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MATLAB stands for matrix laboratory and it is a numerical computing environment. MATLAB is a high-level language and have interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming. With the help of MATLAB one can analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models and applications. It has tools, and many built-in math functions which help in reaching a solution faster than with spreadsheets or with other traditional programming languages such as C/C++ or Java.

MATLAB allows- Matrix manipulations

Plotting of functions and data

Implementation of algorithms, creation of user interfaces

Interfacing with programs that are written in other programming languages such as C,C++,Java and Fortran.

MATLAB is widely used in academic and research institutions as well as in industrial enterprises.

 Features of Matlab are-

Matlab is a high-level language for numerical computation, visualization, and application development. It provides an interactive environment for iterative exploration, design, and problem solving. Matlab provides mathematical functions for linear algebra, statistics, Fourier analysis, filtering, optimization, numerical integration, and for solving ordinary differential equations. It has many built-in graphics for visualizing the data and has many tools for creating custom plots. It provides development tools for improving the quality of code and maintainability and maximizing its performance. Matlab have tools for building applications with custom graphical interfaces.

Some of the applications of MATLAB are-Signal processing and communications, Image and video processing,Control systems,Test and measurement,Computational finance,Computational biology. matrix functions: A’ – transpose of matrix A. det(A) – determinant of A eig(A) – Eigen values and Eigen vectors

inv(A) – inverse of A svd(A) – singular value decomposition norm(A) – matrix or vector norm find(A) – find indices of elements that are nonzero.   A few useful math functions: sqrt(x) – square root sin(x) – sine function. exp(x) – exponential log(x) – natural log log10(x) – common log abs(x) – absolute value mod(x) – modulus

factorial(x) – factorial function floor(x) – round down. min(x) – minimum elements of an array besselj(x) – Bessel functions of first kind and line.

MATLAB has several advantages over other languages:

  • Its uses matrix and matrix consist of row and column.  Many mathematical operations that work matrices are built-in to the Matlab environment. Example of this is cross-products, dot-products, determinants, inverse matrices.
  • Vectorized operations. I we want to add two arrays together then it needs only one command.
  • The graphical output is very good; one can easily change colors, sizes, scales, etc, with the help of graphical interactive tools.
  • The functionality of Matlab can be expanded by the addition of toolboxes. It has many sets of specific functions that provided more specialized functionality. Instead of having many advantages, some of the disadvantages are:
  • It uses a large amount of memory and on slow computers it is very hard to use.Matlab is used in
  • Data Exploration ,Acquisition ,Analyzing &Visualization
  • Engineering drawings and Scientific graphics
  • Analyzing of algorithmic designing and development
  • Mathematical functions and Computational functions
  • Simulating problems prototyping and modeling
  • Application development programming using GUI building environment.
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Sample Assignment Solutions

Assignment Instructions

You are asked to create an american option multiplicative binomial model calculator in MatLab. Both put and call options should be valued. Given u, d, S0, K, r, andT (the usual notation applies), you should create an m-file that computes an N-step solution.

You are then asked to also compute the standard hedge sensitivities and comment on their interpretation.

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