic functions ,Numerical simulations ,Numerical methods & simulations ,Random number generation ,Montecarlo methods ,Functions ,Symbolic toolbox 

  • MATLAB UI ,Variables and Commands ,Analysis and Visualization  ,Vectors ,Matrices ,Data Tables ,Conditional Data Selection
    Organizing and analysing Data ,Automation  ,Programming Constructs ,Functions ,Debugging
    Editor ,Logical indexing 


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