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Operations management involves the controlling and designing of a product. It is concerned with the redesigning in the production system of goods and services. Operations management is the management which transforms
the input into effective outputs to satisfy the customers. Inputs can be any raw material and by transformation , we get the best output from input. Production system transforms the input into effective goods and services.
Quality, efficiency & response to customers is the main concept that occurs in Operations management. It focuses on the decision making , pricing and revenue management, operation marketing, factors of servicing and manufacturing.


Operations management plays an important role in management process as it involves various operations such as design, control and execution processes which convert resources into reliable goods and services. It helps in implementing an organization’s business strategy. Operation management creates highest level of efficiency within an organization as it administrates all such business practices. It efficiently converts labors into best possible services to maximize the profit of an organization. Operation management team is itself responsible for achieving the highest net operating profit with respect to balance costs as per the revenues of the concerned companies. Various issues involved in operations management are listed as:


Size of manufacturing plants
Structure of information technology networks
Project management methods
Management of inventory
Quality control
Maintenance policies
Materials handling


A combination of utilities such as materials, staff, equipment and technology are used in operations management. Operation manager is responsible for acquiring, developing and delivering goods to its clients. They use numerous formulas such as the economic order quantity formula to determine smooth inventory process. Operations management applies its strategic concepts to local and global trends, customer demand and the available resources for production. It is responsible for finding vendors who supply effective goods at reasonable prices and have the ability to deliver the product when needed.

Supply chain management and logistics is the main foundation of Operation management. To know the client demand properly, we have to understand the global trends in supply chain management. Logistics is used for the
selection of resources .Operation manager plays an important role in the Operation management. Operation manager is responsible for enhancing and driving the productivity of a product. He is the one who is able to
understand the process series in a company. Location, materials and quality management, priorities of competition, products planning & scheduling, choice of technology, inventory control are the main categories of
operations management.

The topics include concepts, techniques and tools to design, analyze and improve operational capabilities of an organization. It covers application domains and industries such as electronics, online services, sustainability, insurance, health care, retail, fashion, automotive, manufacturing.The concepts include process analysis and innovation, capacity analysis, inventory management, postponement, production control, supply chain design, coordination, and sustainability, operational risk, quality management, revenue management and pricing.

case studies, simulation games

The study helps in the field of consulting, sustainability, corporate management, manufacturing, supply chain management, NGOs, product development, financial services, private equity, and healthcare.

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Operations management can be defined as a sphere of management that deals with designing and controlling the process of production and it also deals in restructuring business operations concerned with production of goods and services. The major responsibility of operations management is to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in business operations in terms of using resources as needed and timely meeting the customer requirements. Operations management is basically concerned with managing the processes which converts inputs into outputs i.e. raw materials, labor, efforts, energy etc. into goods and services. The major concerns of operations management are development, acquisition and utilization of resources that are required to deliver goods and services to the clients. 

Operations management covers the following three levels:

  • Strategic Level- The strategic level covers issues such as deciding the location and size of manufacturing plants, determining the structure of telecommunication networks and mapping the supply chain technologies.
  • Tactical Level- The tactical level covers issues such as project management methods, plant structure and layout and equipment selection etc.
  • Operational Level- The operational level covers issues such as materials handling, inventory management, production scheduling, production control, quality control and inspection, traffic handling and developing equipment maintenance policies.

Operations management is important because of the following reasons:

  • It lowers the cost of goods and services by being efficient.
  • It helps in lowering the amount of capital employed by being effective and innovative in the application of resources.
  • It also helps in increasing the revenue by increasing customer satisfaction.

We provide help for assignments based on Operations performance,Operations strategy,design,Process design,The design of products and services,Supply network design,Forecasting,Layout and flow,Process technology,People, jobs and organization, PLANNING AND CONTROL:The nature of planning and control,Capacity planning and control,Analytical queuing models,Inventory planning and control,Supply chain planning and control,Enterprise resource planning (ERP),Materials requirements planning (MRP),Lean synchronization,Project planning and control,Quality management,Statistical process control (SPC)

Some of the homework help topics include:

  • Value Creation Through OperationsQuality Operations , Process Mapping Starting Point for Quality, Mapping with Interrelationships , Feedback System Dynamics , Moments of Truth, Root Cause of Failure, Quality via Process Reengineering, Quality via Employee Engagement, Organizing Work Flows, Queuing, Work Processing Strategies
  • Inventory ManagementCapacity Utilization, Managing Demand PeaksService Delivery in a Supply Chain, Role of Information in Operations, Performance Measurement Basics, Prospective Performance Measurement , Technology for Quality, Technology for EfficiencyTechnology to Expand ReachScaling Up Building Organizational Capacity, Managing Process, Managing ResourceOperations Management, Process Analysis, Application of Process Analysis Panama Canal, Application of Process Analysis The Goal
  • Monitoring a Process using Control Charts, Optimizing Resource Allocation , Linear Programming, Managing Service System, Coping with Variability of Service System, Separating vs. Pooling Servers, Simulating a Service System , Matching supply with demandInventory Management EOQ Newsvendor Model Centralization Postponement Revenue Management, Managing Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management, Beer Game , Beer Game Debrief Supply Chain Distortion, Supply chain in the fashion industry The Zara Company , Achieving strategic fit, Coordinating Supply Chain Risk Sharing Contracts

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  • Operations improvement,Risk management,Organizing for improvement,
  • Operations and corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Public Services ,Scaling Up: Distributed Delivery of Services, Operations Management in the Real World

Help for topics like Value Creation through Operations ,Quality Operations ,Process Mapping: Starting Point for Quality ,Moments of Truth and Understanding Failure .

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Help for complex topics like:

  • Quality via Process Reengineering ,Quality via Employee Engagement ,Organizing Work Flows ,Work Processing Strategies ,Capacity Utilization ,Continuous Improvement - Kaizen
  • Managing Demand Peaks ,Service Delivery in a Supply Chain ,Role of Information in Operations ,Performance Measurement ,Statistical Process Control ,Forward Looking Performance Management
  • Technology for Quality and Efficiency ,Technology to Expand Reach ,Systems Thinking in Designing Operations ,Scaling Up: Building Organizational Capacity
  • WORK FLOW MANAGEMENT:Process View. Inventory, Thruput, Flowtime,Process Capacity. Bottleneck Analysis, Level vs. Chase plans.Labor Requirements. Line Balancing.Batching: Set up Times and Economic Order Quantity.Epilogue of Flow Analysis.Case: CRU Computer Rental.
  • ANALYTICAL DECISION MAKING: FORMULATIONS, Introduction to Linear Programming Formulations. Objectives, Constraints.Linear Programming Formulations. Simple examples.Linear Programming Formulations. Advanced examples.Small cases with Excel solver.Epilogue of Formulations.
  • QUEUES,Effect of Randomness on Process Performance. Waiting Line Problems,Effect of Randomness on Thruput,Thruput Loss due to Impatience / Limited Buffers,Epilogue of Queues.
  • Quality management. Control charts and Just-in-time Processes,Epilogue of Quality Management,Case: Toyota Motor Manufacturing,
  • Betting on the Uncertain Demand. The Newsvendor Model, Betting on the Uncertain Demand. The Newsvendor Model,Betting on the Uncertain Demand. The Newsvendor Model,Service Levels and Lead Times. Repeating the Newsvendor Model,Epilogue of Inventory Management,Case: Hewlett-Packard Co.: Desk Jet Printer Supply Chain.
  • Revenue Management. Protection Levels and Overbooking,Epilogue of Revenue Management,Risk-pooling strategies,Supply chain coordination
  • Value Creation,Quality Service Delivery,Quality services including TQM,moments of truth, process mapping, quality via reengineering, and quality via employee engagement,Efficient Service Delivery,Tools and techniques for greater efficiency in the delivery of services: organizing workflows, managing capacity/throughput/utilization/bottlenecks, addressing demand peaks, applying lean concepts and delivering services through a supply chain,, coordination, and sustainability, operational risk, , postponement,

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  • Strategic Sourcing , Process Analysis , Managing Quality with Process Control , Designing, Managing, and Improving Operations
  • Managing Quality Forecasting , Managing Inventory , Operations Strategy , Managing Queues ,Supply Chain Management
Topics for Operations Management Assignment help :
  • Development, characteristics , Production and operations , Characteristics of production or operation process, Production or operations strategy, Standardisation, Differences of production and service systems, Product design , Stages of product design, Differences of design in production and services, Selection and allocation of production facilities, Choosing the type and capacity of production facilities, Approaches to facility allocation and helping tools for decision making
  • Facility lay-out , Importance of facility lay-out, Criteria for decisions on facility lay-out, Principles of production/operations planning and management , Push principle, Pull principle, Inventory , Inventory management, procurement strategy, Storage costs, Quality management, Quality management principles, TQM, ISO, EFQM, Project management, Nature of project management in different contexts, Project preparation, Project execution, Operations Management, Operations Strategy & Global Competitiveness, Process Choice Capacity Inventory Analysis Supplement Materials Planning & Scheduling Location Considerations
  • Service Operations , Controlling Processes , Process Improvement , Operations Management and Operations Strategy, New Product Development, Process and Capacity Design, Deterministic Demand Inventory Theory, Stochastic Demand Inventory Theory, Just-in-Time Systems, Scheduling and Planning, depth analysis of current issues, problems, systems , operations management , emphasis, new theoretical , methodological developments, supply chain management, productivity, quality improvement, management of technology, innovation, information technology, operations management, quick response manufacturing, service operations management 
  • Introduction to operations management
  • Strategy in operations management
  • Design thinking and innovation
  • Recruitment as part of operations management
  • People and operations
  • Communication skills for operations management
  • Process thinking and operations performance
  • Continuous improvement in operations
  • Supply chains and business models
  • IP and licensing
  • Introduction to operations and project management
  • Developing and implementing an operations and project strategy
  • Designing services and products
  • Delivering services and making products
  • Managing capacity
  • Scheduling and executing operations and projects
  • Managing quality and the supply chain
  • Improving operations and project performance
  • Managing risk and uncertainty
  • Leading operations and project teams

Design thinking and innovation
Supply chain management
Business models
Process design
Inventory managementQuality management


Operations Strategy and Management Process Flow and Process Flow Measures Flowchart Design Flow Time Analysis Value Stream Mapping Time Series Forecasting Visualizing Process and Outcome Data Statistical Process Control Inventory Management Basic Organizational Design Adaptive Organizational Design

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