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Database is a specialized system that stores information, which is then extracted, summarized, and displayed by a program. This program is especially designed to store, organize and retrieve details that are stored in a database. MS-Access is a relational database management system which is founded on the rules, created and published by Dr. E. F. Codd. It defines a relational database management system, which are the most widely used today. A relational database system uses a fundamental storage entity, which is easy to visualize. It is a two-dimensional object which consists of rows and columns, which might be referred as table. A table is enabled for holding data and each row corresponds to one instance of data. Each of a table’s columns has a different characteristic, which is referred to as an attribute. A database consists of more than one table. Likewise, an employee table might be only one of the several tables that collectively describe a company’s employees, their skills and products they sell or manufacture. Thus, a collection of tables that are related and collectively describe an entity is known as a database. Although most databases contain several tables, the terms database and table frequently are used interchangeably. Adatabase consisting of one table is also known as a flat file but it is an exceptional occurrence in vast businesses. Most databases used in business and government are often comprises of hundreds of tables. These tables contain another thousand and even millions of rows. However, MS-Access provides an environment to manipulate several larger tables that real corporate databases provides. Microsoft Access is a one of a kind tool discharged by Microsoft that gives both the usefulness of a database and the programming abilities to make end-client screens. Every variant of Access can "look and feel" totally not the same as another.  Microsoft Access, otherwise called Microsoft Office Access, is a database administration framework from Microsoft that consolidates the social Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical client interface and programming advancement devices. It is an individual from the Microsoft Office suite of uses, included in the Professional and higher releases or sold independently.  Microsoft Access stores information in its own configuration in light of the Access Jet Database Engine. It can likewise import or connection specifically to information put away in different applications and databases. 

Fundamentals of Database Design 

  • Database Queries , Database Maintenance , Understanding Reports Forms , Creating MultiTable Forms , Application Systems Sharing Data, Advanced Reporting , Define data needs types, Define print table relationships, Add set change remove primary keys, Split databases, Create databases, Create tables, Modify tables, Enter records using datasheet view.
  • Delete records from a table, Change records table, Create fields , modify field properties, Create forms, Use the Form Wizard, Maintain data using a form., Preview selected form records, Change a form’s format, Create a main form subform, Format custom forms with controls, Create reports, Modify the design , reports , forms, Use the Report Wizard, Print a custom report.
  • Sort , group report data, Calculate group , overall totals on a report, Modify report controls , properties, Assign a conditional value , calculated field, Enter, edit , delete records, Navigate among records, Find replace data.
  • Attach documents , detach from records, Create queries, Modify queries, Use multiple selection criteria query, Use logical operators query, Use comparison operators query, Create parameter query, Sort data, Filter data, Create modify charts, Export data, Save database objects , other file types, Print database objects, Perform routine database operations, Manage databases

The seven noteworthy segments of MS-Access incorporates as taking after:- 


  • The tables are the spine and the stockpiling holder of the information went into the database.


  • Connections are the bonds you fabricate between the tables.


  • Is the method for controlling the information to show in a structure or a report


  • Structures are the essential interface through which the clients of the database enter information.


  • Reports are the consequences of the control of the information you have gone into the database.


  • Macros are a programmed route for Access to complete a progression of activities for the database.


  • Modules are the premise of the programming dialect that backings Microsoft Access.

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