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We at Global web tutors provide expert help for Multimedia assignment or Multimedia homework. Our Multimedia online tutors are expert in providing homework help to students at all levels. Please post your assignment at support@globalwebtutors.com to get the instant Multimedia homework help. Multimedia online tutors are available 24/7 to provide assignment help as well as Multimedia homework help.

Multimedia is the technology which use more than one medium for performing different content forms. There are five elements of multimedia – text , graphics which are considered as static elements whereas video , audio , animation are considered as dynamic elements . Multimedia formats includes audio , capture on tape , function of photography and slideshows .Two types of multimedia are linear multimedia and non linear multimedia .Linear multimedia : In this multimedia , active content is progressed linearly without any navigational control . cinema presentation is the example .Non – linear multimedia : Progress is controlled by nonlinear content that offers user interactivity . Hypermedia is the example .
Features of multimedia are :
It is represented in the form of digits .
It is controlled by computer and has interactive interface .
Scope of multimedia - Multimedia technology is used in 3D cinema application , titling films , web entertainment programs ,advertising purposes , education multimedia is widely used for online education etc .

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  • Applications and design, Authoring, Introduction to hyperstudio, The metaphor, The basics, Hyperstudio resources, Instructional design, Content, Interaction, Assessment, Closure, Screen design, Metaphors and themes, Colors and backgrounds, Text, Navigation, Consistency, Transitions and links, Use of sound, Hyperstudio sounds,Recording your own, Internet resources, Graphics, Integrating web documents, Hyperstudio tips and tricks, Animation, Launching other applications and documents, Basic nba's, Multimedia portfolios
  • Designing a template, Adding elements, Choosing materials, Advanced button features, Hyperlinks, Drag-n-drop, Advanced nba's, Using actions with other objects,Incorporating digital media, Quicktime movies, Laserdisc and cd-rom control, Scanning, Graphic design and communication, Graphic and multimedia studio, Computing for design, Ideas and thought, Applied graphics and imaging, Multimedia, Drawing, Design principles and colour theory, Motion graphics, Information and interface design, Visual communication
  • Advanced motion graphics, Game on, Design meaning and culture,New media and interactive, Environments, Business communication, Multimedia communicationsvideo coding fundamentals, Lossless compression & lossy compression,Transform coding, Motion compensated predictive coding,Jpeg/jpeg-2000, H.26x, Mpeg-1/4/7, Avc,Scalable video coding,End-to-end qos for video delivery, Wireless video,Error control in video streaming, Cross-layer video adaptation,Adaptation
  • Photography, Video storytelling, Smartphone, Mobile reporting, Specification, Development of multimedia, Multimedia usage, Multimedia applications , Text, Hypertext, Character recognition,Electronic documents, Digital libraries, Metadata, Picture, Vector, Bitmap graphics, Color models, Acquisition, Presentation of pictures, Technical tools, Software tools, Sound, Acoustics, Sound digitalization, Midi interface, Sound formats, Acquisition,Computer animation, 2d animation, 3d animation, Animation design methodology, Model creation
 Complex topics covered by Power Electronics Assignment  online experts :
  • Animation techniques, Video, Analog video, Digital video, Video digitalization, Creation, Nonlinear editing, Acquisition, Virtual reality, Vrml language, Network multimedia services, Streaming media, Videophone, Videoconferencing, Design, Implementation, Testing, Authoring software, Ergonomic attributes, Psychological attributes, Compression algorithms, Compression of image, Compression formats,History of the tools used in multimedia, Problem solving, Design cycle, Design principles, Multimedia tools , Strategies, Creativity , Innovation, Communication , Collaboration, Research, Information fluency, Critical thinking, Problem solving , Decision making, Digital citizenship, Technology operations, Progressive learning, Historical development of multimedia
  • Areas of multimedia usage, multimedia elements , Characteristics of multimedia applications , Text , Hypertext, Character recognition, Electronic documents, Digital libraries, Metadata, Picture, Vector bitmap graphics, Color models, Acquisition, Processing , Software tools, Sound, Acoustics,Critiques midi interface, Sound formats, Acquisition, Computer animation, 2d , 3d animation, Animation design methodology, Model creation, Animation techniques, Technical, Software tools, Analog , Digital video, Video digitalization
  • Creation, Production , Nonlinear editing, Virtual reality, Input , Output equipment, Vrml language, Network multimedia services, Streaming media, Videophone , Videoconferencing, Creation of multimedia application, Interactive composition, Design, Implementation, Testing, Distribution , Maintenance, User interface , Mmi, Hci, Ergonomic , Psychological attributes, Choice of colors, Text , Graphics, Compression algorithms, Compression of image, Compression formats , Area of informatics, Telecommunication , Control, Control of complex systems , Client server architecture, Application of object oriented programming features, Types of transport lines , Communication protocols for control of real systems, Problems of quality, Safety , Reliability of control algorithms for telematic purposes
  • Multimedia basics
  • Networking protocols
  • Real-time communications
  • Collaboration and webrtc
  • Streaming video
  • Surveillance
  • Multimedia data mining
  • Multimedia security
  • Programming
  • Website design
  • Internet programming with java
  • Visual culture
  • Digital photography
  • Digital effects
  • Moving image
  • Interactive and tangible media
  • Professional 3d and compositing
  • Software development
  • Digital portfolio
  • Interaction design
  • Mobile application design
  • 3d computer animation pipeline
  • Videogames design

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