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Non-Conventional Energy Systems Projects & Assignment Help | Non-Conventional Energy Systems Homework help

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The contemporary non-conventional sources of energy like wind, tidal, solar etc. In fact, the New World was explored by man using wind-powered ships only. The nonconventional sources are available free of cost, are pollution-free and inexhaustible. Because of the poor technologies then existing, the cost of harnessing energy from these sources was quite high. Also because of uncertainty of period of availability and the difficulty of transporting this form of energy, to the place of its use are some of the factors which came in the way of its adoption or development. The use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy replaced totally the non-conventional methods because of inherent advantages of transportation and certainty of availability; however these have polluted the atmosphere to a great extent.

In fact, it is feared that nuclear energy may prove to be quite hazardous in case it is not properly controlled. Tidal or lunar energy as it is sometimes called, has been known to mankind since time immemorial. Various devices, particularly the mills were operated using tidal power. The wind wheel, like the water wheel, has been used by man for a long time for grinding corn and pumping water. Ancient seamen used wind power to sail their ships. Many geothermal power plants are operating throughout the world. These non conventional sources used in the purpose of human kind and for the development of different place by using new technologies.

Capacity of doing work is termed as energy . There are two sources of energy - conventional sources of energy and non conventional sources of energy .
Conventional sources of energy : Those sources of energy which are available in limited quantities is known as conventional sources of energy . Example - coal , petroleum and natural gas .
Non conventional sources of energy : Those sources of energy which are available in excess quantities is known as non conventional sources of energy . Example - solar energy , wind energy , Tidal energy , bio energy etc.
Solar energy : Main source of the solar energy is sun. Various technologies in which solar energy use – solar cookers , solar dryers , solar batteries etc .
Wind energy : Energy produce from wind turbines is known as wind energy . Minimum wind speed is 15 km/ hr .
Tidal energy : Tidal waves of the sea are used to produce Tidal energy .
Bio energy : It is of two types - Biogas and biomass .
Biogas : Energy is produced from gobar gas plant by putting cow dung into the plant.
Biomass : Energy obtained from plants and trees .
Benefits : cheap , renewable , environmental friendly etc.

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Topics for Non-Conventional Energy Systems Assignment help :

  • Characteristics of UES, sustainable development , Photovoltaic conversion, photovoltaic technology , Unconventional ways of direct sunlight use 
  • The use of wind energy, construction of various types of wind turbines , Ocean energy.thermonuclear fusion, fusion reactors , Electrochemical fuel cells
  • Hydrogen energy, production, storage , use of hydrogen , Energy use of biomass , Geothermal energy utilization , Energy storage technologies 

Complex topics covered by Non-Conventional Energy Systems Assignment Online experts :

  • Non-conventional methods of energy transmission
  • Alternate sources of generation
  • Wind energy
  • Solar energy
  • Tidal energy
  • Geothermal energy
  • Hydroelectric energy
  • Non-conventional hydropower
  • Storage systems
  • Fuel cell
  • Hybrid systems
  • Life-cycle costing

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