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We at Global web tutors provide expert help for Optical Communication Systems assignment or Optical Communication Systems homework. Our Optical Communication Systems online tutors are expert in providing homework help to students at all levels. Please post your assignment at support@globalwebtutors.com to get the instant Optical Communication Systems homework help. Optical Communication Systems online tutors are available 24/7 to provide assignment help as well as Optical Communication Systems homework help. 


Optical communication provides a medium of optical fiber for transmitting signal of light from transmitter to receiver . Optical fiber is dielectric waveguide which is used to operate optical frequencies . Different types of fiber are step index fiber , Step Index single mode fiber , multimode fiber and Graded index fiber.


Step index fiber : This fiber is divided into two parts – core and cladding . Core has high refractive index whereas refractive index of cladding is decreased stepwisely .
Single mode fiber : This fiber is used for short distance . Diameter of the core is high .
Step Index single mode fiber : Diameter of core is less which provides low attenuation and high bandwidth .It is used in long distance communication because of its low numerical aperture .
Graded index fiber : Refractive index of the core is maximum at core axis and minimum at core cladding boundary .
Advantage of optical communication : lightly weight fiber , safety , low power loss , security etc .
Disadvantage of optical communication :
Repeated transmission takes place at distance intervals .
More protection is required around the cable .


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  • Optical fibre coupling,System components,optical sources,optical filters,optical detectors,doped fibre optical amplifiers,optical modulators,optical multiplexers,Optical transmission systems ,System design considerations,Transmitter design,receiver design,noise and sensitivity performance,link design considerations,Optical Networks ,underlying principles,optical access networks,radio-over-fibre,optical wireless systems

Complex topics covered by Optical Communication Systems Assignment online experts :

  • Multilevel modulation schemes,Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing ,Polarization multiplexing,,Constrained (line or modulation) coding,Coherent detection.,Forward error correction (FEC): Linear block codes and cyclic codes,BCH and RS codes,Concatenated codes,Turbo- and turbo-product codes,LDPC codes.,Coded modulation schemes:,Multilevel coding,,Bit-interleaved coded modulation,Coded OFDM,Advanced chromatic dispersion compensation: Signal pre-distortion compensation
  • Post-detection compensation: feed-forward equalizer,decision-feedback equalizer, maximum-likelihood sequence,estimation or Viterbi equalizer, turbo equalization,Compensation of chromatic dispersion by OFDM,Advanced PMD compensation: Optical compensation techniques,Electrical compensation techniques,Nonlinearity management: Compensation of intrachannel and interchannel nonlinearities,Compensation of nonlinear phase noise,Digital back-propagation method, and,Turbo equalization.,Spatial-Domain-Based Multiplexing and Modulation
  • Optical channel capacity: Channel Capacity Preliminaries,Calculation of information Capacity,Information Capacity of Systems with Direct Detection,Information Capacity of Multilevel Systems with Coherent Detection,Capacity of Optical OFDM Systems,Channel Capacity of Optical MIMO MMF Systems,Parametric processes and applications: Parametric amplifiers,All-optical regeneration,Wavelength conversion

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