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Dissertation in Modelling and Simulation , simulation applications weekly homework assignments ,Discrete event simulation , acticity cycle diagrams ,three phase approach
Simulation : It is a process in which experiment are made to understand the behavior of the system and evaluate different strategies . Feature of simulation - Target direction , evolutionary , produce fast results , updateable , easy to control and update . Some of the simulation languages - GPSS(III) , DYNAMO , PROMODEL , Q-GERT etc. Aims of the simulation –
Trying different decisions and opinions .
To get complete information about the system .
Real life systems are declared with mathematics .
Advantages of simulation - good communication tools , elastic , optimization , more defensible , easy to learn etc .
Disadvantages of simulation - expensive , does not provide best solution , Focuses on the skill of model maker .
Applications of simulation – Military system , architecture , entertainment , science and mathematics etc .
Modeling : Modeling gives the idea of the system more than the entity of the system itself . Types of models - scale models , prototype plants , analytical queuing model , linear program model etc .
Advantages of modeling are cheaper , safer , time saver , more range of situations etc. 

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Topics for  Modeling and Simulation assignment help
  • Agent-based modeling & simulation system , Dynamics modeling & simulation , Modeling & simulation tools: agentsheets, Vensim, Excel, Panther , Algorithmic problem-solving, Variables , Branching (if statements) , Repetition (loops),Modularity (functions) , Introduction to modeling and simulation, Assembly in solidworks, Matlab programming 
  • Solidworks simulation , Introduction to finite element method, Failure theories, Von mises stresses, And stress concentration factors, Finite elements , Thermal and flow analyzes using solidworks simulation , Ansys dynamics, Mechanical systems 2 - analysis, Eigenvalue analysis,Multivariate optimization with excel
  • 3d modelling, Interface basics. Primitive objects, Transformation, Mirror and duplicate objects., Nurbs-curves , Turn curves into different types of nurbs surfaces , Edit cv-curves, Working with layers and use layer symmetry., Trim excess of surfaces., Create rounded edges,Computer modeling , Simulation in science

Help for complex topics like:

  • Simulating variability ,simulation process ,conceptual modelling ,Data collection ,data modelling ,Verification ,validation ,Output analysis ,Managing a simulation project, Simulation in engineering, Software for simulation, Data analysis, Visualization, Continuum
  • Mesoscale, Atomistic , Quantum methods, Applied problems in physics, Applied problems in chemistry, Materials science, Mechanics, Engineering, Biology, Complex structures, Materials, Complement experimental observations,Covering continuum methods,Atomistic simulation
  • Molecular simulation,Quantum mechanics,ApplicationsSimulation research ,systems and modelling ,simulation approach ,Discrete event simulation ,Computer simulation ,software ,Random sampling,Experimental design ,interpretation of results ,Continuous system simulation 

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