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Signal is the a function of independent variables which is used to transfer information from one place to another . This
independent variable can be scalar or vector . Signals can be classified into various forms :
Continuous / discrete signals : continuous signal is used to define all the real values of independent variables . It is
represented by x(t) whereas discrete signal is for discrete values of independent variables . It is denoted by x[n].
Analog / digital signals : Amplitude of the analog signal can take any real value in a continuous range whereas digital
signal takes only finite values .
Periodic/ non periodic signals : periodic signal can be repeated after a fixed interval where as non periodic signal cannot.
Even /odd signals : Even signals are symmetric in nature whereas odd signals are not symmetric .
System is the medium where signal can be produced . Types of system :
Linear time invariant system : It is of two types : Continuous LTI and discrete LTI.
Digital filters: It is used for various purposes - separation and restoration of signals. Z
Z transforms : It is used to convert x(n) to x[z] .
Applications of signal and system : biological signal analysis , underwater acoustic , multimedia processing , speech and
audio processing etc.

Signal and system have a very important role to analyses network. The signal processing technique is quite valuable for modeling and analyses of modern network. It is easy to understand encrypted network and its traffic using signal and system. With the help of signal system we can easily analyses the layer of network such as transport layer and application layer. These layers are typically concerned with establishing end to end communication sessions between end hosts.

In a wireless networks, we use a network tap model which consist of a system that can detect physical layer of  RF signal and transmission of data with a more secure,  simpler and fastest way. Its help the transform traces of packet arrival times and/or packet size into encoded time signals. We can study the network topology (i.e. movement of packet through the network) with moving nodes and dynamic routing. The graph-Theoretic based routine algorithm helps in estimates of the most likely paths for distinguishable traffic flows. With a proper study of network signal and system we are able to transfer data in a faster way without loss of information and less threats of security with complete privacy of information. 

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Some of the homework help topics include :

  • Mathematical representation of signals, Signals and Systems ,Time-Domain Analysis Continuous-Time Systems
  • Time-Domain Analysis Discrete-Time Systems ,Continuous-Time Signal Analysis The Laplace Transform
  • Discrete-Time Systems The z-Transform ,Continuous-Time Signal Analysis The Fourier Series 
  • Fourier series and Fourier transform ,MATLAB and Project

Generally topics like The Laplace Transform, Discrete-Time Systems: The z-Transform, Continuous-Time Signal Analysis are considered very complex & an expert help is required in order to solve the assignments based on topics like The Fourier Series, Continuous-Time Signal Analysis: The Fourier Transform.

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  • Convolution representation, Fourier series, Fourier transforms , continuous time filtering, Laplace Transforms, Transfer functions , frequency response, Mobile Applications for Sensing Control , Computer Communication Networks 
  • Digital Signal Processing, Linear Systems Theory , Substation , Distribution Automation, Modeling of MEMS, Network Security & Privacy , Analyzing the Grid , Linear Systems Theory, Digital Signal Processing

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Topics like Sampling, Discrete-Time Systems: Fourier Analysis, State-space Analysis & the assignment help on these topics is really helpful if you are struggling with the complex problems.linear systems.

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